Transits & Progressions | Ninth House | House 9


The Sun

Transiting Sun through Ninth House 9

As the transiting Sun moves into the 9th House from H8 a person is likely to feel himself lightening up. His sense of adventure will return and will no longer feel himself to be at the mercy of his emotions. At this time new influences and new activities are frequently sought out in an attempt to let in fresh air and shake the mind free from its preoccu­pations.

These new influences may take the form of spiritual activities or ideas or plans to travel to see new sights and new places.

A person tends to feel very strongly at this time that he must pick himself up, dust himself down and move his life on. Even if this involves little more than trying to find a new way of looking at his problems, it indicates nonetheless that his spirit is reviving.

Progressed Sun through Ninth House

If the Sun progresses in the 9th House a person is usually concerned to find a context in which to place the circumstances of his life and thereby give them some coherence.

If the Sun natally is in H8 then considerable personal suffering may be the spur for this attempt to find a purpose to his life.

If the natal Sun is in H10 then a person may lose a lot of his drive and ambitiousness as he begins to question the direction in which he is driving his life. He may decide to enrich his life by a period of working overseas. Regardless of whether the movement into H9 has been from H8 or H10, this period of his life is usually experienced as a more adventurous and more expansive time, and overseas may well have a part to play, even if it is represented in his life in the form of ideas from another culture.


Transiting Mercury through Ninth House

A transit of Mercury to the 9th House usually lifts a person, albeit temporarily, and enables him to see some light at the end of the tunnel, whether that tunnel is created by material responsibilities or emotional difficulties. Regardless of whatever else may be happening in a person's life, Mercury, when operating through the 9th House, increases a person's receptivity to new ideas and new influences and this may enable him to get a different perspective on his situation.

Progressed Mercury through Ninth House

If Mercury progresses into the 9th House, it tends to encourage a person to cast his net wider for impressions and ideas, and this is likely to give him a new level of awareness and a new way of understanding his life. Through the 9th House a person seeks for a context, which will give the circumstances of his life a meaning and a coherence. When Mercury is operating through H9, it tends to be done through the medium of the written and the spoken word, intellectually, rather than through direct experience.


Transiting Venus through Ninth House

When Venus transits the 9th House, a person tends to be drawn to new experiences and new ways of viewing life through the medium of his aesthetic sense. The art or ceremonies of a culture or tradition, the colour and sights of a foreign country and even an association with a person from a different cultural tradition may excite his imagination at this time and make him hungry to broaden his knowledge.

This tends to be a good transit under which to travel because the mind is receptive to the novel and the unfamiliar.

What, is aesthetically attractive to a person at this time, may sow the seeds of something of lasting value to a person attempting to gain a new perspective on his life.

Progressed Venus through Ninth House

If Venus enters the 9th House by progression a person enters a period of his life in which he may question, according to more spiritual criteria, the direction, which his life is taking.

If Venus natally is in H8, then he may attempt to understand and assess the price he is paying in terms of quality of life for his emotional involve­ments with others. Even if there is no desire to penetrate the reason for intense emotional ties to another, the movement of Venus into H9 may enable a person to break certain onerous or destructive associations. Removal overseas may have a part to play in this bid for freedom.

If Venus natally is in H10, then during this period of his life, a person may question the price he is paying for status and success, and may revise his ambitions or attempt to improve the quality of his working life by seeking employment overseas in what he considers to be a more congenial environment.

Whatever, when Venus moves into the 9th House quality of life and meaningfulness become increasingly important considerations.


Transiting Mars through Ninth House

When Mars transits the 9th House a person puts his energy, which is usually considerable at this time, into improving his situation, in whatever he perceives to be the scheme of things. It may be a time in which much effort is put into religious affairs or spiritual development, into arranging a trip overseas or in physical travel. Or, it may be a time in which he attempts to get the sanction of the law. Whatever form his efforts take, a transit of Mars to the 9th House makes a person reach out and extend himself beyond the confines of his habitual circumstances.

Inactivity at this time is likely to cause much restlessness, as it is a personal wish to break new ground and move himself on. Yet, his efforts may need balancing and modifying when Mars moves on into the House of Capricorn.

Progressed Mars through Ninth House

If Mars progresses into the 9th House a person enters a period of his life in which he frequently reconsiders the ways in which hitherto he has used his energy and powers of self-expression. If Mars natally is in the 8th House, then he may consider the way in which his emotional needs have allowed others to manipulate him and constrain his will. If natal Mars is in H10, then he may re-assess his ambitions and consider whether he can still justify the price he is paying for status and recognition.

