Uranus astrology

Uranus: the Custodian of our Development 2
Transiting Uranus: 1st - 4th House

Uranus astrology

As with the previous series on Saturn, it is recommended that anyone intending to read this series also read the articles on the Areas of Consciousness, which is to be found on this web site.

Uranus by sign

The sign in which Uranus is found in a natal chart describes the way in which that planetary energy expresses itself in the life:

  • In the masculine or positive signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius) its mode is initiating.
  • In the feminine or negative signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn & Pisces) its mode is reactive.

These differences will condition the nature of the urge for freedom.

  • In the positive signs that urge is incentive, prompted by an awareness of possibility and of the pull from the plane of the soul. Those with Uranus in a masculine sign are full of enthusiasm and aware of the potential of the individual.
  • In the negative signs that urge is an impulse, prompted by an awareness of restriction and of the need to leave behind the limitations of the planes of the personality. Those with Uranus in a feminine sign are critical and aware of the social and cultural context.

Uranus by House

In this article we are examining Uranus in the houses of personal conscious, but, regardless of its placement, when considering the role of Uranus in the natal chart, always take into account:

  • The house or houses of which Uranus is the significator because this will indicate the area of life that will be instrumental in the process of bringing the soul and personality into alignment.
  • Uranus is the natural ruler of the eleventh house.

In the Houses of Personal Consciousness (Houses 1-4)

Uranus denotes that over lifetimes, reducing the sense of personal vulnerability and increasing personal effectiveness has been the developmental corrective to Saturnian limitation.

  • If the Sun is also in the area of personal consciousness then this strategy continues.
  • If the Sun is in the same house, particularly if it is in conjunction with Uranus, then in that lifetime the personality is being used as an agent for the distribution of soul force to the planes of the personality and an exceptional creative expression is to be expected in the area of life denoted by the house in which the conjunction occurs.
  • If Uranus is in this area of consciousness and the Sun is in another, this indicates that the strategy has shifted its focus and that awareness of personal capacity has now reached a relatively satisfactory level.

Uranus in the first house

Uranus in the first house indicates that the personality is being freed from the need for a mask or socially conditioned persona.

This placement produces markedly individual people who eventually achieve self-acceptance and are then not afraid to be themselves.

Uranus in the second house

Uranus in the second house indicates that the personality is being released from a dependency upon material security.

With this placement financial feasts and famines are the order of the day and a person may swing from wealth to poverty more than once. Eventually the fear of being without and the perceived need to control is overlaid by a more relaxed attitude and an acceptance of the working of a higher order.

Uranus in the third house

Uranus in the third house indicates that the personality is being freed from social conditioning, established attitudes and the restrictions of conventional thought forms.

With this placement a person often has a strong and original intellect but is resistant to point of rebellion to the limitations of formal education and to social and familial expectation, and will remain alienated until he has found a suitable channel for his mental energy.

Uranus in the fourth house

Uranus in the fourth house indicates that the personality is being freed from control by the past: his personal past, that of his family, his race and his culture.

With this placement, a disrupted childhood and subsequent problems in the matter of trying to create a settled home (put down roots) are the agents for this shift in consciousness that removes a person from the grip of the past.

In the next article we will look at Uranus in the house of relating consciousness (houses 5-8)

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