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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Twelfth House 12

The Sun’s annual transit through the 12th House is a time for assessing all that has occurred in the course of the previous year.

In the 12th House a person is frequently made aware of the longer term conse­quences of the things he has said and done and with the advantage of hindsight they may no longer appear as desirable, practicable or appropriate as first bethought.

By this time he is likely to face the emotional consequences of situations, to which he has made a contribution earlier in the year, which now appear to have developed a momentum of their own.

The need for quiet and a space for reflection tend to make him withdraw from others at this time.

It is rarely a time when a person feels light-hearted although he may acquire a certain peace from acceptance of the fact that there are certain things, be they ambitions, expectations or hurts, which he must let go.

This period of reassessment and review makes room for new beginnings when the Sun passes into the 1st House.

Progressed Sun through Twelfth House

If the Sun progresses into the 12th House a person enters a period of his life in which circumstances give him little scope to be and think as an individual. If the movement has been from H1, then this period of his life may be one of extreme difficulty in which he loses his sense of worth and personal effectiveness. The kind of situations capable of creating the sense of impotence and valuelessness vary according to the age at which the movement into H12 occurs. In a child it could indicate removal from home to a boarding school or institution; for an adult it could indicate a period spent in prison, hospital or as a conscript.

Whatever the circumstances the progression of the Sun from H1 to H12 will greatly change a person’s perception of himself and it may be many years before he regains the confidence and expectations with which he started life. Nevertheless in these years he will come by a far stronger sense of being in some way connected to others.

Whilst it is a less obviously difficult transition, the progression of the Sun from H11 to H12 may, nonetheless, expose a person to situations, which eventually make him more aware of man’s emotional needs and his perspective spiritual rather than humanistic.


Transiting Mercury through Twelfth House

A transit of Mercury to the 12th House makes a person aware of standards and criteria other than those of personal interest and gain, and this may have the effect of making him question or reconsider views and stances taken hitherto. This is particularly evident if the Sun is also transiting the 12th House.

The period during which Mercury occupies H12 is not usually a good time for attempting to defend or further ones own interests: when it is working through the House of Pisces Mercury frequently makes the thoughts muddled and the communication unclear. To empathise is often easier than to offer a reasoned response at this time.

Progressed Mercury through Twelfth House

If Mercury progresses into the 12th House a person enters a period of his life in which he has difficulty in defining and defending his own position and in articulating his views. This may be the result of oppressive circum­stances or it may be the result of having been made aware of a different reality: another way of looking at life, which leaves him unsure about much which hitherto, he had accepted without question. This is particularly evident if Mercury progresses into H12 from H1.

Mental confusion and a sense of having nothing of value to communicate may result from this progression but it may also confer the kind of insight and undertaking, which is possible only when the ego perspective is transcended.


Transiting Venus through Twelfth House

A transit of Venus to the 12th House can be a time of great yearning to express and to receive a more meaningful kind of love.

When operating through the House of Pisces, Venus is capable of great self-sacrifice and selflessness and a person experiencing a transit of Venus to H12 may act in a very other regarding way at the time. His assessment of the situation and his own motives in getting involved may both be confused, however, and it is frequently a time of much secret disappointment caused by a sense of being misunderstood and misused by those he has tried to help.

Whilst this transit tends not to produce much happiness in personal relationships, it can make a person very receptive to spiritual ideas.

Progressed Venus through Twelfth House

If Venus progresses into the 12th House, it is likely that the circumstances of a person’s life will require him to give much and expect little in return. Depending upon the age at which the transit occurs it may indicate a need to share or forgo a parent’s love, or it may indicate, that within his personal relationships, a person has to work hard and sacrifice his own pleasures and desires for the partners. Where this is the case there is usually a great willingness to take a supportive role in an attempt to make the rela­tionship more meaningful.

When operating through the House of Pisces, Venus makes a person yearn to connect to another at a soul level and to give love the very highest expression of which he is capable.

This yearning may eventually lead a person to Divine rather than human love.


