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The Sun

Transiting Sun through Eighth House 8

The annual transit of the Sun through the 8th House usually marks a time of the year when a person's emotional reactions are heightened. It tends to be an intense and frequently uncomfortable time in which partners and those with whom he is involved emotionally expose his desires, fears and insecu­rities.

Old emotional issues may be revived, albeit in a new guise, and expectations that a person has had of another may have to die at this time.

Life often seems painful and weighty and a person is frequently very conscious of how the past holds him in its grip.

Progressed Sun through Eighth House

If the Sun progresses into the 8th House a person enters a period of his life in which he is required to become aware of his emotional nature and let this enhanced understanding expand his perception of himself. This new awareness will come through in his dealings with others, which will expose aspects of himself - his desires, insecurities and fears.

Until he is able to come to terms with these hitherto unacknowledged aspects of himself, he is likely to be at the mercy of others who wish to control or manipulate him through his emotions.

If the movement into H8 is from the 7th House then a person continues his task of separating out his own reality from that of others, but during this period of his life, he is particularly concerned with the discovery of his true emotional nature, frequently as a result of pain caused by trying to fulfil the desires and needs of another without regard for himself.

If the movement is from the 9th House then during this period of a person's life he is obliged to face his emotional nature, which may make him, feel burdened and earth-bound. A person with the natal Sun in H9 may well attempt to understand and work out emotional complexes by means of spiritual concepts.

An interest in the Occult may also develop whilst the Sun is in the 8th House.


Transiting Mercury through Eighth House

A transit of Mercury to the 8th House confers a perspective, which is coloured by intense emotional reactions. It is frequently a time when dealings with another stir up the emotions and communication is often more impassioned than reasoned. This transit tends to affect the concentration adversely. If Mercury should be transiting H8 at the same time as the Sun then this will be produce a particularly intense period.

Progressed Mercury through Eighth House

If Mercury progresses into the 8th House the emotions come to play an increa­singly important part in the way a person gives and receives impressions. At this time of his life he will be particularly sensitive to the emotional responses of others and to astral energies, generally. It will not be easy for him to act in a way which contravenes the wishes and expectations of another, of which he is all too keenly aware, and he may be drained and confused by the needs of others until he learns what his owm limits are and how to create boundaries.

As is the case when the Sun progresses through the 8th House, Mercury's presence in H8 may stimulate an interest in the Occult.


Transiting Venus through Eighth House

A transit of Venus to the 8th House can intensify the emotional and sexual exchange, which a person has with another. It is a transit, which tends to remind a person of his true needs as well as his fears and vulnerabilities. The response he elicits from those with whom he is involved will be parti­cularly important to him, as it is their response, which will either allay or intensify his insecurities. When Venus is operating through the 8th House it is common for a person to attempt to safeguard his relationship by overlooking his own needs and focusing instead upon those of his partner, even though his own yearning for unconditional love is so strong.

Progressed Venus through Eighth House

If Venus progresses into the 8th House, then it is the case that intense sexual and emotional involvements have an important part to play in a person’s development in the current lifetime. As is the case when Venus occupies the 8th House natally, a person experiencing this progression tends to respond sexually and emotionally only to those whose energy his soul remembers and regardless of the feasibility of the association in the current lifetime he will invest all his energy in it.

Obsession, pain and loss are common experiences when Venus is operating through the 8th House, but during this phase of his life, a person also has the experience of loving intensely and unconditionally. The relationships, which he has during this phase of his life, are unlikely to offer him security or a return comparable to the - emotional investment he himself is prepared to make but they will be amongst the most memorable of his lifetime, for the depth of feeling involved.


Transiting Mars through Eighth House

When Mars transits the 8th House a persons aims and personal effectiveness are greatly affected by his emotions. He may feel powerless and confused at this time, when his emotional and sexual needs prevent him from taking a stand to protect his interests. During this transit a person may feel that his will has been eroded, which may cause anger and resentment towards the person or people who make him feel so powerless. When Mars is working through the 8th House, anger and aggression, regardless of whether they are expressed in words, tends to elicit a similar response from others, and this transit frequently indicates a frustrating and fraught time.

