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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Eleventh House 11

The Sun’s annual transit of the 11th House is usually a sociable time. For a person with children there may be increased involvement in the children’s activities at this time

During this period a person tends to find a centre of gravity and become more involved than is customary in activities away from the home: in meetings, group events and in outings with friends. If he does not have many opportunities to engage in such activities he may use this time to attempt to make new friends and affiliations. In any event he is unlikely to be content merely shuttle between home and his place of work. At this time there is usually an increased desire to exchange ideas and feel a sense of belonging to something larger than his family unit or work place.

Progressed Sun through Eleventh House

If the Sun progresses into the 9th House a person enters a period of his life in which he considers himself in relation to a group, organisation, community, or to his friends and children. During this period he will seek to fulfill many of his personal needs in these contexts.

If the natal Sun is in H10 then a person is likely to fulfill his ambitions for status and recognition through working for an organisation with a strong sense of esprit and a defined, frequently reformist intent.

A parent, especially a mother experiencing this progression may devote herself to helping her children achieve their ambitions and to a degree, live vicariously through them.

If the movement is from the 12th House, then at this stage of his life, a person may seek to give practical expression, through group activities, of his understanding of universalism.


Transiting Mercury through Eleventh House

A transit of Mercury to the 11th House is likely to indicate a time in which there is much communication of views and discussion of ideas. This may be with friends or children but it may also indicate communication and association with groups and organisations.

If Mercury transits H11 with the Sun, then it is likely to be a productive time; alone, it may indicate anxieties and worries with any of the above.

It is generally a harassing and anxious time because Mercury, if unsupported by other inner planets, does not give the energy to bring about change: it simply focuses the mind on matters, which require attention. A sense of receiving inadequate recognition or falling short of one's own goals is common at this time.

Progressed Mercury through Eleventh House

If Mercury progresses through the 11th House a person tends to become increasingly aware and involved in social, political or occult matters. He may adopt a stance or a creed which influences the way he communicates, the kind of people with whom he associates and the activities in which he engages. In the chart of a parent, the presence of progressed Mercury in H11 may denote a period during which he is greatly influenced by or involved with the ideas and activities of the children.


Transiting Venus through Eleventh House

A transit of Venus to the 11th House is frequently a time when new friendships and associations are formed and in which group activities bring a person a great deal of pleasure and conviviality.

Exposure to new ideas or a greater involvement with a system of ideas with which a person is already familiar may have a part to play at this time. For a parent it may indicate developments of a beneficial nature involving a child or the children.

Progressed Venus through Eleventh House

If Venus enters the 11th House by progression, a person enters a period of his life in which much of his enjoyment and sense of fulfillment comes from activities and association with like-minded people. It is a time when a person tends to seek out involvements outside his intimate relationship.

When Venus is operating through the 11th House, feelings of claustrophobia in intense one to one relationships are common and a person is frequently anxious to create a network of interests outside the home.

For a parent however, the period during which progressing Venus occupies the 11th House is commonly a time when the interests and activities of the children may command a great deal of time and may be given priority over the needs of the partner.


Transiting Mars through Eleventh House

When Mars transits the 11th House a person usually expends a lot of energy improv­ing his position within the groups with which he has an involvement. This may involve him in becoming more committed to their philosophy and practices. With friends, fellow group members and with children there may be conflict at this time when ego energies run high and a person’s ambitions for himself within the groups with which he is associated or through the achievements of his children may produce antagonism and resentment in others.

Progressed Mars through Eleventh House

If Mars progresses into the 11th House a person’s concern during this period of his life is to advance himself in and through the groups or organisations with which he has an association. He will usually expend considerable energy in furtherance of this aim, which is likely to involve a greater commitment to the aims and practices and policies of the group.

In the House of Aquarius, Martian energy may work through ideas, and a person may become fanatical in support of his cause. It may not be easy for him at this time to separate his own interests from those of the group or cause on behalf of which he is working. Much of his dedication and enthusiasm may be attributable to what he perceives the association is able to give him, in the way of status and recognition.


Transiting Jupiter through Eleventh House

A transit of Jupiter to 11th House is usually a time when a person’s social sphere is expanded to include personalities and activities, which, hitherto, he has not considered to have had any relevance or appeal to him. Unlike Venus, when it transits Jupiter, it is likely to change the profile of a person's social connections. If he is a parent then the children may be instrumental in bringing about this change.

When working through the House of Aquarius, Jupiter tends to have a liberalising effect and at the same time confer a greater sense of fellowship and a willingness to mix and mingle.

At this time a person tends to entertain ideas of which, hitherto, he had been suspicious or out of sympathy. These new interests may eventually lead him to make new associations and affiliations.

