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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Sixth House 6

A transit of the Sun to the 6th House focuses the mind on everyday tasks and it is an excellent time of the year for tackling chores, which need discipline and application.  

It is also one of the better times of the year for embarking upon any diet regime designed to improve the health.

When the Sun is in the House of Virgo a person tends to give himself up to the job in hand and work more methodically and with more application than usual. His energy is likely to be equal to the tasks he assigns himself.

Progressed Sun through Sixth House

If the Sun progresses into the 6th House a person begins to apply himself with dedication to his chosen occupation having acknowledged the need for hard work and discipline in his life.

 It is notable, however, that when the Sun progresses into H6, whether from H5 or H7 a person takes on the idea of hard work and service which the House of Virgo encourages but tends to tackle it with a more robust sense of self than a person born with the Sun in H6.

Once the Sun has entered H6 the need to work hard begins to shape a persons life and as is always the case where the Sun and the 6th House are concerned, this challenge should not be accepted, if for any reason the health may be adversely affected.


Transiting Mercury through Sixth House

When Mercury transits the house of which it is the natural ruler, the mind tends to become critical and fault finding. If the Sun is also transiting the 6th House, then a person usually has the energy to put right, the things which are bothering him. These may include his own habits and physical condition. If not, then the prevailing sense of dissatisfaction may not translate into action and a person may feel overwhelmed by all that confronts him, and become anxious and even depressed. Yet, if Mercury is supported by the Sun or Mars as it transits H6 then this period is likely to be extremely productive and reformatory.

Progressed Mercury through Sixth House

If Mercury progresses into the 6th House it feeds to the Sun, the Virgoan qualities of diligence and efficiency, which help him to succeed in whatever area of life, he is active. This is particularly noticeable if the natal Sun is in H5: Mercury in H6 is a grounding influence. The perspective, which it confers, helps him to deal with his creativity in an efficient and practical way.


Transiting Venus through Sixth House

A transit of Venus to the 6th House is favourable for the tackling of routine jobs because it tends to confer a greater than usual concern with order and cleanliness. This transits usually brings with it good health and permits a sense of satisfaction and good will for a job well done. This transit may also make a person consider some kind of vocational or voluntary work, which he perceives as a way of being helpful to others.

Progressed Venus through Sixth House

If Venus moves into the 6th House by progression, the contribution which a person perceives he is able to make through his work becomes of increasing importance to him - not only for the satisfaction of being helpful to others but because this commitment brings order and discipline into his life.

The presence of Venus in H6 gives both the bodily energy and disposi­tion to work hard. If, when Venus enters H6 by progression, the existing occupation does not give a person adequate scope, he is likely to change his work when there is a major transit to Venus, the Sun or the Midheaven.


Transiting Mars through Sixth House

A transit of Mars to the 6th House brings with it a lot of energy, which may be used to good effect in hard work, and especially in effort, which improves existing arrangements or situations. Mars, when working through the 6th House, is exacting and critical.

As is the case with the Sun, if there is no scope to use the energy of Mars in any purposeful way, when it transits H6, then the health may be adversely affected.

Progressed Mars through Sixth House

Should Mars move into the 6th House by progression, then this phase of a person’s life will be characterised by effort and application as he seeks to make an effective contribution through his choice of work. His achievements in these years will give him a benchmark against which to measure self-worth and personal effectiveness. Yet when Mars is working through H6 a person must be prepared to give himself his own strokes and assess his performance by his own criteria because in the house of Virgo there is no guarantee that effort will be rewarded by recognition and a person who expects recognition may become bitter and disenchanted with the profession or field in which he has been active.


Transiting Jupiter through Sixth House

When Jupiter transits the 6th House a person tends to have at his disposal an abundance of energy and confidence, which may enable him to tackle routine tasks more imaginatively, or at the very least with a more positive attitude. Much can be accomplished under this transit as Jupiter brings an expansive­ness and vision, which can be grounded and given practical expression in the House of Virgo.

As this transit tends to increase a person’s confidence in his own abilities it frequently motivates people to look for new work with more scope.  

Progressed Jupiter through Sixth House

The years in which Jupiter occupies the 6th House form a period in which a person’s perception of the contribution he can make through work undergoes significant change. This change frequently comes about as a decision to seek work for which he is physically and temperamentally suited regardless of the status and remuneration, which it commands. This in turn gives him positive feedback and a sense of fulfillment, which is likely to improve his health and energy level.

Whilst Jupiter’s presence in the 6th House can encourage a person to work very hard indeed he tends to become less rather than more ambitious in conventional terms.


Transiting Saturn through Sixth House

When Saturn transits the 6th House a person’s focus becomes his work and the contribution, which he perceives he is making through it.

As is so often the case when Saturn begins its transit of any house a person becomes aware of limitations and shortcomings in the way he has dealt with that area of life up to that point. When Saturn commences its transit of the 6th House he is likely to feel depressed and depleted. The source of his dissatisfaction at this time is the nature of his work rather than the place of work although it may be some time before he is able to make this distinc­tion.

By the time Saturn prepares to leave the 6th House, however, he is usually clear about the changes, which need to be made, and it is not unlikely that he will strike out in a new direction even if this means he has to undertake further training.

A transit of Saturn through the 6th House takes on average 2 - 3 years although it will take considerably longer if there is an intercepted sigh in H6 and the health may be poor for much of this time, especially if H6 is tenanted. When planets occupy the 6th House it is important that the energies they represent be used in an appropriate way. If they are not then as Saturn transits H6 it tends to interfere with the existing expression by means of ill health and gives a person the opportunity to reconsider.


