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The reincarnating process is a system of recycling within a cosmic structure where the purpose of a lower level of consciousness is to receive from a higher level and to make a return. This process creates both manifestation and consciousness: the higher level manifests to the lower and the lower, changed by this gift, makes its return in the form of consciousness

One hears often in spiritual circles that it is love that activates the Universe. What precisely does this mean? To ponder on the nature of the flow of force through the Universe will give insight.

The Universe is the phenomenal appearance of a multitude of different kinds and levels of consciousness each attracting, processing, returning and each deriving its purpose from what it receives and gives back.

The human in incarnation is a synthesis of new and old: the new is provided from the soul plane in the form of a new lifetime with new opportunities; the old are the mental dispositions, emotional patterns that have been created by those lives that have gone before and that are the substance of our subtle and dense physical bodies. The human being in incarnation is very much an assembled kit.

The soul gives life to the personality; the personality turns life into consciousness and returns it to the soul. That is the purpose of humanity. What that means in specific terms, in each human life, will depend upon the design of the personality, the personality ray and the egoic ray.

The personality of each of us is made up of the new and the old. The old predisposes us to think, to react and to behave in certain ways. These predispositions have to be watched very closely because they stand to pull us away from the new direction provided with the new incarnation.

Yet the past is a repository of experience and once we are clear about our rightful way forward, we can bring out the past to good effect, enriching our experience in incarnation with the fruits of what has gone before.

In a natal chart, the house in which Saturn is found indicates an area of life upon which there has been a focus for lifetimes; the house in which the Moon is found indicates an area of life in which there has been recent experience. From either or both of these areas may comes aptitudes or specific skills that may provide the frame for the creative contribution.

With the right kind of understanding, the past can be made to service the present to good effect. When we are clear about our rightful direction and then consciously encourage and draw on remembered capacities we create an efficient synthesis between past and present. We serve our own developmental purposes and those of our planet when we include and redeem the past.

This is a qualitatively different state of affairs from that so evident in the lives of people with no concept of development or no means to identify what is progressive and what is regressive in the context of their lives.

Where there is no means to understand or recognize the challenge of the new, a life will be driven by the sense of familiarity to restore old ways of being and new opportunities stand to be strangled by the dead hand of the past. There is no movement onwards and so there can be no redemption.

The past is a bad master but a good servant.

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