Getting Real

What is Spirituality?

How are we to understand the soul?

What is the purpose of Spirituality?

What do we need to live Spiritually?

What does Spirituality Involve?

Why is it we fail?

What is going on in my life?

What kind of work should I be doing?

What I am supposed to be doing?

Will I ever be Happy?

Will I ever meet someone?

Where are we all heading?


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                            Getting Real 12

                Where are we all heading?


With this chapter we complete the serialisation of Getting Real. Sincere thanks for the countless emails of appreciation that we have received since it commenced, one year ago.

This is a questions put with increasing frequency since 9/11 and the war in Iraq created the uneasy sensation in Westerners that the events might just be spinning out of control and that our world might become something other than a place where we feed and procreate, and earn money to spend on consumer products and services. Then, at the close of 2004, came the Indian Ocean Tsunami.

Madame Blavatsky considered that manís indulgence in the belief that he was the only life form of any significance in the Universe was the principal cause of his inability to understand the system and process of which we are a part.

This solipsism has other consciousness- defining effects, There is, for example, the false sense of autonomy and all that arises from that. We talk about my life, my choices and my spiritual development without giving serious thought to the fact that we have these things by courtesy of our overlords, and for only as long as our overlords extend their consent.

Who are these overlords? They are any power superior to ourselves. In the West, because we have enjoyed both peace and democracy for the past sixty years, our overlord in the form of the State has not intruded greatly into our private lives and so the concepts of my life, my choices and my spirituality are meaningful. The overlord that takes the form of the economy has also been supportive of these concepts in the post War years, indeed if the creation of new sectors is taken as a sign of health, unquestionably, it has benefited from them, The overlord, Society, frowns less often than it did, and the Church and family have both loosened their grip on the lives of their members.

Obviously this is not so in all parts of the world but in the West my life, my choices, my decisions and my spiritual development have not been significantly affected by what is happening in other parts of the world, other than for brief periods of inconvenient disruption. To most of us Westerners, the overlord that is the human family is little more than a rhetorical devise that is used either cynically or sentimentally to elicit a response. The overlord that is nature is something to be tricked, exploited and disregarded, a mere backdrop to our holidays and leisure pursuits.

Circumstances in post war Europe have encouraged this confident separating out of the individual from our historical and traditional overlords, but whilst my life, my choices and my spiritual development are not illusions, they are just one reality and a relatively fragile reality.  In fact it is nature, the overlord that we consider the least, which is the most powerful. If nature considers man at all, it is as a pest that, eventually, has to be contained.

The disregard of nature that we have shown in our industrialised societies has all the circumspection of the wilful toddler who for a few brief moments thinks that he has escaped from a parent. But those brief moments can be very significant: impressions can flood into consciousness in seconds and give rise to awareness that can shape the future of the adult.

In 2012 nature is going to take back the planet from manís destructive grip and restore it to the agents of the Planetary Logos.

Between now and then, my life, my choice and my spiritual development are going to be very important because they will determine how we intend to engage with the experience of 2012. At that time and beyond it manís survival will depend upon his ability to learn how to say our lives, our choices, and our spiritual development.

Somehow, in the years before 2012, we have to become accustomed to the ideas that man will not be considered by nature and that he must look after himself. We must also be aware that so much of what we have done in the modern world is disruptive of the balance between natureís kingdoms upon which our planet relies, that as nature undertakes its task of restitution, the structure of modern life which keeps man apart from nature will be destroyed, for the same reason and in the same way that in Lord of the Rings, Isengard was destroyed.

JRR Tolkein was born a matter of  months after the death of Madame Blavatsy and as anyone who has read the Secret Doctrine and  the Silmarillion will be aware, he was a recipient from the same source. His works have survived the passage of time rather better than H.B.s. It is no coincidence that this extraordinary writer should be back in publicís attention.

Yet nature will not be singling man out for punishment. There is a role for us on this planet if we can be persuaded to show any interest in what that might be. In its dispassionate way, nature is going to create for us an opportunity to relearn what we have forgotten, and release us from the hell that we have created for ourselves. We are tyrannised by possessions and money. The slavery of working all our active life for money to buy things that we do not need, and which despoil the planet and exploit others is abject. Yet we cannot release ourselves unaided; we do not know how. The situation, which has been created over generations, is too big and too complex for us to sort out. Our international conference and summit meetings merely obscure this fact.  In our hearts, we do not believe that we can start again, but nature is going to show us that we can, and at the same time remind us that man does not call the shots after all.

A year ago it would have been easier to scoff at this idea than it is now, since the Indian Ocean tsunami. But still not everyone will want to confront this situation; some will put it out of their minds and not always because they deny its validity. Others will settle for accepting each day as it comes and others again will wait and see, because this how they have always lived their lives. In the final analysis, each must believe what he can make work for him in the next eight years.

Those who are walking a spiritual path will, hopefully, see the opportunity to live or die consciously because the answer to where we are all heading is back into step with the rest of the planet. We cooperate with what is available to us or we will perish. On this matter we have to get real The wilful toddler has had his few minutes of freedom and it remains to be seen what impressions have entered his consciousness because those impressions will shape the future of mankind after 2012, in the years of greater spiritual maturity.

To those who are receptive, the Hierarchy will give every opportunity to find out how to engage consciously with the experience of 2012,

If, between now and then, we were to do nothing more than live with appreciation for what we have in our lives, and for what, after all, we are paying such a high price, then we would change the energy hanging over mankind from negative to positive. If we can experience true gratitude in our lives then we may die with our heart centres open and remain part of the unfolding life of this planet.


From next month onwards we will start publishing Kuthumiís Red Letters which address head on the physical reality of 2012. If you do not wish to know about this, then it would be best not to read them. As KH says in the Letters: Ďthe choice is yours.í

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