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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Seventh House 7

When the Sun transits the 7th House a person tends to become focussed upon his relationships. This transit is less likely to bring new associates into his life than to make him aware of the dynamics at work in his existing relationships.

In the 7th House relationships provide a mirror through which a person may see himself. During the period in which the Sun is transiting H7 he is likely to have experiences, which make him aware that aspects of himself are not being fulfilled in his existing relationships or that, they are encouraging him to display qualities, which he considers negative. It may prove to be therefore, a time for making adjustments and redefining the boun­daries of his relationships.

Progressed Sun through Seventh House

If the Sun progresses into the 7th House from either H6 or H8, a person tends to become more aware of equality and during this phase of his life require his relationships to reflect his strengthening sense of self.

If the movement has been from H6 then a person will strive to achieve more recognition for himself and for the contribution that he makes through his work. It is likely to be through his approach and attitude to it that this process of pitching for greater equality is in evidence.

If the movement is from H8 then it is likely to be into his intimate relation­ships that he introduces change. He will be more aware of give and take and less inclined to subordinate his desires and expectations to those of others.

As is ever the case in the 7th House, it will be the responses, which he receives from others, which will provide him with his points of reference and his feedback during this process of learning to be more of an equal.


Transiting Mercury through Seventh House

When Mercury transits the 7th House a person tends to become more sensitive and more aware of the realities and opinions of others. This can have the effect of making him question his own judgment and if he is not aware of what is going on he may temporarily loose confidence in himself. While this transit is very supportive of discussion amid efforts to find compromise solutions, it does make it difficult for a person to defend a pre-established viewpoint.

Progressed Mercury through Seventh House

If Mercury progresses into the 7th House, a person enters a period of his life where he will be very aware and very influenced by the realities of others. If Mercury is natally in the 8th house, then this state of affairs will not be new to him. What the 7th House affords, however, is an opportunity to become more emotionally detached and better able to sort out what are authentically his own, from those views, which have been borrowed or imposed upon him. If Mercury in the natal chart is in one of the houses of Universal conscious­ness then the period during which it occupies H7 will enable him to become more aware of himself in the context of one-to-one relationships.


Transiting Venus through Seventh House

When Venus transits the house of which it is the natural ruler a person tends to become very responsive to others. At this time their opinions and responses tend to become increasingly important, and self-worth becomes more closely bound than usual with their approval.

A person who is not in an intimate relationship at this time may feel this absence very keenly and may become very concerned with trying to find a partner.

In his dealings with associates and partners of all kinds, a person tends to be more amenable and complacent under this transit.

Progressed Venus through Seventh House

If Venus progresses into the 7th House a person enters into a period of his life in which he becomes increasingly concerned with receiving favourable feedback from others. His performance in his relationships and particularly his ability to ‘keep’ partners will affect his sense of self-worth to a considerable degree.

Whilst Venus is progressing through its own House a person’s sensitivity to the reactions of others can result in a marked loss of autonomy and authen­ticity. More positively, however, this period is likely to leave a person with a much greater respect and appreciation for others.


Transiting Mars through Seventh House

A transit of Mars to the 7th House marks a period in which a person tends to become more assertive in his relationships. In consequence it is frequently a contentious time, although the degree of assertiveness in evidence at this time will depend greatly upon the placement and strength of Mars in the natal chart.

When Mars is in the 7th House a person becomes focussed upon the extent to which the relationships in his life help or hinder him and he will attempt to introduce those changes, which he perceives to be in his own interests. If Mars natally is in a passive sign or retrograde condition, then during this transit, a person may attempt to make his partner or associates champion his interests and be assertive on his behalf.

Progressed Mars through Seventh House

When Mars is in the 7th House both natally and by progression it can operate in two ways. If the sign on the Ascendant is passive then a person with this placement is likely to rely upon the partners to bring the principle of assertiveness into his life; if the sign on the Ascendant is active then a person with this placement may treat partners as though they are a potential threat to his freedom. In order to determine how a person is likely to behave during the progression through the H7 it is necessary to first consult the natal chart. The sign occupied by progressing Mars will also have bearing on this matter. Which ever mode of behaviour it produces Mars progression through H7 will mean that partners and associates will greatly influence the way a person projects himself and seeks to realise his ambitions during this period of his life .