Transiting Mars through Twelfth House

A transit of Mars to the 12th House frequently creates a temporary sense of impotence and ineffectiveness. In the House of Pisces, Martian energy can be diffused and a person can lose his sense of direction and drive. Not only does he experience difficulty in acting in support of his own interests, he frequently becomes confused as to what they are. Other ways of thinking influence his judgment and his own emotional state can also make him question and revise his direction. At this time he tends to assert himself only fitfully and his changing perspective undermines any course of action, which requires consistency. In these circumstances a person can be open to exploi­tation and to being misled by others. It is frequently a very frustrating time. Nevertheless, a more thoughtful, accountable, compassionate perspective may be the abiding legacy of this transit.

Progressed Mars through Twelfth House

If Mars progresses into the 12th House a person enters a period of his life in which he finds it difficult to define and pursue his personal aims and ambitions.

This may be the result of an oppressive situation in which the will and desires of other constrain his own will, or it may be the result of confusion as to whether he wants success in a material form at all.

In the House of Pisces, Martian energy may be used to great effect for spiri­tual development. Yet only the chart as a whole will show whether there is any disposition for this. Regardless of a person’s spiritual potential, Mars for as long as it is working through H12, will make it very difficult for him to be effective or assertive because he is to unsure of his own worth and rights as an individual. Even if Mars should progress out of H12, it is unlikely that he will ever be indiscriminately assertive.


Transiting Jupiter through Twelfth House

A transit of Jupiter to the 12th House usually has the effect a person being sensitive to noise and disruption and there is, in consequence, a greater than usual desire for peace and seclusion.

Under this transit a person may review his life and decide that he must make changes in order to improve its quality and to give himself more leisure.

A greater interest in spiritual matters may be a concomitant of this. This transit can do much to make a person happier with his own company and more aware of his own spiritual resources.

Progressed Jupiter through Twelfth House

When Jupiter progresses into the 12th House a person tends to become more spiri­tually aware. This may be the result of his actively seeking out a spiritual tradition or it may be the result of experiences gained when alone and at peace.

In the house of which it is co-ruler, Jupiter is a great teacher of spiritual truths and confers, if not the ability to transcend the ego perspective, an awareness at least, of its limitations.

When Jupiter operates through the House of Pisces, it gives a greater than usual need for peace and solitude by an increasing sensitivity to noise and stress and a person usually aspires at this time to a better quality of life.


Transiting Saturn through Twelfth House

When Saturn transits the 12th House a person faces the consequences of decisions and actions taken made in the previous twenty-eight years. If this transit occurs before the age of twenty-eight then he will review the course of life since birth.

To a degree, all inner planet transits of the 12th House represent a facing up to consequences: when it is Saturn, which is the transiting planet, then the connection between cause and effect tends to be very evident, but sometimes exists at a level over which a person feels he has no control.

If a person will not acknowledge the connection between current events and past actions then the pain experienced at this time may make him feel as though life is cruel and random. Yet for one prepared to seek out connec­tions and claim the responsibility for what he is currently facing then this transit will leave him much wiser.

When operating through H12 Saturn is remorseless in exposing the conse­quences of selfish, self-seeking behaviour, which takes no account of his responsibilities to those with whom he shares his life and his planet. The natal placement of Saturn will indicate the area of life and the attitude, which gave rise to the situations, which he confronts as Saturn transits H112. If the 12th House is tenanted then the nature of the tenanting planets will provide further indications of the kind of situations, which will serve to show a person the consequences of his ‘Saturn Problem’.

Progressed Saturn through Twelfth House

If Saturn progresses into the 12th House then a person enters a period of his life in which he is beset by many fears and anxieties, and sometimes by a deep-rooted sense of life’s purposelessness.

As Saturn progresses into H12 from H1 then the fears are likely to be rooted in a sense of personal inadequacy if the face of life’s challenges, was itself, a product of an up-bringing in which much fear and negativity was in evidence. When operating through the 12th House, Saturn can bring physical, emotional or mental problems, depending upon the sign and house position of natal Saturn and the nature of any planets tenanting H12.

As is also the case when Saturn transits H12, the progression of Saturn through the House of Pisces, frequently motivates a person to seek for a way off the wheel of life by following a spiritual path.

This is particularly likely when Saturn reaches the closing degrees of the house.


