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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Fifth House 5

The annual transit of the 5th House by the Sun is usually a time when both the spirits and the vitality are high and a person tends to feel too restless to prolong the period of quiet and relative seclusion which characterises the Sun's transit of H4.

When the Sun transits H5, a person tends to want to celebrate the life force flowing through him and to receive affirmation of his being from others.

It is an excellent time of the year for commencing new, creative projects and for activities, which bring a person into contact with children and their energy.

Progressed Sun through Fifth House

When the Sun progresses into the 5th House from either H4 or H6, a person enters into a period of his life in which he begins to use his creativity.

If the movement is from H4, he will become more expressive of the individuality, of which he gained a greater awareness during the introspective 4th House period of his life.

If the movement is from H6, it is likely that a period of hard work or illness has drawn to a close, allowing a person to express in one or another creative form, the knowledge or understanding he gained during this time. Thus, the act of self-expression enables him to gain a more robust perception of himself and his individuality.


Transiting Mercury through Fifth House

A transit of Mercury to the 5th House is a very favourable time for self-expression in any form. When the inner planets are in this area of the chart they are energised; when the planet is Mercury, then it is able to feed this energy to the Sun, regardless of the house in which the Sun itself is to be found. Thus a transit of Mercury to H5 can both lighten and inspire a person during the challenging times of transits of the Sun to H4 or H6 and enable him to retain a sense of his individuality.

Progressed Mercury through Fifth House

If Mercury progresses into the 5th House a person comes to develop a greater awareness of himself as a channel for creative energy and strives to integrate this enhanced awareness with his perception of self. The extent to which he succeeds in doing this will determine, in turn, his success in finding an effective channel of creative expression. He may have to experiment with a variety of forms and become far more familiar with the idea of himself as a creative person before he is able to express himself with authenticity, a process that may take many years.


Transiting Venus through Fifth House

A transit of Venus to the 5th House tends to increase a person's awareness of creativity, both his own and that of others. The presence of Venus in H5 enhances aesthetic sensitivity and the desire to express one's own unique being ness. This urge inclines a person to be more anxious than is usual for recognition and positive feed back from others. Affairs and flirtations are attractive at this time for this reason.

It is likely that this transit increases a woman’s chances of conception, especially on those occasions when the Moon receives an aspect form Venus in the Fifth House.

Progressed Venus through Fifth House

If Venus progresses into the 5th House then a person is likely to begin to make a creative contribution to what hitherto has been an area of interest to him. If the movement is from H4 to H5 then, depending largely upon the sign occupied by Venus, a person may begin to work with some aspect of property design or renovation, or with his interest in psychology. If the movement is from H6 to H5 then he will retain his vocational sense and whatever way he expresses his creativity, he will perceive it as a means of helping others.


Transiting Mars through Fifth House

During a transit of Mars to the 5th House a person usually feels a stronger than usual need to express himself and thereby assert his individuality. If a person has found an effective way of channelling his creative energies - and this may include promoting the creative works and activities of others then this is likely to be a very productive period; if not it is likely to be a time of considerable anger born out of frustration. The sexual urge tends to be strong at this time and this too may lead to anger and aggression if it has no outlet and is not transformed.

Progressed Mars through Fifth House

If Mars enters the 5th House by progression, a person enters into a period of his life in which he is concerned with projecting himself as a creative individual. During the years which Mars occupies H5, he may experiment with various forms of expression or he may bring one particular form to a very high standard.

The 5th House, the natural ruler of which is the Sun, is a hospitable environ­ment for Mars and usually much is achieved in these years. Should a person fail to find an effective outlet, however, he will feel extremely frustrated. When Mars should move on into the 4th House by progression then he is likely to attempt to uncover the psychological reasons for the creative block.


Transiting Jupiter through Fifth House

In the year or so which it takes Jupiter to transit the 5th House, a person usually comes to a greater awareness of his own creative potential because during this time he is likely to feel inclined to experiment with hitherto unexperienced forms of self-expression. This transit tends to increase self-confi­dence and make a person feel more comfortable with the idea that indivi­duality confers the right of self-expression This transit can give both sexes the confidence to take on parenthood and in a woman’s case the more relaxed, confident state of mind engendered by this transit may improve her chances of conceiving.