Transiting Jupiter through Seventh House

When Jupiter transits the 7th House a person’s relationships become the agents for change in his life. Bringing into his life, different viewpoints, experiences and new opportunities, can help him to open up and make him more receptive to the hitherto untried. New associations are likely to alter his relationship profile at this time.

This transit makes relating a generally rewarding experience.

Progressed Jupiter through Seventh House

If Jupiter progresses into the 7th House, then a person enters a time of his life in which partnerships serve to broaden his outlook on life. Through his associations, both intimate and non-intimate, he is put in touch with new ideas and unfamiliar experiences.

The natal placement of Jupiter will indicate the kind of ideas and experiences to which a person will be particularly receptive when another brings them to his attention.

At this time of his life a person's relationships are deigned to be the agents for new experiences and this makes a multiplicity of associations more likely than one enduring partnership.


Transiting Saturn through Seventh House

When Saturn transits the 7th House a person’s relationships become the medium for situations, which are likely to prompt him to re-assess his perception of himself and his approach to others.

Under this transit a partnership's limitation may have to be acknowledged and the relationship dissolved, or in order to survive, a relationship may require more commitment. In either case a partnership will be the reason for change in a person’s life and an opportunity to discover, hitherto, unrecognised aspects of himself.

It may also be the case that a person who has no special relationships in his life and feels this absence may face up to why this should be. The natal placement of Saturn will indicate the nature of the difficulties and aspects of self, of which he is made more aware, through his relationships at this time.

Progressed Saturn through Seventh House

If Saturn progresses into the 7th House it is an indication, as with Saturn in H7 in the natal chart that his personal relationships have a very significant role to play in the outworking of a person’s karma.

During the time that Saturn occupies H7 by progression, a committed relation­ship, in the context of which his development has to take place, may feature prominently in his life. When Saturn is in H7 whether natally or by progres­sion, it is more likely to manifest than deny a relationship of significance. Yet if there should be no special partnership at this time, then a person will find that his associations collectively will require him to confront the matter of self and other and afford him an opportunity to identify and work through his weaknesses and vulnerabilities


Transiting Uranus through Seventh House

When Uranus transits the 7th House a person is freed from tendancies and habits in his relationships, which threaten his future development, both as an individual and as a partner. Yet, as this is H7 and the polar opposite of H1, the situations that give him his freedom at this time, are frequently the reverse of what he wills. When Uranus transits the cusp of H7 (the Descendant), a relationship frequently ends at the request of the partner or its boundaries have to be redefined in order to give the partner more room for maneuver. It is notable, however, that whenever this is the case, a person rapidly comes to realise that although this was not the outcome which he sought, it is nonetheless for the best and the experience usually makes him more aware of his own negative tendancies in relationships.

By the time Uranus leaves the 7th House a person usually has a much clearer idea of what, for him, represents healthy relating. In consequence, relationships based on the old patterns may be discarded on his own initiative, if they cannot be redefined.

Progressed Uranus through Seventh House

If Uranus progresses into the 7th House, then a person will enter a period of his life in which he is to be freed from dependency upon another. As is the case when natal Uranus is found in H7, some of the situations to which a person has to face in order to be made more independent and autonomous, may be painful and even traumatic. The purpose of a transit of Uranus through H7 is to awaken a person to the possibility of being more independent of others and also to the undesirability of undue compromise, thereby creating a different understanding of the role of relationships in his life. If Uranus, natally, is in H8 then this is the period of a person’s life in which he comes to better understand why he should have experienced so much painful separation in his life.

The year or years in which Uranus holds the Descendant will be decisive: if a person’s life continues to be controlled by a partner, despite the new understanding brought by Uranus as it moves through H7, then matters are likely to be brought to ahead by the actions of the partner.


Transiting Neptune through Seventh House

A transit of Neptune through H7 creates a tendency for a person to lose himself in a commitment to another.

As Neptune crosses the Descendant then it is common for a relationship to form with a person who is needy, perceived to be needy, or whose qualities are idealised.

This relationship will consume a person’s time and energy and may be the source of little in the way of reciprocal support.

When operating through the 7th House Neptune erodes expectations of equality and for as long as it remains in H7 a person tends to retain an idealistic, self-sacrificing view of relationships, which will determine his behaviour towards his own partner and also to his non-intimate associates. In relation­ships of all kinds he experiences difficulty in defining and protecting his own interests. If Neptune's prior transit of the 6th House did not result in a person estab­lishing himself in work, which is in anyway other-regarding, then the tendency to make his one-to-one relationships the outlet for the expression of this energy, is likely to be that much stronger. Whilst this transit can create many difficulties in relationships, especially if the 7th House is tenanted, because of the loss of identity and erosion of boundaries which it produces, a person who has experienced it will have known what it means to love unconditionally, something which few regret.