Progressed Mars through Eighth House

If Mars progresses into the 8th House, a person enters into a period of his life in which his emotions greatly affect his ability to project and assert himself

When Mars is operating through the 8th House a person's will is eroded to a greater or lesser degree by the conflict between head and the heart. In this process his emotional and sexual needs will frustrate the efforts he considers he should be making in order to move his life on. If Mars is natally in H9 or H10, placements which make a person very aware of the need to make an effort, then this period of his life can be one of acute frustration and disappointment in self. Yet, as is ever the case when an inner planet works through the 8th House, he will emerge from this period much wiser and with a greater appreciation of how it is that the past, working through the emotions, can hijack the present and its opportunities  This awareness can be a piquant spur for self-examination and self-development.


Transiting Jupiter through Eighth House

When Jupiter transits the 8th House a person tends to draw to himself circums­tances, which encourage him to open up emotionally to others, an experience he is likely to find rewarding and encouraging. When this transit has passed he will know more about his emotional nature than was the case before and have greater confidence that what is given out will be returned. This transit may assist a person to break out of negative patterns based on fear and mistrust.

Progressed Jupiter through Eighth House

When Jupiter progresses into the 8th House a person enters into a period of his life in which his understanding of self is increased by a greater awareness of his emotional nature. In this process involvements with others have an important part to play.

During this period he is likely to let people get closer to him than, hitherto he has allowed, and to be more forthcoming about his own feelings. In the process he may lose some of his defensiveness and become more emotionally responsive. Although this may well complicate his life to some degree he is likely to consider that its quality, nonetheless, has been improved.


Transiting Saturn through Eighth House

When Saturn transits the 8th House a person faces a situation in which others may make heavy demands upon him, both emotionally and materially. To this extent it is a time for facing the consequences of the emotional choices made earlier in his life.

During this period of his life certain people with whom he once had a close association may appear as a hostile force, with demands, which threaten his own security and interests. His efforts to defend himself are almost inva­riably belated.

It is generally a heavy time but one in which a person is given an opportunity to better understand his emotional nature and those aspects of it which may be holding him back and sabotaging his efforts to move his life on. 

Progressed Saturn through Eighth House

If Saturn should progress into the 8th House, then his dealings with others in this period of his life are likely to throw up situations, which are onerous and inimical to his own interests. Yet whether those who oppose him are intimates or business associates, they are people with whom, at some stage in his life, he has chosen to become involved.

These situations for which others are the agents will expose the insecurities, which are indicated by the natal placement of Saturn and they represent an opportunity for him to face and to push through his fears. His choice of partners may alert him to aspects of his emotional nature, which are destructive or sabotaging. It will be a time of his life in which relationships, no matter how fulfilling at some levels, may command a heavy price. The dreams may be troubled during this period of a person’s life.


Transiting Uranus through Eighth House

A Uranian transit of the 8th House leaves a person freer of some of the attachments, which have restricted his development. As ever, Uranus will work through the 8th House without the consent and co-operation of the conscious mind, and the breaking of certain attachments may be experienced with much reluctance and pain. Frequently a partner will wish to end the association, or the separation may come about through death. If the 8th House is tenanted, then the process of breaking emotional attachments is more likely to involve specific and memorable events. Otherwise there may be a more gradual detachment.

Whilst this transit may cause periods of considerable pain a person will be freer and better to able to develop as an individual as the result of it.

Progressed Uranus through Eighth House

If Uranus progresses into the 8th House then a person faces a period in his life during which he will be freed up from various attachments which have served their purpose and which now threaten to impede his development.

These attachments may be to people with whom there has been a close relation­ship or if Uranus, natally is in H10 then it may be an attachment to the fatherland - as well as to the father, which is weakened over this period. If natal Uranus is in H9, then it may be an attachment to a form of religion, with which a person is emotionally involved, that may be severed.

