Scorpio horoscope

Pluto in Scorpio 1984-1995, Next Generation Up:
Part 2:
Neptune Sextile Pluto - Spiritual Opportunity

ScorpioAcross the Straits,
around the Horn…
how far can sailors fly?
A twisted path,
our tortured course,
and no one left alive.
We sailed the paths,
unknown to man,
where ships come home to die.
No lofty peak or fortress bold
could match our captain’s eye.
Upon the seventh seasick day,
we made our port of call,
a sand so white, and sea so blue:
no mortal place at all.

Keith Reid
 A Salty Dog,
Recorded by Procol Harum in 1969 when Pluto was in Virgo & Neptune in Scorpio

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, before Pluto was discovered, it is assumed that Neptune and Pluto were in the same sign (Gemini) and in conjunction aspect (0 degrees). As the century progressed, we can hypothesize that Neptune’s faster motion caused these two mighty agents of change to separate from each other.

By the time Pluto was discovered in 1930, the distance between the two planets was approaching the agreeable 60 degree aspect, the sextile. This aspect formed in the early 1940s and became exact in 1951.

Science acknowledges that the angle of 60 degrees is the most stable angle on the physical plane. Astrologers know that planets in sextile aspect are in a supportive relationship with each other, and according to astrological law, the faster planet will express the contact. So it is that Neptune absorbs the energy of Pluto and puts it to its own uses.

To the esoterically-oriented astrologer, Neptune represents the Spiritual Soul, the highest of man’s principles, but also the most elusive to the personality in incarnation. To the Spiritual Soul, egoic consciousness and personality consciousness represent states of separation. Neptune works within our consciousness to dissolve the structures which support separation.

To the exoteric pre-War astrologers, Neptune was considered a malefic because this dissolution effect undermined the effectiveness and clarity of the personality and left it dysfunctional and disadvantaged in the house (area of life) occupied by Neptune. Neptune’s effects upon the personality are no different now, but the modern mind, which has a great awareness of the spiritual process, can, perhaps, engage with it more consciously and more intelligently.

As a young person, I was brought up on the idea that those born after 1951 had better spiritual opportunities than those born before that date, but no one seemed prepared to say why, or to define ‘better’ spiritual opportunities.

It was not until I had access to the language of Astrology that I discovered that the sextile aspect between Neptune and Pluto became exact in 1951, and has remained close to exact ever since. Here was my explanation. For over 60 years, Neptune has been transmuting what Pluto digs up from beneath the floor boards of personality consciousness, and increasing thereby the personality’s opportunity to understand life as a spiritual process.

In the middle of this century, Neptune will pull away from Pluto again. We do not know what this means because we have never yet engaged with Pluto when Neptune has not been on hand to offer the opportunity to transmute the dross into spiritual gold, but we can assume that when this happens, the speed of involution will increase.

The sextile aspect means that if Pluto is in a Fire sign, then Neptune will be in an Air sign, and vice versa.

If it is in an Earth sign, then Neptune will be in a Water sign, and vice versa.

This mutual interaction of compatible elements: Fire and Air; Earth and Water assists, by means of a balancing effect, the processing of that which Pluto is exposing. Thus, Neptune in Libra, which idealises the opportunity in relationship, was able to balance the excessive egotism of Pluto in Leo, and that connection remains active in the awareness of those born at that time. Neptune in Scorpio, which idealises the opportunity in astral experience, was able to balance the aridity and insistent material focus of Pluto in Virgo, and remains active in the awareness of that generation. Neptune in Sagittarius, which idealises the opportunity in knowledge and questing was able to balance the social conformism of Pluto in Libra; Neptune in Capricorn, which idealises the opportunity in planning and structures, is able to balance the fears and emotional insecurity of Pluto in Scorpio.

How can this generation use this connection in order to help themselves? This is what we have to explore. We will start the process in next month’s article.

First we have to understand the nature of Neptunian influence.

Neptune draws our attention, to the element, to the sign, and to the things associated with that sign, but then comes the twist: Neptune does not offer transmutation through those things as they are, but as they might be, were we to remove self from the way that those things express themselves or operate. This is something quite different from simply reaching out to what is there. In return for its cooperation, Neptune requires a sacrifice from personality consciousness that will raise vibration and balance out the inclusion of the dark matter uncovered by Pluto.

This is the spiritual opportunity.

Suzanne Rough
 DKF- Koruna 2013

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