Progressed Jupiter through Fifth House

If Jupiter moves into the 5th House by progression, it enables a person to achieve a more comprehensive appreciation of his individuality and creative ability. As with the transit, Jupiter's movement through H5 by progression tends to relax the hold of habituality and make a person more disposed to try the new. Childbirth may have a part to play in this process.

It may also be a time of spiritual growth born out of an enhanced awareness of the ability of an individual to channel energies from a higher level.


Transiting Saturn through Fifth House

When Saturn transits the 5th House, a person is required to focus upon the ways in which he has expressed his individuality up to that point. Transiting Saturn moves into H5 from H4, and during its passage through the 4th House, there is likely to have been considerable introspection. The new understanding a person has of himself will require him to make changes or to discipline himself to complete some creative project, which confirms that he is continuing to move forward.

In cases where re-assessment is required then a person may experience creative blocks. Women attempting to conceive may experience difficulty if there are any unconscious fears or misgivings about bringing another life into being.

Yet this is not always a problematic time: if a person has given attention to the matter of creative expression earlier in his life then the discipline and dedication conferred by transiting Saturn is likely to make this a very constructive period. A woman may decide that this is the time to take on the responsibilities of motherhood.

By the time Saturn reaches the last degrees of the Fifth House, a person is usually aware of the nature of the changes which need to be made if he is to express himself more effectively, or ready to bring some creative project to a conclusion.

Progressed Saturn through Fifth House

As Saturn moves through the 5th House by progression a person enters a period of his life in which he is required to review his understanding of himself as a creative individual.

Saturn is capable of casting a dark shadow over the house of the Sun and the years during which Saturn occupies H5 may be a bleak and sterile period. It is nevertheless one, which offers a significant challenge and the person who is able to work through the self-doubt, and impotence, which is so often experienced at this time, will do so by confronting the reason - indicated by the sign and house placement of natal Saturn - and will emerge a productive person with an awareness of his individuality.


Transiting Uranus through Fifth House

A transit of Uranus to the 5th House marks a time when exposure to new experiences affords a person the opportunity to arrive at a new understanding of his uniqueness and his creative potential.

Transiting Uranus brings situations designed to shake up a person and make him use his energy in ways, which hitherto have been unfamiliar to him. As a result he will be more alive and more in touch with his being ness. Highly charged sexual relationships which offer experience rather than longevity frequently have a part to play during this period of a person’s life by making a contribution towards the raising and the freeing of his creative energies.

Progressed Uranus through Fifth House

If Uranus moves through the 5th House by progression, a person enters a period of his life in which he is forced to face new situations and experiences, which serve to make him more vital and more flexible. Stability and consoli­dation are inimical to the purposes of Uranus, and during this period of his life, the need to adjust to the unexpected gives him the opportunity to discover his authenticity, resourcefulness and adaptability.

Whilst the process and its effects are similar to those of transiting Uranus, progressing Uranus moves much slower and the process therefore, is more protracted and usually less intense. Although, the years in which progres­sing Uranus makes direct contact with any tenanting planets will be highly charged.


Transiting Neptune through Fifth House

A transit of Neptune to the 5th House can be inspirational but it tends to erode the sense of individuality and the desire for personal recognition, which are such piquant spurs to creative activity. In consequence a transit of Neptune to H5 inclines a person to lose himself in the creative works and activities of others.

Sexual infatuation, which a person will insist is deep, unconditional love, is also common under this transit, especially if the 5th House is tenanted by inner planets.

Whilst this transit may be a time of considerable aesthetic sensibility and new spiritual awareness gained through sublime experiences with art, music or sex, it may not be until Neptune moves on into the Sixth House where its energy becomes easier to ground, that a person is able to focus himself sufficiently well to be able to give expression to this new awareness.

Progressed Neptune through Fifth House

If Neptune progresses through the 5th House a person is given the opportunity to understand that God expresses Himself through the individuality of each of us, and to better understand the distinction between egotism and individuality.