Transiting Uranus through Twelfth House

When Uranus transits the 12th House its effect is to free a person from conditions and states of mind which prevent him from acknowledging his individuality. In the House of Pisces the effects of Saturn can be dramatic even if they are not outwardly apparent. The aim of Uranus is to free a person from what or who keeps him in check by working on the emotional level. Sudden changes of heart are common under this transit. The natal placement of Uranus together with the nature of any planets tenanting H12 offer a clue as to the form that the agent or agents of change will take.

It may be that in order to free a person Uranus has to make himself aware of a different reality by loosening the grip of his ego perspective. This is particularly evident if Uranus, whilst transiting H12, throws a stressful aspect to Mercury or the Moon.

Transiting Uranus may also require a person whose sense of self has been weakened by the selectiveness of the memory, to reclaim experiences which hitherto the conscious mind has not recognised as its own.

If H12 is tenanted by the inner planets or if the inner planets are contacted by Uranus, as it transits the House of Pisces, this can be a very disturbing time. If, however, the process is allowed to run its course without interference from drugs, especially chemical sedatives, a person's consciousness is usually permanently raised by this transit.

Progressed Uranus through Twelfth House

When Uranus progresses through the 12th House its effects are usually less dramatic than those created by the transit. For a start Uranus moves into H12 from H1, a movement which requires it to cross the Ascendant, and a person who has experienced this has been put in touch with a sense of personal effectiveness and unboundedness. As the planet moves on through H12 he is often striving to establish a synthesis between his sense of self and that of being a constituent of something much larger and more significant than himself. In many cases a person who has discovered the power of his own will and the strength of his own desire for freedom will have to revise his spiritual understanding and expectations.

If the 12th House is tenanted, then this process is likely to involve some extremely testing situations which give him an opportunity to come to understand himself as something more and separate from his desires and attachments.


Transiting Neptune through Twelfth House

When Neptune transits its own House its effects are subtle unless H12 is tenanted, in which case, the energy principles indicated by those planets under Neptune’s influence, are likely to be used in ways, which have a notable effect on his life as a whole.

When Neptune is influencing his inner planets, a person is capable of acts of great self-sacrifice but he can also be come seriously deluded. This is never more true than when Neptune is working through the 12th House. The combination of other-regardingness and self-interest masquerading as other-regardingness can create situations of such confusion that a person may lose his direction. This is particularly likely if Neptune contacts the Sun, Venus or Mars.

If it is Mercury or the Moon which are the tenants, then under Neptune’s influence, a person may have more readily a truly transpersonal experience which enables him to break through the limitations imposed by the ego-perspec­tive and this may or may not encourage him to follow a spiritual path for the future.

Progressed Neptune through Twelfth House

If Neptune progresses into the 12th House a person may begin to try to understand the experiences he underwent when Neptune was advancing on the Ascendant as it concluded its passage of the 1st House.

Without doubt he will find Neptune easier to handle in its own House than in the House of Aries where its effect is to erode the will and sense of self. In its own House, unless it is tenanted, Neptune exerts an influence so subtle that it can be ignored by those who have no use for it or have not the capacity to recognise it. Yet for a person who wishes to understand more about the reality which lies beyond the ego-boundaries, Neptune in H12 may recommend a spiritual path which offers both understanding and a measure of protection from the harshness of the reality which confronts a person once Neptune has cleared the 1st House. This will be experienced less acutely if Neptune natally, is in H1.

If the 12th House is tenanted, then specific events and episodes may serve to re­stimulate the yearning to lose the self and all its responsibilities, as frequently happens, when Neptune holds the Ascending degree.


Transiting Pluto through Twelfth House

If Pluto transits the 12th House during the course of his life, it may expose a person to forces, which turn his life upside down and over which he feels as though he has no control.

When working through the 12th House, Pluto for example, can see a person imprisoned unjustly or for a misdemeanor, which incurs no penalty when committed by another. Yet as is ever the case in the House of Pisces, the law of compensation ensures that for whatever suffering he experiences and for whatever he loses materially he is repaid in psychic potency - which he may or may not recognise for the compensation it is.