The movement of Uranus through H8, whether by transit of progression, may arouse a person's interest in the Occult and the uses to which astral energy may be put.


Transiting Neptune through Eighth House

When Neptune transits the 8th House a persons boundaries tend to be eroded by the needs of others.

A transit to H8 follows Neptune’s movement through the 7th House during which period a person tends to develop idealistic views about inter-personal relation­ships, or at least an idealistic attitude to his own principal relationship. When Neptune moves on into H8 he becomes sensitised to the emotional states of others to the point of taking them on as his own.

This transit makes it very difficult for a person to act in contravention of the desires of another both because he is so sensitive to the expectations of the other and because there is frequently a desire to assist those with whom he is closely involved.

This transit may enhances a person’s psychic receptivity and increase his interest in practices which use the astral energies, particularly for the purposes of healing and counseling.

Progressed Neptune through Eighth House

If Neptune progresses into the 8th House, a person enters a period of his life, in which his sensitivity to the emotional states of others is enhanced and he may experience considerable difficulty in remaining detached from the neediness of others.

If Neptune natally is in H10, then a person may find himself responding emo­tionally to those he is trying to help through his choice of career. If Neptune natally is in H9, then a person’s spiritual calling may lead him to attempt to serve the emotional needs of others.

Whatever, he will need to be on his guard against emotional exhaustion, as well as from the negative emotions of others, to which he will be very susceptible at this time.


Transiting Pluto through Eighth House

A transit of Pluto to the 8th House is likely to be a time of intense, obsessive and even violent emotional responses. If H8 is tenanted, then this process of bringing to light hitherto unacknowledged emotional or sexual tendencies may use the agency of specific people and situations. Intense love affairs are common at this time and there is frequently a great attraction for people engaged in criminal or taboo activities. Alternatively, criminal or taboo activities may become an object of fascination.

It is often said of Pluto, that under its influence, a person can be made an offender or a victim. This is never more true than when Pluto is working through the 8th House. The obsessions and intense desires, which it unleashes, may be destructive to another or to self.

Either way they will merit a person’s attention and Conscious effort if they are to be transformed.

After transiting the 8th House Pluto moves on into H9 and a person may well have to adjust his belief system during this period in order to accommodate what he has come to understand about the intensity of the emotions and his greater awareness of the human shadow.

Progressed Pluto through Eighth House  

If Pluto progresses through the 8th House, then during this period of his life, a person’s emotional nature will be exposed. Pluto breaks up the surface which conditioning, social expectations and morality put in place in order to release what has been concealed beneath it. This can include sexual obsessions, a lust for power or to be controlled and a fascination with the criminal or taboo activities.

This may be a deeply disturbing time of a person’s life as he struggles to come to terms with what Pluto is showing him about his own emotional nature. Yet, once exposed, these tendencies may be worked with and the negative energies transformed.

The Moon

Transiting Moon through Eighth House

The Moon's passage through the 8th House tends to be one of the heavier times of the month during which a person may feel vulnerable, lonely and emotionally unfulfilled. This in turn, may make him angry or resentful towards those whom he considers to be neglecting his needs.

Those feelings usually evaporate quickly once the Moon moves on into the 9th House.

Progressed Moon through Eighth House

The years during which the progressed Moon moves through the 8th House tend to be some the heaviest and most uncomfortable of the 28 year cycle. The heaviness may well be the direct result of decisions made as the Moon reached the closing degrees of the 7th House. The time during which the Moon progresses through the 8th House is frequently a time of coming to terms with the decision made; whether that involved the ending of a relationship or the close of one of its phases.

Whatever the cause, loss and loneliness are commonly experienced as the Moon progresses through H8, and it is a time during which a person comes to a much better understanding of his emotional nature and of those needs which he cannot afford to ignore if he is to know fulfilment.

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