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Koruna Mantra - With our perceptions we mold the Universe around us. To change our world, we must change our perceptions. The familiar tells us who we are, but it is in the unknown and the untried that we will find all that we might be. As just another generation passing through we are nothing; but when we understand our purpose, then we know our value. Our personalities are our vehicles for our tasks, and we are learning to steer them skilfully and efficiently, Cleansing the lense of perception and respecting life wherever we meet with it.


It was never my intention that DKF-Koruna would run Internet educational programmes the way that the DK Foundation did. The reason for this, quite simply, was that to be taking such a course of action would be to deliver a conflicting message, when our aim is to encourage people to recognise how short time is, to turn off computers and engage with life.

By the beginning of 2010, however, the word from the Hierarchy was that as so few people were involved in making any constructive arrangements for 2012, and were unlikely to be taking any action between now and then, we might as well work to make time on-line as productive as possible to consciousness.

I take this point with the sense of resignation that comes from knowing that things could be different from the way they are. We have been given much valuable help and have had a number of years to organise ourselves. Far more people could be thinking in terms of helping themselves than actually are.

But things are as they are. And the wise man, as we know, expects them to be none other than they are, working to extract as much as he can from any given situation.

So we proceed. Masters Kuthumi and Serapis Bey are behind this programme. Its basic premise is that in focusing upon physical survival we are forgetting something very important, and that is that we are not acceptable to the planet as we are. This point has been made in the Planetary Guidelines and needs to be repeated at every possible opportunity.

There is no place in a new order for self-centred humanity with a reality assembled in the throat centre. An over-emphasised throat centre is like a stopper in a bottle. It seals the contents inside until they go rancid. Our throat centres, over-emphasised by the almost exclusive focus on rationality in our modern societies, are sealing us into personality consciousness and separation, and cutting us off from our higher principles. In consequence, we are rancid and our societies are rancid.

The Aryan race (us) will be undone by its excesses, as were the Lemurians and the Atlanteans.

This is how our patient Planet checkmates humanity in the on-going game of seeing where the human experience will take planetary consciousness. In this game, humanity is given enough rope and enough time to hang itself. The idea is that we learn from our experiences. The game will not stop with 2012, but modern life as we have come to know it surely will.

The Lemurians (sacral centre) were wiped out by sexual disease, the product of sexual excess. The Atlanteans (solar plexus centre) were wiped out by water, the product of astral excess. We Aryans (throat centre) will be wiped out by our estrangement from life, the product of excess intellectualisation.

It is best not to be narrow and judgemental about this process, loading it with ideas of punishment and retribution, because this will only create barriers to understanding. Perfection is a sterile concept when applied to the development of consciousness. Mankind is here to be inventive, not perfect. On His own plane, the Planetary Logos has made just the same mistakes that we will make as we push out the boundaries of human experience. The best teachers are those who have been there and a good teacher knows when something has gone far enough. This is why our planet Earth is the learning opportunity that it is.

We (Aryans) consider that our crowning creation has been artificial intelligence and it will be our undoing, not because it exists, because we cannot function without it. Learning will come from this.

The events of 2012 will serve the purposes of a level of being far higher than humanity. It is left to humanity to make the relationship with them that will serve us the best, collectively and individually. We can enable them to assist our own developmental purpose, or we can be overwhelmed by them. That is our choice.

Were it not for the fact that we have made ourselves dependent upon our infrastructure, upon electronics and upon computers, the physical events of 2012 would not devastate humanity. Truly, the land-seas redistribution is not going to be so great. If we would really understand 2012 we will stop applying the Atlantean template and come up to date. We Aryans will suffer an Aryan fate when finally the time arrives for the stopper to come out of the bottle.

The Internet will come down, and life as we know it will stop. The fate that we have spun for ourselves is to be rendered helpless without access to artificial intelligence.

There are many, many people who, if they were to survive the consequences of the physical events of 2012, would simply die of fear or boredom without the Internet, because they have no relationship at all with physical plane life, and no vision for their own lives or that of the planet. There are others who can countenance floods, plague and famine, but not the loss of the Internet, because they perceive it to be the solution to problems of any kind.

So you can perhaps understand why we were reluctant to put yet more stuff on the website and feed this dysfunctionality.

We are just two years away from 2012. Why are you wasting time chasing information about it and chatting on line? You may say you are searching for information. But what are you doing with that information? It will change nothing for you unless it is applied. Collecting information creates the illusion that something is being resolved, and it is seductively comfortable to sit in front of a screen and click the mouse in a masterful fashion, whilst the clock in the background moves silently forward.

Well, this may be how we are living now, but it is not good enough for the post 2012 era.

In this programme we are dealing with the matter of how we need to be preparing ourselves for the new order. This has a value regardless of whether we intend to survive the transition because any investment in human consciousness benefits those who come after.

The DK Foundation always had a reputation for plain speaking and the sense of urgency we feel at DKF-Koruna will not lessen this. If people do not like what they find on this site or find it unsettling then they must take the responsibility not to read on, because we are pulling no punches.

As above so below

The hands of the clock mark the passage of time; they do not create it. And so it is with the Pole star. If the North Pole of our planet were extended into space it would point, more or less, at the star, Polaris, which is on the tail of the Little Bear. That is why Polaris is called the Pole Star.