If Pluto contacts other planets when it is working through H12 then the situations which manifest are likely to be less traumatic if those planets are in H12 themselves, whether natally or by progression, because planets in the House of Pisces dispose a person to come to terms more readily with situations which are beyond his control.

When transiting Pluto is working through H12 it may bring back into a person’s life, people with whom he has had an association earlier in his life and with whom there is unfinished emotional business.

It may also revive memories, which the conscious mind has edited out, but which he needs to  understand his own emotional patterns..

No matter how painful may be the process of retrieval he will know himself better as a result.

Progressed Pluto through Twelfth House

Pluto progresses into the 12th House after crossing the Ascendant, and as the year or years in which Pluto holds the Ascending degree are usually a time of crisis, its movement into the 12th House usually marks the beginning of the period in which a person begins to rebuild himself and his life.

At this time he may seek out spiritual ideas in order to help himself explain and better use the experiences he underwent when Pluto occupied the Ascendant. Yet his approach at this time is likely to be cautious: while he is hungry for understanding, he is fearful of any ideas which may destabilise him again.

As Pluto advances further into H12, the more that fear is likely to recede and enable him to be more courageous in his attempts to examine his emotional response to the idea of surrendering aspects of what he believes himself to be, in order to make himself a functioning constituent of something larger and more significant than himself - whatever he understands that to be.

At this time he is likely to be torn between the desire to be supported and consoled and the fear of being submerged. It may take him most of the period during which Pluto is transiting the 12th House to resolve this dilemma, if indeed he is to resolve it in this lifetime.

If H12 is tenanted then this process is likely to involve catalytic situations, the nature of which will be indicated by the tenanting planets.

Fundamental to all situations, however, will be the sense of limitation and of being controlled by powerful forces, which he cannot contain. He may eventually choose to align himself with those forces; if he does not he will almost certainly be destroyed by his efforts to resist them.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Twelfth House

The monthly passage of the Moon tends to be a time for experiencing the consequences of the re-assessing decisions made earlier in the month. It tends to be a time in which a person can feel a sense of purposelessness, worthlessness and guilt - for as the Moon transits H12 a person often comes to see his own actions in a different light and to understand his true motives. It is rarely a light-hearted time.

Arising from this state of mind, however, may come a resolve to do things better or more honourably for the future and to make life more meaningful.

Progressed Moon through Twelfth House

The Moon’s progression through the 12th House brings to a close the twenty-eight year cycle, which began when the progressing Moon entered the 1st House. It is a time of reviewing what has been accomplished and what was set in motion during those years.

If the Moon enters H12 before a person reaches the age of twenty-eight, then it will be a review of his life up to that point and because it will include those years in which decisions were made for him by his parents or guardians, this period tends to be more of a sorting out of what he considers to be worth carrying on into the future and what needs to be left behind. In this respect the Moon’s 12th House phase is similar to the Saturn Return.

For a person who has reached adulthood when the twenty-eight year cycle began, the Moon’s 12th House period is a time for reviewing his life from the standpoint of consequences: of those things which were unforeseen but which now are only too evident, and of those calculated risks, the emotional impact of which, was underestimated.

In the House of Pisces a person assesses the price he is paying for his attachments - status, money, security and human love are just a selection of the most common. The fewer the attachments which a person has when the Moon progresses into H12, the greater will be his reward, according to the law of compensation, which operates in this house. Conversely, the more attachments a person has and the more identified he is with them, then the more painful will be the experiences brought by the Moon as it moves through H12, especially if he has hurt others to get what he wants.

In H12 the progressing Moon gives a person the opportunity to examine his life from a perspective broader than that of self-gain and self-interest. If a person will not take this opportunity then he will be forced to acknowledge that there are other ways of looking at the situations in which he has been involved, even if this takes imprisonment, hospitalisation or the loss of loved ones.

During this period of his life a person frequently feels lost and lonely but nonetheless, it exists as an opportunity for him to rethink his life and use his future more wisely than he has used his time up to that point. That opportunity will be at its most obvious and most pressing as the Moon reaches the closing degrees of the 12th House - just before a new twenty-eight year cycle begins.

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