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The Sun

Transiting Sun through First House 1

The time during which the Sun transits the 1st House is usually a period of confidence, enthusiasm and new beginnings.

In order to fully appreciate the sense of renewal, which the Sun brings with it every year, when it enters the 1st House from H12, the nature of the 12th House experience should be considered. As the Sun goes through the 12th House a cycle is closed and space is cleared to make room for the new.

When the Sun crosses the Ascendant a person begins to fill that space, wiser for the experiences brought by the cycle, which has just closed. What he initiates at this time will be based upon a more comprehensive understan­ding of his direction in life as indicated by the sign and house position of his radical Sun.

At this time of the year the health is usually good and the energy level high.

Progressed Sun through First House

If the radical Sun in H12 occupies an intercepted sign or there is an intercepted sign in H12, then at some stage in a person’s life the Sun may progress out of H12 into H1 (to identify these circumstances see above, Introduction,) in which case there will be a marked change in the way a person perceives himself. The sense of self tends to become stronger and he is able to project himself in a more confident and assertive way. The period during which the Sun holds the Ascendant as it progresses from H12 to H1 is a time of opportunity. What is significant at such a time is that a person has the confidence to go after the opportunities, which are available to him.

 If interceptions should mean that the radical Sun in H2 progresses into H1 (see above, Introduction) then from this point onwards, a person will begin to live in accordance with what he has come to define as important. His values will stamp themselves on the way in which he projects himself.

As the Sun progresses through the 1st House a person may develop a greater awareness of charisma and may consciously use his own in order to achieve his goals. At this time of his life he is likely to be desirous of personal recognition for his achievements. The time that the Sun holds the Ascendant will mark the most intense phase of this process.


Transiting Mercury through First House

When Mercury transits the 1st House, a person experiences relative ease in stating his case and defending his stance.

The radical position of Mercury together with that of the Sun will indicate the kind of views a person is expressing and acting upon at this time. The planet with which Mercury is in closest aspect also merits consideration in this matter.

Progressed Mercury through First House

If Mercury progresses to the 1st House, then a person enters into a phase of his life when he is greatly concerned with defining his own stance and putting forward his own views. There is unlikely to be over-much patience with the realities of others during this period.

If the progression into H1 is from H12 then a person learns, during this period of his life, to express himself as an individual and to speak up for himself. If the progression is from H2 then a person will be much con­cerned with making headway through gaining acceptance and acting upon his views and ideas. In both cases the processes will be at their most emphasised as Mercury holds the Ascending degree.


Transiting Venus through First House

When Venus transits the 1st House, a person usually feels good about himself and is able to be active in pursuing or furthering the things, which he perceives to be of value.

Unless Venus is in, or rules H5 or H7 natally or by progression, this is more likely to be a time of self-sufficiency than of being concerned with relationships.

Progressed Venus through First House

When Venus moves through the 1st House by progression, a person is usually concerned with coming to greater acceptance of himself.

Part of this process involves integrating into this life, in a meaningful way, those things, which are of value to him. These will be indicated by the sign and house position of Venus in the chart.

The time during which Venus holds the Ascendant is a period of intense focus upon self, frequently to the exclusion of others. At this time it is common for people to find some therapy, philosophy or belief system, which enables them to better love, respect and forgive themselves. If the Ascendant is reached by progression through H1, then this is likely to mark the culmination of a process; if it is from H12 then it is more likely to be a new departure.


Transiting Mars through First House

When Mars, transits the 1st House, of which, it is the natural ruler, it is usually a period of great activity in connection with the affairs of the houses, which Mars occupies or rules in the chart. It is likely to be a time of self-assertiveness, confidence and impetuosity, although the sign which Mars occupies as it transits, will have much bearing on this matter.

Progressed Mars through First House

When Mars occupies the 1st House by progression, a person is very much concerned with putting himself on the map. In this process he may consciously cultivate and use his personality in order to achieve his goals.

