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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Fourth House 4

When the Sun transits the Fourth House a person's attention tends to become focused upon the home. The planets which tenant this house - if any - will indicate whether this period, in which there is rarely any great desire to socialise, will be used as a time for resting and relaxing or as a time for engaging in home improvement activities.

As the Sun moves through H4 a person tends to review his surroundings in the light of the changes, which have taken place within him, in the previous year, and may find aspects of his domestic environment unsatisfactory. At this time a person is less likely to move than to be seriously entertaining the idea of it or of undertaking a major home improvement.

Progressed Sun through Fourth House

If the Sun moves into the Fourth House by progression, this is likely to mark a time of greater introspection and reflection regardless of whether the natal Sun is in H3 or H5.

During this period of his life individuals are concerned with gaining a greater understanding of their own emotional nature and of the part played by upbringing in its formation. This may mean that a person who's natal Sun is in H3 or H4 may be seen by others as having lost some of his early self-confidence and have become more withdrawn and thoughtful. The individual himself, however, will know that he will eventually benefit from this period of looking-inward.


Transiting Mercury through Fourth House

When Mercury transits the Fourth House, a person is inclined to become more inward looking and withdrawn from others. In the space which he creates for himself by reducing his social activities he may become aware, sometimes uncomfortably so, of aspects of his domestic arrangement which seem to require his attention. The mother may also prove to be a source of concern at this time.

As when the Sun transits H4, the time of a Mercury transit is more likely to be a time of facing up to the shortcomings of the present domestic environ­ment and planning change rather than auctioning a move. It is frequently a rather anxious time.

Progressed Mercury through Fourth House

As Mercury progresses through the Fourth House, an individual becomes more aware of his emotional nature, the factors, which have helped to form it, and of the contri­bution his emotional patterns make to the way he understands himself and the world. At this time of his life he may be drawn to psychology or enter therapy in order to better understand the legacy of his past.


Transiting Venus through Fourth House

A Venus transit of the Fourth House usually brings a period of relative contentment. At this time a person tends to want to be putting his energies into the home, usually to embellish it in some way. It may also be a time in which an adult has more contact than usual with his mother and biological family.

This tends to be a favourable time for actioning a move because the positive attitude engendered by this transit benefits the activity of both buying and selling.

Progressed Venus through Fourth House

When Venus progresses through the 4th House a person tends to become more accepting and more reconciled to his own emotional nature. This may involve him in making his peace with the circumstances and personalities of his childhood, and with the mother in particular

During this somewhat reflective period a person tends to be sensitive to his domestic environment and is prepared to spend money in order to make it more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing to him. During this period he usually achieves a sense of well-being and peace, which makes him review his worldly ambitions critically.


Transiting Mars through Fourth House

When Mars transits the Fourth House, circumstances usually require a person to give a lot of his time and energy to his own domestic arrangements or those of his parents, and his efforts in this area can bring to a head any issues which have not yet been resolved. It is a time which affords few opportunities to relax at home and tempers can become very frayed This transit tends to indicate a rather stressful time and one in which old grievances, particularly with the parents or spouse, may be revived. Owing to the high level of stress brought by this transit domestic incidents and accidents are not uncommon especially if the Fourth House is tenanted.

Progressed Mars through Fourth House

When Mars moves through the Fourth House by progression, a person usually enters a period of his life in which he is made aware of the legacy of the past and the extent to which it is helping or hindering him in his current en­deavours. In consequence, problems and disputes with the parents, especially the mother, are common during this period of a person’s life, and a person finds little peace. His inner disquiet tends to infect his own domestic environment and cause disruption. It is common for a person to go into therapy or to undergo a period of rigourous self-examination as Mars progres­ses through the Fourth House.

A person who does not make the connection between his inner state and outer conditions at this time tends to put a lot of energy into altering his domestic arrangements, usually with only limited success because the external world is not the place where his problems are arising.


Transiting Jupiter through Fourth House

A transit of Jupiter to the Fourth House usually marks a time when a person becomes increasingly aware of and interested in psychology. Yet under a Jupiter transit a person is as likely to examine the realm of the psyche by means of a spiritual as by a purely psychological approach. The understanding by which he comes may enable him to view his own childhood with more tolerance and appreciation. The relationship with the parents, and the mother in particular, may undergo a beneficial change in consequence.