The intimate relationships, which form at this time, are frequently idealistic and other-regarding: the person with Neptune in the 5th House attempts to put everything he understands himself to be in the service of his partner. This is one of the most common ways that a person will give expression to the desire to make his life and energy useful which tends to be a characteristic of Neptune when operating through H5.

A person whose creativity is well developed may come to see himself as a channel for energies from a higher level. Although Neptune’s progression through H5 may produce periods of delusion about self and others, especially if H5 is tenanted, a person who has experienced this progression tends to have a sense, no matter how hazy or ill-defined, that his life has a purpose and a significance.


Transiting Pluto through Fifth House

A transit of Pluto to the 5th House has the effect of exposingand thereby, offering a person the opportunity to deal with the compulsions and insecuri­ties, which keep him from fully utilizing the creative power available to those whose sense of individuality, is well developed.

Much that Pluto reveals as it transits H5 will be to do with the use of the creative energies in sexual activity. If this is the only outlet for them, then a person is likely to be made aware that this is inadequate or he may be made aware that the price he is paying in terms of time, energy and quality of life for a sexual relationship is too high.

A transit of Pluto to H5 requires a person to assess his sexual behavior and to consider the extent to which he uses up creative energy in an attempt to get gratification or emotional security. If the 5th House is tenanted then it is likely to be a deep sexual infatuation which consumes both time and energy which is the agent for this awareness. 

A person with Saturn in H5 may have to confront his sexual and creative inhibitions as Pluto transits.

By the time that Pluto leaves H5, the person who has used the opportunities which it brings, will have a far greater understanding of the extent to which his emotions cooperate with or sabotage his creakily and sense of individuality

Progressed Pluto through Fifth House

When Pluto moves through the 5th House by progression, a person is in a period of his life when the way he uses his creative energies is subject to fundamen­tal change. Integral to this process is an enhanced understanding of what it means to be an individual and of the nature of the power available to a well-developed individual.

The 5th House is one of the Houses of Relative consciousness and it is through seeing the effect that he produces on another that a person finds a gauge against which to measure his effectiveness and potency. By the same token it is his experiences with others, which will bring him to an awareness of how lack of autonomy and self-mastery erode his individuality. Becoming aware of these areas in which he is eroded is usually a very conspicuous stage in the transformative process, especially if the inner planets or Saturn are to be found in H5. In this case circumstances are likely to make him aware that emotional complexes are causing him to use his creative energy in an inadequate or even self-destructive way.

As Pluto moves on through the 5th House, a person usually begins to seek out other channels for creative expression and by the time Pluto reaches the end of H5, may have found some form through which he is able to make an authentic creative contribution.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Fifth House

The monthly passage of the Moon through the 5th House is usually a sociable time when the energy and the spirits are both high. At this time a person tends to feel a sense of well being and enthusiasm for life which may incline him to seek to express himself creatively or through some activity which gives him feed-back from others. When the Moon transits H5 a person usually seeks to elicit from others confirmation of his individual worth.

Progressed Moon through Fifth House

The two or so years, which is the average time that it takes the progressed Moon to move through the 5th House, make up one of the lighter more expansive periods of the 28 year cycle. At this time energy levels tend to be high and there is a renewed zest for living after the heaviness and introspection, which are such common features of the progressed Moon’s 4th House period. Whilst the Moon is in H5 a person frequently experiments with new ways of expressing himself. Whether it is through one of the fine arts, through intellectual activity or through the launch of a new business venture, the purpose of these new directions is to find an effective channel for his abundant energy, which will also earn him recognition from others. Relationships, which form at this time, tend to be highly charged sexual experiences, which may or may not find a place in the new phase of life which the Moon ushers in as it moves on into the 6th House.

The relationships, which are carried through, are those, which indicate that they are capable of withstanding the pressures and preoccupation with work, which characterise the Moon’s 6th House period. That many do not is an indica­tion that the relationships, which a person tends to seek out when the Moon moves through H5, are those which offer sexual experience and excitement rather than security.

Similarly certain creative activities undertaken during this period when there is an abundance of energy will be dropped as the Moon reaches the end of H5. Those that are taken through will be those forms through which a person feels he can express himself honestly and effectively. The passage of the Moon through H5 may turn a woman’s attention, sometimes obsessively so, to the matter of having a child.

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