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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Tenth House 10

The Sun’s annual transit of the 10th House tends to focus the attention on career and lifestyle. At this time a person is concerned to ensure that he is getting his due, whether this takes the form of money, status, recognition or quality of life.

As the Sun moves into H10 from H9, it may be that during the 10th House phase a person will seek to make adjustments in his career and lifestyle which reflect a new awareness gained during the 9th House phase. If he cannot make any adjustments then he may begin to consider his choices at a more funda­mental level.

In the 10th House a person lays the foundations for his future and he expects that the plans he makes during this period will have longevity. In consequence, career and lifestyle matters at this time are turned over with great deal of seriousness and regard to practicalities.

Progressed Sun through Tenth House

If the Sun progresses into the 10th House a person becomes concerned with incorporating into his career and lifestyle, the perspectives and areas of interest indi­cated by the natal placement of the Sun.

If the movement is from the 9th House then a person may seek to establish himself in the legal profession, in the church in some capacity or by working overseas. If the movement is from the 11th House then this may be the time in his life in which he builds a career or formalises his involvement in politics, or finds work with an organisation with idealistic intentions or a strong sense of esprit de coprs. The armed forces, police force, NHS or Social Services exemplify such organisations.

The 10th House period of a person’s life is one in which he seeks to lay foun­dations and build for a future within the established order.

If people with the natal Sun in either H9 or H11 do experience this movement into H10 then they will appear markedly more conventional than those who's Suns remain in the houses they occupied at birth.

The year in which the Sun holds the M.C. usually marks a peak in a person's career.


Transiting Mercury through Tenth House

When Mercury moves into the 10th House it is likely to raise a host of issues to do with choice of career and lifestyle. These may involve disagreements and disputes with authority figures.

It is generally a harassing and anxious time because Mercury, if unsupported by other inner planets, does not give the energy to bring about change: it simply focuses the mind on matters, which require attention. A sense of receiving inadequate recognition or falling short of one's own goals is common at this time.

Progressed Mercury through Tenth House

If Mercury progresses into the 10th House this tends to mean that regardless of the house occupied by the Sun a person will have a very career orientated perspective this time and will attempt to express the energy of the Sun through his career and lifestyle.

If Mercury natally is in either H9 or H11, then this may be the time in his life in which he becomes respectively, a practical seeker or a practical idealist. Mercury’s presence in the 10th House will ensure that he retains a strong practical sense and a willingness to work with the established order.

The year, in which Mercury holds the M.C or conjuncts any planet in the 10th House, marks a time in which the logistics of achieving his ambitions requires special attention.


Transiting Venus through Tenth House

A transit of Venus to the 10th House usually indicates a time of lucky breaks in the career. It tends to be a time when a person receives favourable feedback about his achievements, which in turn makes him more ambitious for himself and more receptive to opportunities.

The breaks, which occur if H10 is tenanted, are likely to represent major advances.

The year in which Venus holds the M.C usually marks a high spot in a person's career - and frequently his life - as it tends to indicate that he is engaged in something to which he is able to give his commitment.

Progressed Venus through Tenth House

If Venus progresses into the 10 House a person tends to enter a period of his life in which he makes a considerable investment in his career. Usually this investment will produce the desired results. A person’s standard of living tends to improve considerably during the progression of Venus through the 10th House and he is given status and recognition.

A person who has no career of his own is likely to benefit through his partner. This may mean that looking after his partner is, effectively, his “career”.

When Venus is operating through H10 love and career are usually bound together in some way: whatever the circumstances a person will tend to love what he is investing his time and energy in whether it be a career, a lifestyle, or a partner.


Transiting Mars through Tenth House

When Mars transits the 10th House a person usually ensures that changes are made in the career or lifestyle which adequately accommodate his ambitions.

The changes may produce turbulence, or be the product of turbulence, because when working through the 10th House Mars is very determined and will not automa­tically defer to authority. Rows with bosses and authority figures are common under this transit, which makes a person impatient with any restraint on his advancement.

Progressed Mars through Tenth House

If Mars moves into the 10th House a person becomes very determined in his efforts to establish himself in whatever area he has chosen.

If H10 is tenanted a person will make very significant advances during this period.

The extent of his determination may well bring him into conflict with authority figures and he may experience periods of acute frustration if he feels his progress is being blocked. When operating through the House of Capricorn Mars is disciplined, determined but not quiescent.

The year in which Mars holds the M.C. is likely to be a particularly fraught time. It will be a year in which a person puts an exceptional amount of energy into trying to advance himself and the results of these efforts will determine the future course of his life.


Transiting Jupiter through Tenth House

A transit of Jupiter to the 10th House is as likely to make person reorient himself as give him breaks in the field in, which, hitherto, he has operated.

When working through H10, Jupiter broadens a person range of interest's alerts him to other areas and activities, which could be open to him.

Although he may come to a greater appreciation of his abilities, which may repay him at some later time, Jupiter, when working through H10, rarely confers the single-mindedness and dedication, which yields results in the House of Capricorn. If anything he is susceptible to distractions and may make decisions, which improve the quality of his life, but reduce its structure.