When Mars is working through the 9th House a person attempts to align his will with what he understands to be the superior power whether that be spiritual or civil.


Transiting Jupiter through Ninth House

When Jupiter transits the 9th House a person usually experiences a great willing­ness to open up to new ideas and new experiences.

Travel tends to be very attractive to a person at this time, as Jupiter favours direct experience rather than the medium of the written or spoken word. When Jupiter is in H9 opportunities to travel tend to be more numerous and more feasible than is customary.

The different ways of living and being of which a person becomes aware at this time, whether by direct experience or through exposure to the art or ideas of other cultures, tend to leave with broader views, an enhanced appreciation of the notion of quality of life and a greater curiosity about the unity underlying the life’s diversity.

Progressed Jupiter through Ninth House

If Jupiter enters into the 9th House a person tends to be motivated to seek answers to the mystery of God and man’s place within the scheme of things. If Jupiter natally is in H8, then a person's interest in metaphysical matters develop out of his experiences with others and from trying to understand the purpose of relationships. If Jupiter natally is in the 10th House, then a person may wish to take on the experience of working overseas.

Regardless of whether a person’s perspective is predominantly materialistic or spiritual, the period in which Jupiter occupies the House of Sagittarius, its own House, will be one in which a person is hungry for new impressions, a greater quality of life and a way of understanding life which will give coherence to his own experiences.


Transiting Saturn through Ninth House

A transit of Saturn to the 9th House frequently requires a person to question his belief system. This may be result of experiences which either disappointed or disillusioned him, requiring him to reconsider what hitherto he had assumed or taken on trust. The context may be social, legal, religious or spiritual. At this time Saturn may highlight either perceived deficiencies in the system or inadequacies in a person’s understanding of his place within it - for it is the nature of Saturn to make a person - initially at least - doubt his capabilities and judgment.

A transit of Saturn to H9 can be a time of difficulty or even crisis as a person struggles to come to terms with what hitherto, he had not given credence. Litigation is ill advised at this time, regardless of the perceived justic of the case and overseas ventures may be fraught with difficulty. Yet, as is ever the case with Saturnian crises, if the issue can be faced up to and dealt with consciously, a person can emerge from the situation with conviction and understanding to replace a naive belief or supposition.

Progressed Saturn through Ninth House

If Saturn progresses into the 9th House, then it is during this period of his life that a person has to grapple consciously with his belief system. If Saturn natally is in H10, then a person may have accepted, largely unquestioningly, the prevalent beliefs of his society, whether they concern the role of the individual within society or the orthodox religious beliefs. When Saturn enters H9, a person has occasion to question those beliefs and the assumption that Establishment thinking, is necessarily correct. Any conflict may or may not be resolved in this lifetime - certainly it is not guaranteed - but the conflict is likely to motivate him to examine the relationship between God and man and man and his society.


Transiting Uranus through Ninth House

A transit of Uranus to the 9th House upturns a person’s belief system. Unlike Saturn, however, Uranus tends to produce a sassy independence and the process usually involves a rejection of what, hitherto, had been accepted without question. There is rarely much in the way of self-doubt. The stance is more likely to be one of rebelliousness and the focus is likely to be form rather than essence: doctrine rather than the basic premises.

Uranus is resistant to external authority sources and a person frequently rejects the role of the mediator in spiritual matters: Uranus has difficulty with religious form not spirituality. A person engaged in litigation at this time may well lose his respect for the legal process, perceiving it to involve too much procedure and formality. Moreover, he would be ill advised to rely upon success. A transit of Uranus to the 9th House tends to make a person reliant upon his own conscience in the matter of wrong and right.

Overseas travel undertaken at this time may be somewhat hazardous, but no matter how disruptive or unexpected the situations, a person will come out the other side with a greater confidence in his own powers and abilities.

Progressed Uranus through Ninth House

If Uranus moves into the 9th House by progression its effect, like that of the transit, is to free a person from beliefs which are no longer useful to him, usually because they are frustrating his future development. As the progression takes longer than the transit, this process is normally more subtle and protracted, unless the 9th House is tenanted, but a person will still emerge more reliant upon his own conscience in deciding matters of wrong or right and less inclined to accept the authority of mediators whether they take the form of an individual or institutions.

If Uranus natally is in H10, then the process may well involve overt rejection of the authority claimed by a religious organisation or Establishment body.


