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The familiar tells us who we are, but it is in the unknown and the untried that we will find all that we might be.

We perceive ourselves as emerging from the past, and to varying degrees, the property of it. Even those of us who have no emotional investment in our inheritance are looking at life though the filters of conditioning, not simply those put in place by family and environment, but also by agreement with the human family to construct our world the way we do.  Our Planet has dimensions which we do not see because we have left them outside the doors of perception. We see what we expect to see and that is what we have been conditioned to see as one generation follows another.

Throughout the Age, which is now coming to a close, spirituality has been associated with overriding the conditioned self. We describe this variously as, for example, transformation, Initiation, or in the more recent psychological era, healing the past and reframing. These concepts lead us to understand that what is past has made us who we are and we perceive that we will move into a higher state by addressing the unhelpful tendencies which live on in our psyches.

The older of us in incarnation are familiar with spirituality amounting to holding down and reducing the influence of the lower self within us. The concept of sinfulness and unworthiness may have been replaced by that of self-forgiveness and acceptance, but the stamp is the same, and it is the stamp of the Piscean Age.
Amongst the young, however, there is a greater investment in spirituality being the awareness that enables us to connect with a higher state of consciousness that will overlay the past. And there are children being born now whose sense of the past is so weak that they will have no long-term memory, and no interest in what they have come from. Like a placenta after birth, the past is what they have emerged from and for which they have no further use.

As DK predicted in Esoteric Astrology, a veil is coming down over the past, whilst that which presently obscures the future is being torn down. The spirituality of the future has to address the matter of identity, not with reference to the past, but with reference to the future.

Those of us who have not been born to this, have to face the fact that the world, which has conditioned us, our parents before us and our ancestors back into the mists of time will be forgotten and discarded by our Planet in the events we call ‘2012’.

For human consciousness, the opportunity to throw off the past, will have an effect on consciousness (our own and that of the Planet) similar to that of colonic irrigation on the physical vehicle. But we have to want the opportunity, and we have to be accepting of the terms of the process, which involves the loss of all that is familiar and which is recorded on the cells of brains and bodies and the microchips in our computers. It will no longer be relevant because it relates to a world which will be gone.

Gone where? In one sense nowhere at all; it is, rather, that it is part of Planetary consciousness which will be left behind when the Planet has extrapolated its higher principles. Watch the sun burning off frost, and see the moisture released into the atmosphere. This is what we must become if we want to move on.

Because of this extrapolation, what is left will have a slower vibration and come under different laws, whilst the vibration of our Planet will quicken as a consequence of off-loading it. The two will become incompatible systems and the gap in vibrational frequency, which separates the two will become wider as their two respective processes proceed.

Will we know who we are when this happens? Will our sense of purpose give us the cohesion to steer our lives through the unfamiliar order on Earth in search of the new ways and new relationships that will enable us to fashion a new and different world around humankind. Will our spirituality be able to help us? Will our sense of identity hold up when the familiar patterns of the stars in the heavens change?

If it will, we will learn many new things about ourselves and those with whom we share the planet. We will develop new perceptions and mold a new world around us.

The familiar tells us who we are, but it is in the unknown and the untried that we will find all that we might be.

The Koruna Inquiry is a vehicle for us to ask Shamballa how we humans should live on the Planet, use its resources and better understand the Laws of Life, which DK described as ‘the dynamic laws of Being itself.’

In that Inquiry we will find a structure, an orientation and a purpose for ourselves as we first prepare and then explore the new.

© Suzanne Rough 
October 2010