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Uranus: Bringing the Wasteland Back to Life 3


Thank you to those who wrote in whilst I was away, to see if there would be any more articles in the series Bringing the Wasteland back to Life.

There will be more articles on working with Uranus, for sure, both now and into the future, because when the spiritual dial which has been on the move since 2012, comes to rest, it will be pointing at the matter of building new realities for ourselves, both personally and collectively.

We do not need to be astrologers or have any knowledge of the significance of the planet Uranus to build a new reality, but if we are familiar with the language of astrology, and can tune into the message of Uranus, then we will have something upon which to focus, and something that customises for our own personality the task of building a new reality.

Uranus is the ambassador to the personality of the soul. Its message comes from the soul.

chaliceWatching my two young cats learn to use their cat flap, puts me in the mind of the Uranian opportunity, which is a two way door. As we go out, we take the familiar and those aspects of it which restrict us. The more we take out, and remove its hooks, the less Uranus has to clear out.

We bring in, through the same area of life, new perspectives which enable us to shift of the habitual assemblage point, and at the same time consciously use the techniques which will serve in all cases. Of these, the most important are a clear intent positive thought, positive speech, and building up energy through repetition.

My cats were very wary of the process of pushing open the door of their cat flap. In fact, it took the boy cat weeks to do it willingly. At first, I thought he did not understand what he had to do; then I realised he simply did not want to do it, until he worked out for himself that the advantages of the unfamiliar experience outweighed the disadvantages. For the girl there was not the same dilemma. She had no doubts about the attractiveness of the bigger world outside.

If you have a natal chart and know your way around it, draw connecting lines between the Uranus, the Moon and the planet which rules the Moon sign. Note the houses involved.

This is the door out.

Then, in another colour, draw more connecting lines between Uranus and the sign Libra because through Libra Uranus has a direct route to the egoic body. Note the house or houses involved. If you have planets in Libra then select the planet closest in aspect to Uranus, and connect it. If Uranus is in Libra then move onto the next stage.

Using the same colour, connect Uranus to the sign Aries, because through Aries Uranus has direct route to the Monad. Again, note the house or houses involved, and if there are planets in Aries, select the closest in aspect and connect it to Uranus. If Uranus is in Aries, simply connect it to the sign Libra.

This is the door in. It will always be built around the polarity of Aries and Libra, and this will connect two houses.

By drawing on these areas of life, we will reconfigure Uranus to enable it to let a higher energy into the enclosed space which is personality consciousness

When you have worked out the message of Uranus, turn it into an affirmation to be repeated as many times a day as you reasonably can, and especially when feeling yourself sliding towards negativity or panic.

You will begin to feel different within a week. And this is just the beginning.

The chart reproduced below was chosen at random from my downloads file.
It is not that of a client.


Here we find Uranus in H6 in the sign Scorpio. The Moon is in Sagittarius in H8 and the ruler of the Sagittarius (i.e., the disposited planet) is Jupiter in H4.

This combination, featuring water houses, gives a heavy focus upon the astral plane. The Sun is also in a water house ( H12). There will be much energy going into emotionality, into analysing the past and into feeling emotionally vulnerable vis-a-vis others. This person is sure to be insightful, sensitive and carful of the feelings of others. These are commendable, useful and spiritually refining qualities; but a person can remain all these things without being taken hostage by the emotions and getting bogged down in approval/insecurity issues. With Uranus in H6, the House of Virgo, there will be a susceptibility to intestinal disorders. When a water sign (Scorpio) is involved, emotional upset and tension will be the most common cause of dis-ease. If there is no conscious co-operation, Uranus will use physical illness to clear trauma out of the physical vehicle.

The door out: connects Uranus in H6 with the Moon in H8 and Jupiter in H4. The memory of these experiences of emotional turmoil, vulnerability and illness needs to go out through the door. They are history. This is not an exercise in forgetting but in defusing memories which define and limit us.

The door in connects Uranus to Libra, in which sign is Pluto, and Aries which rules H12. Pluto in H5 indicates a creative task to fulfil. A person with this placement is creatively potent, once he or she has individuated and is authentic. On the cusp of H6, Libra describes one who restores balance and harmony, to people and to animals. The H6/H12 polarity indicates service with a spiritual motivation.

The Uranian message from the soul, therefore, is focus upon creative energy, find a frame for it, and offer it out as an act of spiritual service. It will balance out the emphasis upon emotionality, and the feeling that life is controlled by other people, and turn reactive into proactive.

The affirmation could be:

  • I am a creative force
  • I am authentic
  • I commit to helping others with my creative capacity
  • I make my individuality useful in the world.
  • I have all that I need
  • I am successful.
  • I love the opportunity in my own life.

Uranian affirmations benefit from having seven clauses.

Affirmations should always expressed through in the present tense, and describe the conditions which we want to define our lives. This way they become formative of the future. The more often they are repeated, the more potent their effect in the formative worlds. Words are creative force which we mis-use disastrously every day of our lives – until we wake up and stop ourselves.

Transitional Astrology connects the energy field of the personality to that of the soul. Through the twelve houses, if we know how to clean them up and make ourselves receptive, we can let in the light of higher worlds.

In the coming months, I will be looking at the twelve houses with this in view.

Transitional Astrology is supplementary to orthodox astrology, which it neither replaces nor invalidates.

Suzanne Rough
DKF- Koruna
February 2015

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