Transiting Neptune through Ninth House

A transit of Neptune to H9 tends to create within a person a yearning to find a meaning to life by changing his way of perceiving. When Neptune operates through H9, a person seeks a higher level of consciousness, which will lift him above separation and enable him to experience a sense of belonging. He yearns to know God and understand the outworking of his Plan.

Physical travel may have a part to play in this quest. It is not uncommon at this time for a person to become drawn to a particular culture or religious tradition, which he believes to contain the knowledge he seeks.

In H9 Neptune creates a hunger for experience; intellectualisation is not enough.

Progressed Neptune through Ninth House

If Neptune progresses into the 9th House, then in this period of his life, he will be on the look out for knowledge, which will help him understand his own experiences and give a purpose to his life. From the purpose comes a sense of belonging.

When Neptune is working through H9, intellectualisation is never enough - a person seeks a higher level of awareness. Although he may gain his under­standing of this through an examination of various religious and spiritual ideas, he needs at this time of his life, to be a participant.

As with the transit, overseas travel may have a part to play in this process. If the 9th House is tenanted, a relationship with another, whether a teacher or intimate, may have a part of significance also.


Transiting Pluto through Ninth House

A transit of Pluto through H9 tends to expose the fears and complexes associated with acknowledging the existence of a higher order. Out of fear, a person may deny the existence of this order or he may desire to arrogate, for the purposes of personal aggrandisement, the powers of that higher order. Knowledge is the key to understanding and accessing that power, and when Pluto transits H9, individuals and bodies that claim to have knowledge may be catalysts in the process of exposure, of which Pluto is in the service.

A person may find himself in conflict with the law, with a religious organi­sation or with the authorities in a foreign country for the reasons that he challenges them; an attempt to take unto himself the power invested in them or abdicates his own responsibilities to them. As the result of the struggle, he may better understand his motives for putting himself in the situation that he did.

If the 9th House is not tenanted at this time, then the struggle may remain an inner matter confined to issues of belief and non-belief in the existence and powers of a higher order and the nature and degree of submission required.

Progressed Pluto through Ninth House

If Pluto progresses into the 9th House then a person enters into a period of his life in which he is required to face his emotional reaction to the idea of God and a higher order. It may be that fear has made him deny the existence of God and yet he cannot face the prospect of carrying on living in a Universe without meaning or direction. Or, he may seek to become identified with that power. When Pluto is working through the H9 messianic delusion is not uncommon.

If Pluto natally is in H10 then a person’s resistance to authority is likely to undergo a shift of focus during this period of his life from those who wield power within society to the ideas and concepts, which authorize them. Whatever

House Pluto occupies in the natal chart, the period in which it moves through H9 will be one in which he is obliged to confront the idea if not the reality, of a will greater than his own, and to discover whether he has a need - or use - for God.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Ninth House

When the Moon moves into the 9th House a person usually experiences a lifting of the heaviness, which is so often present when it transits H8. Optimism and a spiritedness return and there may be, albeit temporarily, a desire ‘to make sense of it all’. More time, therefore, may be given over to spiritual and religious matters or there may be a greater willingness to break routines in order to make room for mew activities.

Progressed Moon through Ninth House

The movement of the progressing Moon through the 9th House is usually one of the more exhilarating periods of the 28-year cycle. A sense of adventure tends to return after the heaviness and sense of impo­tence, so often felt during the Moon’s 8th House period, and a person frequ­ently feels more inclined to take financial risks in order to get away to see places and do things which fire his imagination.

Travel nearly always has a part to play during this period because a person feels hungry for new experiences and impressions. Acute restlessness is frequently experienced at this time and routine and commitment are burdensome. Moreover, opportunities to travel may be more numerous than is customary at this time.

This period, by dint of the experiences it contains and the increased concern with quality of life, which is a characteristic, nearly always leads to a re-appraisal of lifestyle and career.

During the Moon's 9th House period, a person may become aware of a specific spiritual path or therapy of which he is anxious to become a practitioner. The logistics of this step are often his concern during the Moon’s progression through the 10th House.

The period during which the Moon moves through the 9th House is almost invariably a time when a person seeks to achieve a better quality of life. Thus, it may be a spiritual quest or it may involve physical removal to another part of the world in search of a different lifestyle.

For some, this quest will last only as long as the Moon occupies H9. As it passes on into H10 they will once again knuckle down to what they perceive to be their responsibilities. For others, life will never again be the same because during this period they may find a path on which they may remain until they die.

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