Uranus astrology

Uranus: the Custodian of our Development 3
Transiting Uranus: 5th - 8th House

Uranus astrology

As with the previous series on Saturn, it is recommended that anyone intending to read this series also read the articles on the Areas of Consciousness, which is to be found on this web site under Astrological Technique.

Uranus by sign

The sign in which Uranus is found in a natal chart describes the way in which that planetary energy expresses itself in the life:

  • In the masculine or positive signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) its mode is initiating.
  • In the feminine or negative signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) its mode is reactive.

These differences will condition the nature of the urge for freedom.

  • In the positive signs that urge is incentive, prompted by an awareness of possibility and of the pull from the plane of the soul. Those with Uranus in a masculine sign are full of enthusiasm and aware of the potential of the individual.
  • In the negative signs that urge is an impulse, prompted by an awareness of restriction and of the need to leave behind the limitations of the planes of the personality.  Those with Uranus in a feminine sign are critical and aware of the social and cultural context.

Uranus by House

In this article we are examining Uranus in the houses of personal consciousness but, regardless of its placement, when considering the role of Uranus in the natal chart, always take into account:

  • The house or houses of which Uranus is the significator, because this will indicate the area of life that will be instrumental in the process of bringing the soul and personality into alignment.
  • Uranus is the natural ruler of the eleventh house.

Uranus in the houses of Relating Consciousness (5-7)

In the houses of Relating Consciousness, Uranus’s assignment is to release a person from ways of interacting with others that are non-progressive. In the context of relationship, ‘non-progressive’ patterns are those, which involve dependency, emotional or social, and vicarious living.

Owing to the kind of conditioning to which we are exposed to in the West, which encourages us to value the idea of longevity and security in relationships, rather than quality of experience and developmental potential.  This placement of Uranus can produce circumstances that are not at all to the liking of the conditioned personality. But if only a person will push past inauthentic expectations then he or she will surely recognize the freedom conferred by Uranus’s encouragement to live as an individual. Uranus in the house of Relating Consciousness, does not mean no relationships, but it imposes a threshold for the amount and the quality of, permissible compromise.

  The relationship between Uranus and the Sun is of significance:

  • If the Sun is also in the area of relating consciousness, then this lifetime is continuing a strategy of freeing up from over-reliance upon another.
  • If the Sun is in the same house, particularly if it is in conjunction with Uranus, then in that lifetime the personality is being used as an agent for the distribution of soul force to the planes of the personality and an exceptional creative expression and understanding is to be expected in the area of life denoted by the house in which the conjunction occurs.
  • If Uranus is in this area of consciousness and the Sun is in another, this indicates that the strategy has shifted its focus and that awareness of other has now reached a relatively satisfactory level and it is time to move on and strengthen the sense of individuality.

Uranus in the fifth house

With Uranus in the fifth house, a person is ready to go beyond conventional expression of creativity that will earn the approval and agreement of others. Thus placement confers creative genius that may be in advance of its time as well as intuitive powers that enable a person to by-pass any kind of intellectual analysis. So what ever the field, whether the performing arts, healing or the sciences, the energy of Uranus in the fifth is able to open it out by moving around established thought form and conventional channels of creative expression, including procreation. (Women with this placement frequently experience difficulties in conception for as long as there is a danger then they will lose themselves in maternity. Do note that this placement of Uranus is so often found with the Moon in the eleventh house, indicating that there is a pressing developmental need to free up from the lowest-common-denominator-effect of social or communal consensus.)

Uranus in the sixth house

A person with Uranus in the sixth house is needing to free up from the habit of servitude and the slavery of routine. Frequently the health will be the agent of the new awareness that encourages them to re-evaluate, to reorder their priorities and to view the body as more than a working animal. People with this placement have a very low toleration of stress and experience difficulty in working to the schedules of others, to the extent that they frequently become self-employed in order to have more autonomy and to improve their health.

Uranus in the seventh house

Uranus in the house of Libra is, from the esoteric perspective, Uranus in its own house. In this house and under the influence of the sign Libra, personality and soul, self and other, are brought into alignment. When Uranus is in the seventh house, it indicates that this act of balancing must be admitted to consciousness, and the vehicle for this is close relationships. People with this placement who repeatedly lose partners, as a basic act of self-responsibility, must ask themselves honestly, what it is about the way in which they view partnership that makes their relationships detrimental to their development. These things are not mysteries to people who genuinely want to understand the imbalance that Uranus in the seventh is trying to rectify is one of over reliance upon the idea of being in a partnership.

Uranus in the eighth house

A person with Uranus is the eighth house is being freed from emotional and sexual dependency. This is something quite different from the state of over reliance upon the idea of partnership - the one is a mental condition, the other is astral in origin. When it works through the eighth house, Uranus is freeing a person from obsessions and bonds that may be lifetimes old. It is a dirty job and astrologers, using the kind of transference that gets the messenger shot, frequently attribute to Uranus the controlling tendencies that are often found in the personality with this placement. These controlling tendencies rarely confine themselves to the physical plane: an interest in the darker end of the occult and in techniques of psychic control is not uncommon when Uranus is in the eighth house. But Uranus is not the cause of these tendencies; it is rather trying to free a person from these obsessive tendencies. What Uranus confers is an ability to use the astral plane to step outside time, to see thereby a larger picture and get behind the drama of relationship life and see the role that it plays in the unfolding of human consciousness.

In next months article we will look at Uranus in the house of Universal consciousness.

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