Progressed Jupiter through Eleventh House

If Jupiter enters the 11th House by progression, a person tends to become more receptive to ideas and more active within organisations, which aim to improve by some or other means, the quality of life for large numbers of people or animals.

The organisations and activities, which appeal at this time, are likely to be those built upon a philosophy or system of ideas designed to achieve a specific goal.

As Jupiter will progress into H11 from H12 then these groups may have a markedly spiritual feel. A person may become involved with communalistic lifestyles and will almost certainly seek to make his friendships amongst people who are able to share his spiritual or philosophical beliefs.

As is ever the case when the 11th House is involved, the children may have a part to play in this process of linking up and making associations.


Transiting Saturn through Eleventh House

A transit of Saturn to the 11th House tends to indicate a time when the ideals, the affiliations and the friendships are up for review.

When working through the house of Aquarius, the house of which it is the co-ruler, Saturn strips a person of his illusions by showing him the true foundations of his friendships and the implications of any involvement he may have with a group, organisation or movement.

For a parent, it may indicate that the relationship with a child or children may have to be redefined as the result of the emergence of problems or difficult situations.

Under a transit of Saturn to the 11th House a person may well have to fight against his own cynicism in order to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath water when he is faced with the kind of disappointment and betrayals, which so often accompany this transit. He indeed may need to weed out his friends and re-evaluate certain ideals and loyalties, but the challenge at this time is to bring a greater maturity of judgment and practical sense to bear upon this area of life, rather than to retreat from it altogether.

Progressed Saturn through Eleventh House

If Saturn enters the 11th House by progression in this period of his life a person is likely to be involved in trying to find a place for himself within some group, organisation or movement. In order to do this, regardless of the nature of the group or organisation, he has to face up to and work through certain inhibitions indicated by the natal placement of Saturn, which make it diffi­cult for him to readily join forces with others.

If H11 is tenanted, then it is all the more likely that he will encounter difficult and unpleasant situations involving friends or group members, which may serve to make him aware of those aspects of himself, which serve to make him an ‘outsider’. If he takes these opportunities then he will be better equipped to understand what it is he wants from and what it is he can give to his friendships and associations in order to make them more fulfilling.

When operating through H11 Saturn may manifest difficulties with a child, which is likely to require much time and energy if they are to be sorted out. Again these difficulties will highlight aspects of the ‘Saturn problem’. By the time Saturn leaves the 11th House a person will have been given a number of opportunities to discover what fellowship - be it the support of friends or that of a group - can give to him and requires from him.


Transiting Uranus through Eleventh House

A transit of Uranus to its own House has the effect of freeing up a person from commitments, be they to people, organisations or ideologies, which have served their purpose. If the 11th House is tenanted then this process is likely to involve highly charged situations or encounters with individuals or groups.

A sorting out of friends is very likely at this time, when Uranus disposes a person to consider a range of advanced or even controversial ideas. Originality and creativity will be the qualities which a person prizes (poses) at such a time and long established friendships may no longer satisfy him.

This transit may also result in changes in the relationship with the children. This is made the more likely if H11 is tenanted. In the event of a custody dispute, a person may have to reconcile himself to sharing the children with an estranged partner or even to losing access altogether.

Progressed Uranus through Eleventh House

If Uranus enters the 11th House by progression, over time, it will free a person from commitments and prejudices, which affect the way in which he associates with others.

As with the transit, there is likely to be a sorting out of friends and affilia­tions. Unless H11 is tenanted, however, the process is likely to be more gradual.

In its Own House, Uranus disposes a person towards advances and alternative ideas and these may be catalysts for change in his relationships with friends and organisations. During this period of his life a person may also face issues with the children, which force him into a greater acceptance of the fact that he neither owns the children, nor, beyond a certain point, can he control and direct their lives.

If H11 is tenanted, then custody issues may have a part to play in the Uranian process. By the time Uranus leaves the 11th House he has usually re-evaluated many of his ideals and expectations. Only the pattern of the chart as a whole will indicate, whether in consequence, he is likely to be more involved in activities designed to change conditions in some way or whether to focus instead on his own life.


Transiting Neptune through Eleventh House

A transit of Neptune to the House of Aquarius can promote great idealism and under its influence a person may find friends, groups organisations and move­ments, which enable him to work towards his ideals or spiritual goals.

