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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Third House 3

The annual transit of the Sun to the 3rd House tends to be a time when the mental faculties are alert. At such a time a person is usually able to express himself well and it is therefore, favourable for communication and social intercourse.

At this time of the year the idea of further study frequently recommends itself as an individual may feel drawn towards a particular subject or discipline and feels as though he has the mental energy to spare.

Progressed Sun through Third House

If by progression, the Sun moves into the 3rd House, a person tends to become increas­ingly aware and concerned with education.

If the movement is from the 2nd House, then it may be that a person has been concerned with establishing himself materially, and may in the process have come by much practical experience. His subsequent interest in education may be because he sees it as away of passing on the experience he has gained or because he feels that in establishing himself materially he has had to hold his intellectual curiosity in check. His move into further education is therefore a reward to himself. Either way, his awareness of the need to supplement the practical with intellectual activity increases.

If the movement into H 3 is from H 4, then it is likely that a person will seek to make his interest in psychology the subject of formal study. Alternatively or additionally, he may become increasingly aware at this time of his life, of the part played by ideas and the social mores in the shaping of his emotional nature. It is a time when he considers himself vis a vis the society and the environment in which he has been raised.


Transiting Mercury through Third House

The time of a Mercury transit to the 2nd House usually requires a person to give thought to his financial situation and to take steps to improve it in some way. It may also be a time in which a person seeks to give practical expres­sion to the perspective conferred by the radical placement of Mercury. This time of the year is usually characterised by a need to focus upon material concerns.

The transit of Mercury through the 3rd House, of which it is the natural ruler, tends to increase the mental energy. In the absence of any intellectual activity, in order to absorb the additional energy, it can turn into restlessness, anxiety and garrulousness. This transit is best used, therefore, to deal with correspondence and communication matters or for engaging in some kind of study and training.

Progressed Mercury through Third House

The progression of Mercury through the 3rd House is likely to mark a time when a person is very active mentally. This may or may not involve him in formal education during the time that Mercury is moving through H 3. Should there be no formal study, then a person is likely to pursue intellectual or literary interests of his own.

The time, during which Mercury is moving through H3, may also indicate a period of the life in which a sibling’s role becomes increasingly important.


Transiting Venus through Third House

A transit of Venus to the 3rd House usually marks a time of the year when the mind is clear and peaceful rather than stimulated. It is favourable for communication of all kinds and for the giving and receiving of welcome news.

The prospect of further education may also be viewed positively at this time and increased involvement in the local community is also likely. Renewed or more fulfilling relationships with siblings may also occur at this time.


Transiting Mars through Third House

A transit of Mars to the 3rd House indicates a time when a person is inclined to assert himself verbally or through the use of his intellect. As Martian energy confers a desire to succeed it tends to be a very favourable time for studying for examinations and for situations, which require much correspondence or verbal exchange. The communication, which takes place under a transit of Mars to H 3, tends to be vehement and sometimes acrimonious.

Disputes with siblings or neighbours, and problems with cars and other means of transport are common at this time.

Progressed Mars through Third House

The period during which Mars progresses through H 3 tends to be a time when a person puts much of his energy into education or some kind of training, with a view to improving his opportunities in the area of life indicated by the natal placement of Mars.

During this period the desire to bring the intellect into play is strong and a person may be experienced by others as opinionated and argumentative. It may prove to be a time of difficulty with siblings and neighbours as the individual fights his corner.


Transiting Jupiter through Third House

A Jupiter transit of the Third House tends to mark a time of intellectual expansiveness, although it is less likely to result in formal study, as is the case when the inner planets transit through H 3. Jupiter tends to dislike the constraints of formal education and disposes a person to pursue his own interests in his own way. The nature of those interests tends to be indicated by the natal placement of Jupiter.

A transit of Jupiter to the Third House may see the relationship with the brothers and sisters opening up and strengthened by a more tolerant and accepting attitude. Increased involvement in neighbourhood activities and environmental concerns is also likely at this time.

Progressed Jupiter through Third House

As Jupiter progresses through the Third House a person’s reality tends to undergo some considerable change as he takes on board new ideas and exposes himself to new experiences. The natal placement of Jupiter will indicate the kind of understanding and experiences responsible for this broadening process. At this time of his life a person tends to become more interested in and more tolerant of others. He is less threatened by diversity of outlook, which he understands to be the product of conditioning.

This period of a person's life is favourable for intellectual activity of a non-formal kind.


Transiting Saturn through Third House

As Saturn transits the Third House, a person is inclined to review the circumstances which have created his reality - his upbringing, his environment and his education - and he may find them wanting in some way. Initially, in the face of the perceived shortcomings he tends to feel impotent and this is likely to produce depression and even despair. As Saturn approaches the end of the house, however, a person has usually defined the changes he needs to make and is resolved to go through with them.

The relationship with the brothers and sisters and the  environment into which the individual was born may also undergo review at this time.