Progressed Jupiter through Tenth House

If Jupiter progresses into the 10th House, a person over time comes to adopt a more relaxed attitude to his career and ambitions. During this period he is increasingly concerned with quality of life and this may require him to redefine his goals. During these years he may experiment with new careers and increase his portfolio of achievements. If Jupiter is retrograde either natally or by progression a person may come to apply increasingly non-materialistic criteria to his career and lifestyle decisions.

As noted under the transit, Jupiter, when working through the House of Capricorn, tends not to dispose a person to remain upon the same path of working steadily towards positions of greater authority and status. The rewards and opportunities brought by Jupiter tend to be those of experience and enhanced quality of life rather than promotion, and under its influence a person frequently becomes less formally ambitious.

The year in which Jupiter occupies the M.C tends to see him make yet another new departure in his career or lifestyle. The effects of this move, however, are likely to have considerable significance for his future.


Transiting Saturn through Tenth House

A transit of Saturn to the 10th House usually indicates a time in which the career and the lifestyle are up for review.

As Saturn approaches and eventually transits the M.C. a person commonly experiences a period of difficulty in his work, or, if he is not working, in sustaining the lifestyle which he has had up to that point.

The difficulties and obstacles, which he faces at this time, tend to call into question the viability or the desirability of whatever it is, in which, he is engaged. The essential nature of those difficulties will be indicated by the sign and house position of natal Saturn.

The situations, which created difficulty at this time, are unlikely to resolve by themselves. Action is required and any action taken at this time is likely to resolve the situation in the short term but as Saturn moves on through its own House the need to make further changes will become apparent. Collectively the changes and adjustments made during the period of a Saturn transit to H10 will make up a watershed and it will be productive to the extent that a person finds the determination to face up to and sort out the difficulties as they present themselves.

This transit may also affect the health of a parent, most commonly the father, or the relationship, which a person has with a parent or other authority figure. Usually the upshot of such a situation will be the need to assume a greater responsibility for his own life, if not that of the parent also.

Progressed Saturn through Tenth House

If Saturn moves through its own House by progression, it will indicate a period in a person’s life in which much time and effort will have to go into the task of establishing himself in the career or lifestyle of his choosing.

The situations, which he confronts at this time, which may cause him conside­rable difficulty, and which may frustrate his efforts to get on, will be mani­festations of this ‘Saturn Problem’ i.e. indicated by the natal placement of his Saturn. In order to succeed according to his own criteria he will have to face up to and push through the limitations he places upon himself. The obstacles - initially at least - are likely to be considerable and depending upon the stage in a person’s life in which this progression occurs, may either make it difficult for him to get his foot upon the ladder or even to find anything to which he is able to give his commitment; if it occurs later then they may require him to rethink his assumptions, ambitions and plans.

Whether it is to establish, progress or to maintain his position Saturn will demand time, patience and determined effort.

The year, which Saturn holds the M.C., is likely to be a year of fierce oppo­sition from external forces in the form of either situations or personalities. Meeting this challenge successfully does not always mean offering massive resistance; it may involve instead stepping down, letting go and learning to live by a different set of values.


Transiting Uranus through Tenth House

A transit of Uranus to the 10th House usually produces a marked change in attitude towards conventional values, ambitions, and attitudes to authority.

When Uranus transits the M.C., a person’s aim, almost invariably, is to make himself more free. If he is employed, the focus of his efforts is likely to be the demands of his job; if his lifestyle is supported by a partner or by the parents then it is likely to be the price, which he is paying for this arrangement .

Transiting Uranus works by engendering a more reckless attitude. When it contacts the M.C. a person may throw in a job, position or situation, without being too clear about what is to follow, so strong is the desire to be free from restriction.

A person who suppresses this desire may find that he loses his job or livelihood anyway, through the actions of another, although this is unusual. When Uranus crosses the M.C. the desire for freedom at this time tends to be irrepressible.

As it transits H10, after crossing the M.C., a person rarely regrets his decision and works towards finding a formula, which will enable him to fulfill those responsibilities, which he accepts. He cannot lose whilst keeping himself as free as possible from irksome restrictions.

If planets tenant H10, then this is likely to keep up the momentum. A person who experiences this transit during his working life may opt for self-employment or an employee may forgo promotion in order to place limits on the commitment required of him.

Progressed Uranus through Tenth House

If Uranus moves into the 10th House by progression a person’s attitude to authority, conventional values, and his own career is likely to undergo change. As the progression lasts a good longer than the transit the process may be more gradual and less episodic, although if H10 is tenanted there are likely to be specific situations, which accelerate the process.

The year, which Uranus holds the M.C, will be marked by a specific development designed to give a person the greater freedom, which he craves. As is the case when Uranus transits the M.C. the developments, which occur, when Uranus progresses to the Midheaven are likely to be the result of an initiative rather than the result of the actions of another. As Uranus advances on the M.C. a person’s attitude towards authority figures, including the parents, and to beliefs and values which give them their status, is likely to become markedly more resistant and questioning.