Progressed Neptune through Seventh House

If Neptune should move through the 7th House by progression, then its effects will be similar to that of the transit. But, the progression through the 7th house will be of longer duration, and as Neptune will enter H7 from H8, then it is likely to represent such a watershed in a person’s life.

While in H8, Neptune would have made a person acutely aware of the emo­tional needs of others; when it moves on into H7, he is likely to search out the kind of relationship, which enables him to supply those needs. There may be a spiritual motive for the self-sacrificial nature of the relationships into which he is drawn at this time or it may be the effect of guilt or a poor self-image. Whatever, Neptune’s movement through H7 will ensure that a person continues in the conviction that it is his relation­ship with another which gives his life meaning.

If the 7th House is tenanted then Neptune will encourage the planets involved to express themselves in a selfless way.


Transiting Pluto through Seventh House

A transit of Pluto to the 7th House has the effect of exposing the unconscious patterns, which are at work in a person’s relationships.

As with any Plutonian activity anywhere in the chart, its effects can be chaotic and traumatic in the 7th House. Yet, because Pluto, when acting through H7, so often has the effect of challenging the comforting belief that another has the power to ‘make things right’ this transit can be productive of particularly painful situations. This is made even more likely if H7 is tenanted.  

Uranus, when it transits H7, can be equally disruptive, but Uranian energy is more sassy and makes a person receptive to those changes, which it is effecting. Pluto undertakes only to expose the sabotaging patterns, and offer a person the opportunity to understand the fears and complexes, which affect the way he approaches his relationships.

The overall pattern of the chart, together with the nature of the planets that tenant H7, will indicate whether the dominant fear a person experiences in his relationships, is the possibility of abandonment and rejection or a loss of individual freedom, and whether this fear is likely to result in a controlling behaviour or a willingness to be controlled.

Progressed Pluto through Seventh House

If Pluto should move through the 7th House by Progression, the circumstances of a person’s life at this time will be designed to give him an awareness of the difficulties and fears he experiences when he exposes himself to the reality of another, which includes the perception and expectations, which the other has of him. This may be a source of great fear, of which he may be largely unconscious, but which may cause him to attempt to control, contain or even breakdown that reality. Alternatively, Plutonian energy when working through the 7th House may use a partner as an agent, in which case, it will be the partner who attempts to gain control of the relationship by means, which include manipulation and emotional cruelty.

A person with Pluto progressing through H7 needs to be asking himself why he has to give or receive abusive treatment or be on the defensive in his close relationships. Pluto presents opportunities to arrive at a different awareness. When it operates through H7, it is greater self-understanding through the medium of relationship situations, which is on offer: happy endings are not guaranteed. The year or years, which Pluto holds the Descendant before crossing over into the 6th House, will be climactic.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Seventh House

The monthly passage of the Moon through H7 tends to have the effect of making a person more sensitive to the views and the feedback given by others. If the feedback is negative or if there are no valued relationships to give feedback then this transit may bring loneliness or a sense of inadequacy. Whatever dealings with others there are at this time they will benefit from the enhanced willingness to see another’s point of view and to find the middle ground.

Progressed Moon through Seventh House

When the Moon progresses through the 7th House a person confronts situations, which will make him, re-assess his current relationships. If there is an intimate relationship, this will almost certainly be the principal concern, but the process is unlikely to be confined to this alone. In the two or so years which it takes for the Moon to progress through H7, there will be a clear perception that security, companionship and support have a price, and he will consider what the cost is to him personally. The principal relationships which a person has to assess during this period may not be new: they may have ‘found their level’ and one of the things which he may have to consider, is how well the relationship has lived up to the expectations he had of it, and indeed, how important are those expectations now.

When the Moon progresses through H7, a person is required to re-evaluate his ideas about relationships and this is likely to put certain associations under strain. Almost invariably, he will consider pulling out of at least one of his principal relationships, but this is just one more stage in the process and will not necessarily represent its conclusion.

During the years in which the Moon progresses through H7, opportunities will be created to consider his relationships from many angles and only when the Moon reaches the last 5 degrees of the house are any 'final' decisions likely to be made.

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