If Mars enters H1 from H12, which is unusual, then a person will become more able to assert himself, look after his own interests and function on the material plane.

When, which is more likely, Mars progresses into H1 from H2 a person becomes more closely identified with the activities governed by that house and is usually concerned not only with being successful in that area but with gaining a reputation also.

As Mars moves closer to the Ascendant this process intensifies. The period during which Mars holds the Ascendant is a time of great self-assertiveness and self-promotion and this frequently puts the relationships with others under strain. At such a time there is little willingness to compromise.

As Mars moves on into H12, a person tends to mellow, becoming more aware of others and less concerned with material and personal gain.


Transiting Jupiter through First House

The period during which Jupiter transits the First House is usually a time of consi­derable expansiveness, particularly in connection with the affairs of the houses Jupiter occupies and rules. At this time a person tends to feel inclined to experiment. A transit of Jupiter is less to do with breaking old patterns than with opening up new areas of opportunity. If Jupiter is retrograde in the natal chart then it is likely that the new departures will be of a spiritual nature.

An appreciable gain in body weight frequently occurs as Jupiter moves through H1. This is usually attributable to

the more experimental, less disciplined approach to life brought by this transit. How enduring is the weight gain, will

depend very much upon a person’s attitudes and practices when the transit of H1 is over.

Progressed Jupiter through First House

If Jupiter enters the 1st House from H2, then a person, during this period of his life, is likely to be involved in using whatever he has gained in the way of wealth and possessions up to that point to secure for himself the space and freedom to explore new areas of life. At this time of his life, a person tends to be increasingly concerned with quality of life, especially if Jupiter is retrograde either natally or by progression.

The closer Jupiter moves to the Ascendant the more pronounced will be the desire for a lifestyle, which makes self-growth and greater understanding possible. At the time that Jupiter holds the Ascending degree a person may make a decision, which requires both courage and faith and which may alter the course of his life. If Jupiter is retrograde either natally or by progression then the changes are likely to involve sacrificing the material for the spiritual.


Transiting Saturn through First House

The period of a Saturn transit to the 1st House is a time of self-appraisal and for confronting and dealing with the aspects of self, perceived to be negative, while Saturn was transiting the 12th House. There is commonly a feeling of impo­tence and a sense that the situations, which are the cause of the suffering, so often experienced at this time, are beyond control.

When Saturn crosses into H1, it becomes easier for a person to understand that the problem is negativity within himself. Frequently other people are the agents for this awareness and it may be a time of low self-esteem and low vitality, especially as Saturn crosses the Ascendant. Flu and head colds are very common at this time.

As Saturn moves on through the 1st House, however, it makes available; a clarity of vision, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility for self, which makes lasting change possible.

The period of a Saturn transit of the 1st House is an excellent time for dieting or for cutting out smoking. Indeed, some form of reformatory behaviour is desirable at this time in order to prevent low self-esteem from becoming self-disgust and exacerbating the sense of impotence.

Progressed Saturn through First House

As Saturn moves through H1 by progression a person grapples with what he perceives to be problems in the way he projects himself and interacts with others.

If radical Saturn is in H2, then a person may need to reassess his value system and his attitude to money, if he is to find the root of the problem; if radical Saturn is in H3, then he may need to reconsider his attitude and relationship to education.

If Saturn should reach the Ascendant then there is likely to be some kind of personality crisis during the period in which Saturn holds the Ascending degree. The health at this time may also be poor.

As Saturn progresses into H12 a person may come to see the problems in more spiritual terms and attempt to deal with it at that level.


Transiting Uranus through First House

As Uranus transits the 1st House, a person tends to free up and become more indivi­dualistic in the way he projects himself. As Uranus passes over the Ascendant from H12 there is usually a great yearning for freedom from what ever is perceived to be the source of restriction. This is commonly the principal relationships or the profession.

The period during which Uranus transits the Ascending degree can be a time of recklessness and even lawlessness. Disputes with authority figures and accidents arising from erratic behaviour are both common at this time when a person is driven to make dramatic changes in his life. The nature of the dependencies and commitments which a person attempts to break free from at this time are implied by the natal placement of Uranus and by Progression .