Progressed Saturn through Sixth House

If Saturn progresses into the 6th House a person enters into a period of his life in which he is likely to have to work really very hard and struggle to overcome many obstacles standing between him and the realization of his goals. He must be prepared to accept moreover, that experience, an enhanced appreciation of his own abilities and a sense of fulfillment are his principal rewards. He cannot rely upon a return in the form of riches or recognition at this stage of his life although the refined awareness of his own capacities, which becomes available to him as a result of this long period of sustained effort, stands to serve him well for the future and helps protect his mental and physical health.


Transiting Uranus through Sixth House

When Uranus transits the 6th House it frees a person from many habits and precon­ceptions he has about work and the way in which he works. During this process a person may become very dissatisfied with his existing occupation, especially if it involves much routine and regimentation. If the 6th House is tenanted, this transit increases the likelihood of a person to throw in jobs on an impulse and go to try something totally new to him. If he does this then he is co-operating with Uranian energy; if he tries to hold onto the familiar at this time then he is likely to experience The Uranian energy coning at thin ‘from the outside’ in the form of redundancies or temporarily incapacitating illnesses.

Sudden disruptions of a person’s working routine are very common under this transit. In being forced to respond to an unfamiliar situation a person may break out of a rut and discover skills of which hitherto he was unaware. By the time Uranus prepares to leave the 6th House a person has usually become more independent minded and self-motivated and has more creative expectations of his work.

Progressed Uranus through Sixth House

When Uranus moves through the 6th House by progression a person’s attitude and approach to work is liberated. The process is similar to that produced by the transit but takes place over a longer period of tine and, unless the 6th House is tenanted, tends to be less disruptive.

Progressing Uranus releases a person from passive or servile habits, which prevent him from viewing work as a means of making a useful and authentic contribution. The greater willingness to approach work as something poten­tially creative, which is the product of this process, gives a correspondingly greater chance of fulfillment, better health and a stronger sense of indivi­duality.


Transiting Neptune through Sixth House

As Neptune transits the 6th House a person tends to become motivated to find a practical way of giving expression to the desire to be of service to others.

If, up to this time, he has worked simply to earn a living then this transit may create a strong sense of dissatisfaction, which eventually prompts him to consider some other kind of work, which enables him to make what he perceives to be a more useful contribution. When Neptune is in the House of Virgo a person tends to assume that in being of service to others he will find personal fulfillment.

During the years that Neptune is transiting H6 a person is likely to ‘go with the flow’ and let his experiences refine his thinking and suggest the next step to him.

If this desire to work on behalf of others is not heeded then Neptune, as it transits H 6, may result in a person taking on a very needy partner or developing neurotic or psychosomatic conditions.

Progressed Neptune through Sixth House

The progression of Neptune through the 6th House, like that of Uranus, gradually changes a person’s perception of what work could mean in his own life. Yet, whereas Uranus tends to make a person more aware of how he could express himself, Neptune tends to make a person more concerned with becoming more useful to others and with making a contribution towards the breaking down of alienation and separation. When Neptune is in the House of Virgo the desire to use the physical resources on behalf of others is strong. But, if this desire conflicts with a person’s conditioning and outlook on life, this desire may be repressed. This, as noted of the transit, may produce neurotic illnesses.


Transiting Pluto  through Sixth House

A transit of Pluto to the 6th House usually brings about a fundamental change in a person’s approach to work by exposing the emotional roots of his existing attitude. If the 6th House is tenanted there is likely to be a developmental need to be of service, which may not be recognised, especially if the child’s upbringing did not equip him for this. Without an outlook on life, which could help him develop this tendency purposefully, it manifest as servility, lack of self-worth, workaholics or illness. It is common for a person with the inner planets in H6 to attempt to live out the need to be of service through his intimate relationships and thereby invite abuse and unsatisfactory partnerships. If H6 is not tenanted, there may be a fear of being made vulnerable if work is undertaken which, although it could be worthwhile and fulfilling, lacks status. As it transits H6, Pluto produces circumstances, which offer a person an opportunity to recognise the patterns, which may be preventing him from using his energy in useful and fulfilling ways.

Progressed Pluto  through Sixth House

If Pluto progresses through the 6th House a person’s attitude to work undergoes a major change. As with the transit, Pluto’s movement through H6 by prog­ression provides a person with opportunities to better understand the emo­tional component of his attitude to work. Progressing Pluto, however, will occupy H6 for a much longer period of time. If it enters H6 at all, it is most likely to be found in the natal chart in either H7 or H8. The period of his life in which progressing Pluto moves through H6 will be a time when he increases his experience and awareness in Relative consciousness through the work that he does for others. By the time Pluto reaches the end of H6 a person will usually have developed a far more positive attitude to work having realised that in meeting the needs of others or using his physical resources in a disciplined manner he can experience a greater sense of personal powerfulness and fulfillment.

The Moon

Transiting Moon  through Sixth House

The monthly passage of the Moon through the 6th House is usually a time when a person is accepting of the tasks that he recognises as requiring his immediate attention. The Virgoan vibration confers a methodicalness and application, which can make this one of the most productive times of the month.

Progressed Moon  through Sixth House

When the Moon moves into the 6th House by progression a person enters a period of his life in which he reviews the nature of the work he has chosen to do. It is usually during such a review that a person identifies the ways in which his choice is inappropriate or unfulfilling and resolves to make the necessary changes. Memories of vocational work undertaken in past life may be restored to consciousness at this time. As the Moon progresses through the 6th House only once every twenty-eight years the changes made, usually as the Moon reaches the closing degrees of the house, can be amongst the most significant of a person’s working life. As is ever the case with the 6th House a person who is not willing to review the way in which he uses his energies through the kind of work he is doing nay be sapped in his tracks through illness.

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