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Part 3:
Neptune: dissolving the form, disclosing the spirit

‘If you want to build a ship, do not drum up people together to collect the wood or assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.’

Antoine de Saint Expury
Born: June 29th 1900
Neptune in Gemini

The premise underlying this series of articles is that there are more positive ways of dealing with a younger generation showing signs of alienation and existential doubt than making them reliant upon sedatives and anti-depressants.

That one generation should fail to recognise the quality of another or feel able to help in any informed way is nothing new. In this matter we cannot ‘learn from history’, because each generation deals with different issues. All we can learn is how to follow the clues that might lead us to discover early enough what might be the issues of a younger generation, and then, what might be a fitting spiritual response to them.

In this search for the clues, we are suggesting that the role of Neptune is of paramount importance, because their long-term, sextile relationship enables Neptune to work with Pluto in its task of drawing up dark material from the psyche by transforming that matter into material of a higher vibration.

The quality of the signs occupied by Neptune and Pluto will condition the spirituality of that time by way of a certain kind of emphasis. We pass into different spiritual phases and we pass out of them. For the babies born at his time, however, the imprint in force at that time will remain in their psyches as a predisposition towards a certain kind of spiritual expression.

We all have spiritual predispositions, and the position of Neptune by sign and house position, shows us in some detail what is that predisposition. Future trends in spirituality will either compliment or repulse those predispositions.

We tend to speak of spirituality as if it is a generic product, and all people who consider they are spiritually aware will understand the same things and will respond to it in the same way. This is simply not so, and in the Western world at least, we are able to decide for ourselves what kind of spirituality works for us. If one generation is force-fed the spirituality of an earlier generation, it will surely revolt against it.

Personality chooses its spiritual forms in the same way that it chooses everything else: on the basis of what is attractive. We confuse ourselves when we place spirituality over and above the personality. This perception is a product of Piscean Age duality.

The path starts within us, from where we stand, with the needs we have. Where it takes us will depend upon the kind of path that our magnetic centre finds for us, and the dedication with which we follow it.

For the generation with Pluto in Scorpio, Neptune is in Capricorn. Scorpio is a water sign. The dark matter within this sign gives rise to a fear of isolation and abandonment in a world that, if it is not actively malign, is pointless.

At the most basic level, this generation is looking for a piece of dry land on which to build meaningful structures in order to feel safe.

Their biggest problem is that they are ungrounded, or rather disconnected from physicality, a condition which most prescription drugs will exacerbate. The message of sedatives is to block out the pain and numb the physical; the subliminal message is that the physical existence is a hostile experience, and awareness must be dulled in order to deal with it.

The sign Capricorn governs structure. Orthodox astrology knows this and knows also that Neptune in Capricorn dissolves the form to release the indwelling spirit.

One has only to look around, to see that the male / female polarity on the physical level is subject to this dissolving effect. There is a great deal of androgeny and gender confusion in evidence amongst young adults now.

We can either see something negative in it or we can see something positive by focusing on the indwelling spirit and understanding its function.

Consider that the Angels are genderless and the sign Scorpio governs the Creative Hierarchy, the energy that Theosophy calls Mantrikashakti, which is the substance of the Solar Angels. Angels are mediators. Androgeous personalities are their reflection on the physical plane and they are trying to lessen the antagonistic polarity between the genders, which gives rise to domestic violence, sexual abuse and heartbreak. Those born on the Fourth Ray will be powerful healers, if they can only recognise themselves and take pride in their function.

From the esoteric angle, the personality and the physical vehicle are both structures. Understanding how they work and enclose the indwelling consciousness, and being aware of the distinction between healing and suppressing, is of great benefit because it empowers and permits a greater choice.

Capricorn governs the Creative Hierarchy that forms the human personality, the energy of which Theosophy calls Icchhhashakti.

It is unlikely that this generation is going to look outside the personality for its help and inspiration. As noted earlier, God appears to be a meaningless concept to them. Neptune in Capricorn will encourage them to find their inspiration amongst other personalities. The possibility of understanding the human personality, its physical vehicle and its psyche better than any generation before them, exists for this generation, as does the opportunity to rediscover God within Man.

We must assume also that they will be very receptive to any charismatic father figure, who manages to convince them that he has at heart the interests of the task and people to whom he is committing. The sign Capricorn governs fathers, authority figures, and organisations, but Neptune dissolves them to disclose the indwelling spirit.
The idealisation of the caring father figure, which is surely in evidence in this generation, has not yet shown itself in any clear way, but it will surely throw up some charismatic leaders eventually. We have to hope that they are what they appear to be and that they do not make children of those who are drawn to them. The 1980-1990s was, after all, the era of guru-ism.

Organisations with an indwelling spirit, which is positive and inclusive, will also serve this generation if they enable them to feel a sense of belonging and security. Those which have mean or exploitive spirits, will repulse them and heighten their sense of alienation.

In the years when Pluto was in Scorpio, spiritually-aware people were very drawn towards paraphernalia, i.e., physical items which symbolised the spiritual quest: joss, incense burners, scrying balls and mirrors, crystals, candles, prayer mats, etc. The items were numerous; and the demand for them brought the New Age stores into being. Some of these stores became potent spiritual environments because of the energy and ambiance created by the intent and by the products.

This need for ambiance created by certain kinds of form is part of the spiritual disposition of those born at that time. But New Age shops have been and are all but gone. There are, however, other objects capable of creating ambience: art work, landscapes, sites and gardens. But the objects must be real, not virtual. They need to exist on the physical plane because this generation has to create a more positive relationship with physicality in order to feel less vulnerable in their own skins and more willing to engage and create. They will find a security in structure, provided the indwelling spirit is benign and inclusive; they will gain in confidence from learning how to create what will serve them.

It needs to be understood, however, that this generation will not search for things to help themselves, not simply because they feel powerless in the face of authority structures, which they perceive as hostile, but because they do not believe such things to exist. This is a generation largely without hope or a sense of optimism. They will have to be introduced to them, and that is the spiritual responsibility, which falls on an older generation.

Suzanne Rough
DKF- Koruna
December 2013

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