Progressed Uranus through First House

As Uranus progresses through the 1st House a person tends to become more confident in the expression of his individuality. The qualities, which he is integrating into his personality during this period, will be those conferred by the natal placement of his Uranus.

This period of a person’s life is one in which he will assess in terms of personal freedom the cost of commitment to others.

If Uranus should meet the ascending degree then a person is likely to rid himself of any feature of his life, which threatens the expression of what he now knows himself to be.


Transiting Neptune through First House

A transit of Neptune to the 1st House marks a time when a person’s ability to project himself and to act effectively may be eroded by a diminished sense of separateness. This may be the consequence of being greatly under the influence of a partner, friends or associates. As Neptune moves so slowly, a person who experiences a Neptunian transit of H1, is likely to have his natal Neptune in H11 or H12, placements which will dispose him to idealise others. As Neptune transits H1, then this tendency comes to affect the way a person projects himself.

Whilst this transit may create a period of confusion in a person’s life owing to the erosion of his identity, it is potentially a time in which a person can begin to act upon his ideals and spiritual insights. The period during which Neptune holds the transiting degree will mark the time when a person feels most intensely the sense of having no separate identity.

Psychic experiences are not uncommon at this time.

Progressed Neptune through First House

As Neptune progresses through the 1st House, a person’s personality tends to undergo considerable change as a result of his exposure to the energies of others. The closer Neptune moves to the Ascendant the more sensitised to the energies of others he becomes. When Neptune holds the Ascending degree, the personality may dissolve altogether.

Like all Neptunian experiences the advance of Neptune on the Ascending degree can be either chaotic or transcendental. It may mean breakdown or breakthrough - or both. Either way a person is unlikely to view the world in quite the same way again. As Neptune moves onto into H12, a more spiritual approach to life is likely to be adopted.


Transiting Pluto through First House

A transit of Pluto to the Ascendant marks one of the most transformative periods of a person’s life. The catalyst for change is invariably an intense emotional experience, and the agent is frequently, a new partner. As the result of this association, a person’s outlook on life undergoes a marked change. This association may become permanent or semi-permanent. In which case, the experience of sharing a life may, become responsible for further changes, as Pluto moves on into H1.

The sign and house position of natal and progressed Pluto indicates the areas of life, which will be most directly affected by the changed awareness.

Progressed Pluto through First House

As Pluto moves through the 1st House, the personality is subject to ongoing change as the result of encounters with others, which release from the unconscious, hitherto unsuspected complexes, which require understanding and integration. The closer Pluto draws to the Ascendant the more catalytic are the revela­tions brought about by others. The natal placement of Pluto will indicate the nature of the complexes.

The period during which Pluto holds the Ascending degree can be a time of great crisis in which the personality may completely break down. In this process a relationship may be catalytic but the situation will have been building for many years. As is the case with progressing Neptune, break down may lead to break through and it may be a time of great release and liberation from unconscious patterns.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through First House

As the Moon crosses the Ascendant from the 12th House and begins to transit H1, a person may expect to feel a lifting of the heaviness so often present when the Moon is passing through H12.

At this time of the month a person usually feels as though he has received a shot of energy and is able to embark upon tasks and projects, which need confidence and drive. Decisions are more easily made at this time.

Progressed Moon through First House

As the Moon crosses the Ascendant from the 12th House, a new 2-year cycle commences. It is a time of new beginnings after the realisations and eliminations of the 12th House period.

When the Moon moves into any of the Fire Houses, zest for living returns and with it a renewed confidence and determination to build with the new awareness gained as a result of the introspection of the previous Water house period.

As the Moon enters the House of Aries, it initiates the most potent period for new beginnings of the whole 28-year cycle. As the Moon reaches the last five degrees of this house there will be a development, which sums up the new approach to life adopted over the course of the previous two years.

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