His new awareness may also make him review and seek to introduce changes into his domestic arrangements in order to improve the quality of his life.

Progressed Jupiter through Fourth House

As Jupiter moves through the Fourth House by progression, a person tends to become more aware of the emotions and of his own emotional patterns.

During this period he is likely to examine his own childhood and enter therapy in order to come to understand more. It is unlikely, however, that he will be satisfied with a purely psychological analysis and is more likely to seek to examine his emotional nature in the broader context of his spiritual development.

Growing awareness of his own emotional nature may require a person to review his relationship with his parents and to re-order his priorities in order to give himself more time, space and freedom.

There may be more than one change of residence during the period that Jupiter progresses through the Fourth House.  


Transiting Saturn through Fourth House

The time of Saturn's transit of the Fourth House is a period during which a person tends to withdraw in order to confront his emotional self. The natal placement of Saturn will indicate the area of life and the experiences, which are likely to be the catalyst for this period of self-examination, which may commence, with a sense of profound dissatisfaction. 
The existing residence may be one source of dissatisfaction at this time - from the point of view of both its facilities and the lifestyle, which it symbolises. As Saturn moves through H4, frustrations and delays in real estate matters are common experiences and thus a person wanting to introduce change by means of a move is often thwarted. The delay, however, may prove an opportunity for him to realise that external factors are only partially responsible for his dissatisfaction: it is additionally the product of dissatisfaction with self. 
Difficulties with the mother may also be experienced at this time. By the time Saturn comes to leave H4 a person has usually becomes aware of some aspect of his emotional self, which needs his attention. 
If a move still recommends itself, then this is likely to be effected as Saturn prepares to leave the Fourth House. 

Progressed Saturn through Fourth House

As Saturn moves through the Fourth House by progression, a person is forced to confront his emotional nature. This time of his life tends to be one of some isolation from others, either materially or emotionally, and will be painful if he has not hitherto looked within. The natal placement of Saturn will indicate the nature of the problem, which a person confronts during this period, when he is given the opportunity to understand that his problems are within himself, not external to him. 
As a result of this focus upon his emotional patterns a person may have to look very closely at the legacy of his childhood and at the relationship with the parents, especially that with the mother. Those relationships may undergo change at this time owing to the new perspective and to the passage of time 
As progressing Saturn leaves the Fourth House, a person is likely to be aware that he has made a considerable advance in self-understanding and this, in turn, has enabled him to become more free from the hold of hitherto unrecognised emotional patterns. 


Transiting Uranus through Fourth House

As Uranus transits the Fourth House a person frequently experiences a series of un­settling situations, which, by forcing him to face the unfamiliar, shake him up, emotionally. The natal placement of Uranus will indicate the area of life which gives rise to these situations. The planets, if any, which tenant the Fourth House, will offer clues as to the form of the occurrences. As Uranus crosses the I.C, as it commences its transit of the Fourth House, the residence may become the focus of change: a person may either initiate a move in order to make himself freer in some way or he may have it forced upon him. Either way he is likely to find himself in new surroundings, which encourage the development of a different outlook. The relationship with the mother may also undergo change at this time. 
The circumstances, which bring about this change, can be many and various but their effect is usually to give a person a greater sense of ‘being an adult’ and of being less dependent emotionally on the parents This transit may even encourage a person to consider leaving the country of his birth. 

Progressed Uranus through Fourth House

The period, during which Uranus moves through the Fourth House by progression, is a time in which a person comes to stand aside from, and examine the emotional nature, which hitherto, he has been too closely identified to under­stand. 
Uranus progresses into H4 from H5 and whether the natal placement is in H5 or in H6 or H7, the movement through H5 is a time when a person becomes more aware of his creative individuality...i.e. more aware of what he his capable of producing. When Uranus moves into H4 his focus becomes the emotional nature of the creator and the strengths and limitations conferred by his upbringing. 
During this period of his life he may become more detached from his parents and family either because he acknowledges the need to be more independent of both personalities and family tradition or because he has independence thrust upon him by the loss or removal of the parents, most particularly the mother. 
If the Fourth House is tenanted, then the process of separating out and the self-understanding that it brings will be more intense, and feature major events. By the time Uranus reaches the end of the Fourth House, a person has usually freed himself from some deeply ingrained and cataloging emotional tendencies, by becoming aware of their roots.