If the 11th House is tenanted, then there is likely to be an opportunity for him to connect with a personality or organisation, which is of lasting importance to him. The association will require a sacrifice of some kind, be that simply of time or money. When Neptune is working through the 11th House, it can confer great dedication to an activity, which may not be idealistic. In this case, it is the degree of selfless dedication, which is Neptunian rather than the cause. In the chart of a parent, transiting Neptune may indicate developments with a child, which requires a great deal of self-sacrifice.

Whether towards a child or cause the self-sacrificial attitude may or may not endure after the transit has passed. Much will depend upon whether the person, idea or activity embraced so willingly under Neptune’s influence will appear as valid once the planet has moved on. One person may find himself with a life-long commitment, another may consider in retrospect that he was conned or misled.

Progressed Neptune through Eleventh House

If Neptune moves into the 11th House by progression a person, through his friends, affiliations and children may seek to give expression to his desire to transcend the ego perspective.

If Neptune enters H11 by progression then it is highly likely that it occupies H12 or H1 in the natal chart. In both cases involvement with a group or organisation during this period of his life may provide the means for him to express his desire to merge with others and thereby lose his sense of separateness and isolation. It may be the aims of the group, which are Neptunian, or it may be the quality of the commitment, which he gives to the group or movement.

Commitment to a friend or child may also be a feature of this phase of his life.

As Neptune’s movement by progression is slower than by transit, the progres­sion increases the possibility of a commitment of this kind being made in a more gradual way although if H11 is tenanted these are still likely to be the years of intense devotion to either a person or a cause.


Transiting Pluto through Eleventh House

A transit of Pluto to the 11th House exposes a person’s emotional response to group activity, ideology and to the loss of certain freedoms which commitment to a group or movement necessarily involves.

The situations which occur when Pluto is working through the House of Aquarius, especially if H11 is tenanted, are those likely to draw out a person’s fears about brainwashing and mass persuasion techniques, or to arouse in him a craving for the kind of power which comes from heading a group or movement.

Under this transit a person’s friendships and his relationship with his children may also throw up issues to do with the inherent conflict between the common good and personal interest.

If H11 is tenanted, this increases the possibility of the development of intense situations in which a friend or child, in the name of the relation­ship, uses manipulation or exploitation to get his way. Conversely, it may be the person experiencing the transit who attempts to control a friend or a child in this way or it may indicate a power struggle with a partner over the custody of the children.

Whatever the scenario, a person experiencing this transit will be given opportunities to come to a much greater awareness of a tendency to abuse or be abused by the idea of the ‘common good’.

Progressed Pluto through Eleventh House

If Pluto moves into the 11th House by progression, a person enters a period of his life in which he has to face up to his emotional response to power and to control when they manifest themselves through groups, movements and ideologies.

For a person whose natal Pluto is in H1, the basic issue is likely to be the emotion raised by the loss of individuality and autonomy involved in joining forces with any kind of group, movement or organisation. For a person with Pluto in H12, the period during which Pluto progresses through H11 is likely to raise trust issues and the uses to which the enormous psychic power conferred by Pluto in H12 can be put. Occult ideas and practices may recommend themselves, or whilst it is operating through the House of Aquarius, a person with natal Pluto in the 12th House may decide to join forces with others to increase the awareness and understanding in society of the ways and situations in which power is abused covertly.

If the 11th House is tenanted in the chart of a parent this increases the possibi­lity of the children being used in a power struggle between him and his partner, or of power and manipulation being issues between the parent and his children.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Eleventh House

The Moon’s monthly transit of the 11th House tends to indicate a time during which a person feels a stronger than usual interest in current affairs or in ideas of a reformist nature.

Under this transit a person may feel keenly the insularity and isolation of a life lived solely for personal gain and at this time of the month he may feel particularly anxious for the company and support of his friends and children, the existence of which help to give his life a purpose.

Progressed Moon through Eleventh House

When the Moon moves through the 11th House, a person tends to consider himself in the context of his society. With his career situations resolved, as likely as not by the Moon’s movement through the last degrees of the 10th House, a person may feel that he has more time to consider himself in a broader context and consider what he gives to his fellow man and what he gets in return.

The time during which the Moon moves through H11 is frequently one of the more leisurely, less pressured periods of the twenty-eight year cycle and he may use this space to become more informed about current affairs and more involved in political or social activities.

At the very least he is likely to give over more time to his friendships and to the activities of his children, if he is a parent.

As the Moon moves through the House of Aquarius he may also become more involved in occult ideas and practices.

As the Moon reaches the closing degrees of this house there is likely to be a development, which encapsulates those aspects of the experiences, gained during its 11th House period and which helps to identify those ideas and interests which will be of lasting benefit to him. Other activities may well have to be dropped at this time. What he does hold on to is likely to become a fully functioning aspect of his life in the years to come.

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