By 2013, this imaginary marker will be pointing at the star Kochab. This change will disclose the extent of the movement of the axis of our planet. The declination of Kochab exceeds that of Polaris by approximately 8 degrees.

What will move our planet on its axis comes from beyond our solar system.

The evidence suggests that a star very near to Kochab has been the Pole star before, around the time of the Ancient Greeks. If this is the case, then the North Pole is not describing a circle every 26,000 years as science deduces but, rather, is moving around as a consequence of interference from outside the solar system, which changes the angle of the Earth’s axis.

With each shift of the axis, consciousness on this planet changes because it has a new assemblage point. New constellations come into being. The same movement assembles consciousness in a different place in the human body and gives us a new set of perceptions.

Our planet has a total of seven pole stars (to choose from), denoting seven different states of planetary consciousness. We ourselves have seven spinal chakras, which are connected to the Pole stars. The choice of the Pole star indicates which will be the focal chakra in the human experience on Earth.

Polaris is an outpost on the tip of the Little Bear’s tail. The throat centre is the outpost of the head centre. Situated in the neck, it seals the personality into separation. In the Polaris system, humanity has been self-conscious; in the Kochab system it will open out, once more, into planetary consciousness. Kochab is located near the heart of the Little Bear.

In 2012, as Kochab replaces Polaris, the declination of the ecliptic will reduce to 15 degrees from 23.5 degrees. This means that the planet will stand more upright and we humans have the best opportunity we will ever know to escape from the prison of rationality, because the emphasis will be off the throat chakra and onto the brow centre.

The problem is not at all that we are rational; it is that we no longer know how to be anything other than rational, and we are drastically reducing our creative and experiential scope as human beings as a consequence.

The moving of the planetary axis is a percussive process, which brings about changes in its etheric body. Moving the assemblage point of consciousness in the human being also involves impact, applied through one or other of the bodies that constitute our being.

The events of 2012 will provide that impact. As the world we have known falls apart, we will either experience liberation or mental collapse.

The small print

We should always beware when we read on the Internet about the spiritual leg-ups, which are coming our way because even the small print may not give the price. The Internet has been very encouraging of the freebie culture and of what the British press calls ‘dumbing down’: getting at what we want without the effort, which is an aspect of the freebie culture. The result of this is that we could be sitting around waiting for something to drop into our laps when we should be out earning the money to pay for it.

Fifth dimensional consciousness is a case in point (although I prefer to use the term the consciousness of spirit). The events of 2012 present a very real opportunity for those who are prepared, because developments will destroy all that is familiar to us and force the stopper out of the bottle. If our minds can withstand this, if we can hold up without the things which at present give us our identity, and if, of course, we are still physically alive, we will face a new world with new possibilities.

  • Three dimensional consciousness – the consciousness of the personality
  • Four dimensional consciousness – the consciousness of the causal vehicle or soul
  • Five dimensional consciousness – the consciousness of spirit

The small print says that accessing higher consciousness does not remove from us the responsibility to look after ourselves physically. Physicality is the point of a Man. We are designed to walk on the Earth and draw our creative inspiration from Heaven. The point of incarnation is to come down to Earth and take our journeys onwards. If we don’t want physicality then we don’t incarnate; and if we don’t look after our physicality then we will not remain in incarnation.

The small print also says that the consciousness of spirit is not a substitute for materiality; it is a supplement to it and made possible by it. Then, if we live consciously and in alignment with the requirements of spiritual consciousness, our physical bodies will be subsumed in our spiritual being and we will ascend, a process which removes us from the Planetary energy field. Until then we must share its vicissitudes.

The wise person will not be sitting around waiting for ascension. Literacy and communication, both expressions of throat centre energy have opened wide the door to spiritual opportunity. The New Age was made possible by them; but written sources can only point out the way, they cannot take us on the journey beyond personality consciousness. Knowing of something does not denote the ability to access it.

Personal power and a clear intention are the only things that can move us out from the prison of self-reflection, which I will define as seeing the world in terms of what we have experienced before, which is the nature of personality consciousness.

Personal power comes from engaging with life and accepting its challenges with detachment, not retreating into intellectualism. What ideas abstracted from a practical context can do and have done is excite and inflame the non-aligned personality until it is reeling with self-importance. We have seen much of this in the last 25 years. The Internet is encouraging a lot of virtual Masters. They know of many things, but they cannot use their knowledge to bring about a result on the material plane because they have no positive relationship with materiality, and have no personal power as a consequence.

Knowing about the consciousness of spirit does not offer any of us protection against anything, but it may inspire us to live our lives differently, provided we still have that option. Then we may know it indeed, and that would change everything.

The aim of this programme is to increase the possibility of being prepared for the impact of 2012 and to keep alight the flame in the North.

It is dedicated to C.C. in acknowledgment of all that he, Master Serapis Bey and the Master known as the Venetian, gave in the 1970s to a world that did not realise then how little time there was. 

We know this now. May this knowledge unblock our ears and hearts, and set free our awareness to live as they recommended: with courage, focus, humility, respect for all life, and humour.

© Suzanne Rough 
August 2010