Transiting Neptune through Fourth House

When Neptune transits the Fourth House, a person frequently becomes drawn to mediation and other spiritual methods of self-understanding. 
This period of a person’s life tends to be one in which there is a greater than usual need for quiet and seclusion. In consequence the domestic environment becomes increasingly important - to the extent that this transit may see a person throw himself into a quest for the ideal property. Unlike other transits, that of Neptune in H4, tends not to be accompanied by a sense of loneliness and isolation from others; on the contrary, a person tends to feel himself to be very much a part of an evolutionary process which links him to others and which helps him to understand, and to make peace with his own past.

Progressed Neptune through Fourth House

As Neptune moves through the Fourth House by progression, a person tends to become more in tune with his emotions and more aware of the legacy of the past - both his personal past and that of the culture into which he was born. 
If a person gives himself the time and the space to go into this experience, which will be more intense if H4 is tenanted, then the sense of continuity may give his reality another facet and promote a sense of acceptance. Neptune’s movement through H4 will almost certainly increase a person’s sensitivity and create a greater need for peace and a more congenial domestic environment. 


Transiting Pluto through Fourth House

As Pluto transits the fourth House it exposes emotional patterns formed during the nurturing process. It is likely to be a time when a person has cause to re-assess his childhood experiences and admit to consciousness much, which hitherto, has been repressed. 
If the Fourth House is tenanted, this process of recollection and self-understan­ding is likely to be more intense, and depending upon the planets, even traumatic. Whatever or whoever provides the catalyst, the natal placement of Pluto will indicate this. The issues will almost invariably require a person to examine the emotional legacy of his childhood. 
Perhaps more than any other transit, that of Pluto to the Fourth House has the capacity to estrange a person from his parents as he struggles to come to terms with the memories and insights. The pattern of the chart as a whole will indicate the ease, or lack of, with which a person is able to assimilate and deal with what transiting Pluto reveals about his own emotional nature. 
Changes of residence are common during this transit, especially as Pluto approaches the final degrees of H4. A person seeks to create a domestic environment, which reflects more accurately what he now understands himself to be. 

Progressed Pluto through Fourth House

As Pluto progresses through the Fourth House, a person undergoes the most significant period of sustained self-discovery that he is likely to experience in his life. At this time he is given the opportunity to understand that he holds within himself the key to his own power and that what prevents him from accessing it, are sabotaging tendencies within his emotional nature. Unlike Saturn, when Pluto transits H4, it does not require a person’s cooperation. But, if forced to act without it, then it will create emotional turmoil and also material turmoil if necessary. A person can expect little peace when the emotional foundations laid in childhood are shaken. If the H4 is tenanted, then the process will be particularly intense and episodic. During this period of his life a person is required to come to adulthood and so any ties promoting dependency with the parents and the mother in particular will be exposed. 
By the time Pluto has completed its journey through H4, a person will have had his emotional nature laid bare and he will have been given the opportunity to know himself through and through. Whether he will use this opportunity will depend very much upon the overall pattern of the chart and the level of development. 

The Moon 

Transiting Moon through Fourth House

The Moon’s monthly transit of the Fourth House is usually a time when a person is content to remain at home and concern himself with domestic matters. It tends to be a time for withdraw al and introspection rather than for socialising. 

Progressed Moon through Fourth House

The Moon’s movement through all three water houses tends to be a time for reflection and withdrawal. When the Moon progresses through the Fourth House a person assesses all that he put into motion as the Moon moved through the first three houses and he his lifestyle means to him in emotional terms. He may find that in some respects the price is too high. 
Almost certainly he will review his domestic arrangements at this time and consider the benefits of a move. Regardless of any other move he may make during the period of the Moon’s progression through the Fourth House, he will almost invariably move or make a major change in his domestic arrangements as the Moon traverses the last degrees of the Fourth House. This move is likely to be of some permanence because it addresses shortcomings of which he has now become acutely aware of, in his previous domestic arrangements and in the lifestyle they supported.

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