Transiting Neptune through Tenth House

Under a transit of Neptune to the 10th House a person’s approach to his career and the direction, which he is taking his life, tends to become more idealistic and other-regarding. It is no longer enough for him to be empire building for himself or simply conforming to conventional expectations. At this time a person wants his life to be useful.

As transiting Neptune moves into the 10th House from H9, it is frequently the case, that this desire is the product of a spiritual wakening or a new level of awareness. As Neptune advances on the M.C. a person may feel a pronounced sense of futility and aversion, if his career does not give him scope to exercise his beliefs, and he may sacrifice all that hitherto he has worked towards in order to find a more congenial career or lifestyle.

The changes which a person makes as transiting Neptune crosses the M.C. frequently involve a loss of salary and status and whilst they may lead him directly to the new work which he seeks, it is more likely that that making a break with the old ways represents a step on the way. It may take most of the period during which Neptune is transiting H10 for him to find a formula, which enables him to meet his material responsibilities and satisfy his ideals - if he finds it at all. When working through the House of Capri­corn Neptune can erode conventional standards and expectations to the point that a person may become a dropout or a drifter.

Progressed Neptune through Tenth House

The effect produced as Neptune progresses through the 10th House is not dissimilar to the transit in as much as it causes a person to question, and frequently, to reject as heartless or inadequate, conventional values and ambitions. Yet as Neptune will have started from or progressed through H9 before reaching H10, a person may well have found an outlet for their idealism in some kind of group, organisation or political party. So when Neptune moves into the 10th House, his concern may be to establish a career or to earn a reputation for himself in his area of interest rather than to find an outlet. A person experiencing the progression through H10 therefore may well be operating within the confines of a group rather than as a solo operator and his efforts in consequence will tend to be more focused and better supported.

As Neptune progresses through H10 a person has the task of integrating his own efforts and ambitions with the aims and practices of the cause for which he is working.

The year when Neptune holds the M.C. usually indicates a time when he manages to achieve a workable synthesis.


Transiting Pluto through Tenth House

A transit of Pluto to the 10th House has the effect of exposing a person’s emotional reactions to the idea and the reality of authority and authority figures. Transiting Pluto moves into H10 from H9 i.e. after a period in his life in which he is likely to have had to confront the idea of God and those who claim authority in His name. In the 10th House he is likely to face authority issues in the workplace, with the Establishment or with his parents, especially the father. Wherever the issues arise they are likely to evoke memories and expose patterns as formed during earlier encounters with his father or other authority figures.

Anger, fear or ruthless ambition may come to light as the result of this transit to the 10th House. When Pluto crosses the M.C. confrontation with an authority figure, his employers or an Establishment body are to be expected. Coming to understand and assimilate this experience may occupy him for most of the time that Pluto remains in the 10th House. He may come to realise that he has a problem with authority in any form or he may come to realise he is giving away his own power. For the future his attitude may be less submissive

Progressed Pluto through Tenth House

If Pluto progresses into the 10th House a person confronts power and authority issues as the result of experiences with employers or with Establishment bodies, or through his own efforts to acquire a position of authority. If Pluto natally is in the 12th House, incidents with employers may bring to light emotional patterns formed as the result of abusive parents who misused the power and status their position gave them. If Pluto natally is in H9 then, during its progression through H10, a person is likely to be concerned with the ideas which are used to validate authority and the matter of indi­vidual v. public interest. For such a person the ‘public interest’ may be a sinister concept and he may feel fearful when confronting people who claim to act in its name. Alternatively he himself may use the ‘public interest' as a means of justifying his own craving for power and status. The year in which Pluto holds the M.C. will mark the culmination of this matter. A person may face a showdown with authority or may step down from a position of authority, the holding of which he can no longer justify.

Dramatic occurrences are possible the year Pluto occupies the most elevated point of the horoscope.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Tenth House

The monthly passage of the Moon through the 10th House is a time when a person focuses on career and lifestyle issues. This transit disposes him to take the steps and the moves, which will bear fruit at some stage in the future.

The approach at this time is usually disciplined and a person tends to be more disposed to accept responsibility and to deal with authority figures and organisations.

Progressed Moon through Tenth House

When the Moon moves through H10 by progression a person’s focus tends to be his career, which, in all probability, he will attempt to adjust or reorient to reflect the change in values, and priorities, which occurred during the Moon’s 10th House period.

The Moon’s 10th House period is a practical time and one in which enormous effort is required, if a new direction is to be established on a firm footing. A number of adjustments and revisions may need to be made to the formula, which a person is trying to work with.

A person who does not make any changes of significance in his work or his lifestyle at the end of the Moon’s 9th House period may use the 10th House period to try and make adjustments in his existing career, to make it more acceptable to him.

As the Moon reaches the closing degrees of the 10th House he will confront a situa­tion, which will tell him whether he has succeeded, or whether further, more far-reaching changes are necessary.

A person who has been engaged in building a new career or lifestyle during the Moon’s 10th House period is likely to find, as the Moon progresses through the closing degrees of the house, either a formula that works or be presented with the evidence that his plans in their existing form cannot be concretised.

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