Progressed Saturn through Third House

The period of a Saturn progression of the Third House is a time when the challenges and difficulties indicated by the natal placement of Saturn comes to colour a person’s perception of the world. This in turn will Influence the way he communicates and the ideas to which he his receptive. A person commonly feels threatened and insecure at this time and in consequence he tends to be unreceptive and defensive towards the unfamiliar, although, the stage in a person’s life in which this progression occurs, will have considerable bear­ing on this matter. The older he is the more opportunities he will have had, to overcome the fears and the vulnerability of his natal Saturn, and to have developed its strengths.

The optimum result attainable from the period during which Saturn transits H3, is the realisation that each is the author of his own reality, and that negativity comes from within himself.


Transiting Uranus through Third House

As Uranus transits the Third House, a person is freed from many aspects of the conditioning, which have formed his reality. At this time he tends to question and reject much that, hitherto, he has accepted without question. There is frequently, an enhanced interest in occult and psychic matters, especially if H 3 is tenanted. The discipline and structure of formal education rarely has much appeal at this time, as the mind is restless and questioning.

Relationships with others, particularly those who were part of the environment in which a person was brought up are frequently put under strain by this transit, which makes a person critical and disinclined to accept prevailing views and attitudes.

A change of locality is likelihood during a transit of Uranus to H 3, and most commonly occurs as Uranus approaches the last degrees of the house.

Progressed Uranus through Third House

When Uranus moves through the Third House by progression, a person’s reality is subjected to major revision, as is the case with the transit. Much that, hitherto, had been accepted without question is examined and rejected, although this process takes place over a much longer period than is the case with the transit. Over time he is likely to put a greater distance between himself and the people, circumstances and ideas, which have formed his reality in his earlier years. Physical estrangements and removals may have a part to play in this process.

By the time Uranus leaves H 3 a person is likely to have changed his views and outlook in a very substantial way.


Transiting Neptune through Third House

A transit of Neptune to the 3rd House tends to increase a person’s sensitivity and his sense of being is linked to others through shared experiences and perspectives. An enthusiasm for reading or film and theatre going may develop at this time when a person is able to relate to the experiences of others and is receptive to their way of thinking.

During a transit of Neptune to H 3 a person tends to become very aware of his environment -  his locality and the larger society, of which it forms a part - because it is understood, to both influence and be influen­ced by those who live within it. Under this transit a person may move to another locality, which he perceives to be supportive of a better quality of life.

Progressed Neptune through Third House

The movement of Neptune through the 3rd House indicates a period, during which the sharper corners of a person’s reality tend to be smoothed, as fears and prejudices are dissolved by a greater awareness of the unity which underlies human diversity, and of the part played by conditioning in creating diversity. At such a time there may develop an interest in one particular kind of cultural influence or in the influences, which are dominant in a particular culture.

It may also indicate a time when a person formally trains or communicates the awareness conferred by his natal Neptune. If Neptune is natally in H 6, then a person is likely to communicate details of his vocation; if it is in H 5 then he is likely to communicate his creative gift; if it is in H 4 then he is likely to be examining and communicating his awareness of the effect of the collective memory on the psyche of the individual.


Transiting Pluto through Third House

When Pluto transits the 3rd House, a person’s reality and understanding is permanently changed by highly charged emotional experiences, which expose psychological patterns created during the formative years. Frequently these involve the mores and morality of the environment in which a person was brought up or educated, or of his relationship with siblings. This is particularly true if H3 is tenanted. Understanding how these patterns came to be formed, offers him the opportunity to be free from their grips. Under this transit a person may choose to educate himself further as a corrective to the superstitions and prejudices with which he was brought up. Or, he may find a new way of expressing himself, which he perceives to be more universal in its appeal.

Progressed Pluto through Third House

When Pluto progresses through the 3rd House, a person comes to question the very foundations of his reality by becoming aware of the part played by emotional reaction in its formation and of the circumstances which formed his response nature. This is particularly evident when natal Pluto is in H 4. When natal Pluto is in H 5, then the period of its progression through H 3 may be a time when a person begins to express his creative contribution through writing or teaching - experiences, which of themselves, enable him to further his understanding of his role, the circumstances which have enabled him to develop his gift and the way the sense of identity, conferred by this gift, colours his reality.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Third House

The monthly passage of the Moon through the 3rd House is usually a time when the mind is alert and able to deal readily with correspondence and other matters, which require mental energy and agility.

If, however, the natal chart indicates that a person is greatly influenced by lunar energy then the time that the Moon transits H3 may indicate a period during which the emotions distort the perceptions.

Progressed Moon through Third House

As the progressing Moon approaches the 3rd House, there is usually a marked increase in mental energy and at this time a person usually longs to find something ‘to stretch his mind'. . Much further or tertiary education is embarked upon as the Moon begins its transit of H 3.

In cases where an individual lacks confidence in his intellectual abilities the decision to embark upon a course of study is frequently taken only when the Moon reaches the last degrees of H 3. This marks the climax of a two-year period in which all manner of doubts and insecurities are raised by the desire to further education.

For others the passage of the progressed Moon through H 3 marks a time when environmental matters command attention and there may be relocation to a place deemed to be more congenial, as the Moon reaches the last degrees of the house.

The movement of the Moon through H3 may also mark the start of a period of teaching or writing.

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