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Natal Planets in the Houses - House 9 | Ninth House


The Ninth House
House of Sagittarius Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
Area of Consciousness Universal
Awareness through the quest for meaning

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Sun in Ninth House 9

The Sun in the 9th House indicates that in the course of the current lifetime consciousness is to be expanded by the experience of seeking to understand the connection between God and man. In the quest the biggest clues will come from mankind's spiritual, religious and legal traditions. A 9th House Sun is common in the charts of clergymen and lawyers. It confers a mind which is at home with broad principles, with synthesis rather than analysis, and which prefers direct experience to scholarship.

The Sun in H9 is frequently found in charts where the Moon is in one of the houses of Personal consciousness indicating that past life experience has been lived out with no goal other than self-perpetuation, or in the one of the houses of Relating consciousness where the focus has been earthly relationships. This placement of the Sun confers an adventurous and spirited nature and makes a person extremely restless if he is confined within ‘four walls’ be they of the home or the environment of birth, which he usually perceives to be narrow in both its understanding and sympathies. There is usually a strong desire to travel overseas in order to receive new impressions and experiences from within different cultural traditions.

But the travel undertaken by 9th House people (and 9th House people, both men and women, can have the most extraordinarily itinerant lives) needs to be more than an end in itself: it has to enable them to find, not simply a new physical location but a place for themselves in a larger scheme. Without something to command his allegiance or a context to enable him to see the point of himself, a 9th House person can feel lost, rootless and without purpose.

While many 9th House people do travel, others deal with their restlessness on another level. In which case, the precepts and practices of a philosophical or spiritual tradition, usually from a culture very different from their own, will be the agents of change in their lives.

Once a 9th House person realises that he can find within himself, answers which he once sought in the outer world, then he tends to become less physi­cally restless and a more settled life becomes possible. Although, he may well chose to reside outside the country of his birth and will nearly always view travel as the most potent of spiritual restoratives

Mercury in Ninth House 9

Mercury in the 9th House with the Sun reinforces the tendency to think in terms of broad principles and to value experience over ‘head-knowledge’. This combination increases the restless conferred by a 9th House Sun, and with it the likelihood, that a person will come to rest, either literally or metaphorically in a culture different from his own. When Mercury is in H9 and the Sun is in H8, there is the likelihood that a person will seek a spiritual explanation for emotional suffering and this combination can lighten, quite markedly, the heaviness which so often goes with an 8th House Sun.

When Mercury is in H9 and the Sun in H10, then the church or legal profession may be attractive for the purposes of establishing a career. People with this combination have a range of interests notably wider and less material­istic than when Mercury is in H10 with the Sun.

Mercury in H9 with the Sun, in any placement, confers an interest in spiritual and philosophical ideas and usually a very fine intellect. Unless Mercury is in an Air sign, however, or an Air sign occupies the cusp of H9, there is unlikely to be any enthusiasm for academic life, other than as a means to an end.

Venus in Ninth House 9

Venus in the 9th House confers a love of spiritual values and religious form, both those pertaining to a person’s native tradition and those of other cultures.

This placement also creates a great sensitivity to the aesthetic and ceremonial aspects of religion.

With Venus in H9, people usually travel much and frequently develop a special and abiding love for one particular country or culture. They also tend to be attracted to partners from other countries whose different cultural tradition gives them a certain glamour.

A respect for civil as well as religious law usually goes with this placement of Venus and should there be recourse to legal action then the Venusian usually fares well.

Mars in Ninth House 9

Mars in the 9th House confers a restless and adventurous nature, which may take a person away from the country of his birth for long periods. When Mars is in the 9th House, traveling is nearly always undertaken in connection with work, employment overseas, being the preferred alternative to simply traveling.  As with the Sun in H9, however, there is a possibility that this restlessness will find a spiritual outlet and be dealt with at another level.

Mars in H9 inclines towards litigious ness, despite the marked lack of success in legal matters, which tends to accompany this placement, especially when Mars is afflicted by any of the outer planets.

Jupiter in Ninth House 9

Jupiter in the 9th House is the ‘philosopher’s planet’ in its own House. This placement of Jupiter confers an expansive mind and one, which usually has little sympathy with intellectualism. More than any other planet in H9, Jupiter likes to draw conclusions from its own experiences, and finding unity within diversity.

A person with this placement tends to feel both restricted and uninspired by his own cultural tradition and will, in all probability, live overseas for long periods, unless Jupiter occupies a fixed sign or receives an aspect from Saturn. If a person with Jupiter in H9 should venture overseas, then the quality of his life will be enhanced, both materially and spiritually.

This placement of Jupiter confers a powerful intuition and the ability to penetrate the letter of the law in order to find its spirit,

Saturn in Ninth House 9

With Saturn in the 9th House, a person has to struggle hard against scepticism. The wish to believe in something other than a material reality frequently precedes the ability to suspend disbelief, with the result that a person with this placement of Saturn, may remain in an agony of indecision for years, or go through long periods of serious doubt after he believed himself to have been convinced. What Saturn in H9 requires is empirical evidence of the immaterial. His inability to accept is usually the product of a lack of proof. Yet the desire to believe tends to keep him struggling with his skepticism and, in time, he may see that his doubt is the result of too close an identification of truth with the form in which it is presented.

This placement of Saturn tends to be found in charts, the pattern of which indicates, that the past life experience has been one, in which there was, either no interest in anything other than the material plane, or that religious dogma has frustrated the growth of spiritual awareness. With Saturn in the 9th House a person is searching for an inner connection to a higher level in order to make sense of existence.

With this placement of Saturn a person tends to have difficulty, especially in his early years in understanding broad principles and in considering anything other than his own interests of point of view. In consequence he runs the risk of incurring the penalty attached to trifling with the law. This commonly takes the form of initiating litigation for a case he cannot possibly win, or disregarding the customs and traditions of other countries. Hence, the reputa­tion of Saturn in H9 for bringing about misfortune through the courts and overseas travel.

Uranus in Ninth House 9

Uranus in the 9th House indicates that for the purposes of development, spiri­tuality has to be separated from religious form. A person with this placement of Uranus is rarely able to give his allegiance to any one form of religion; instead he will piece together his belief system from a range of religious traditions - and with Uranus in H9 he is likely to check out a number during the course of his life.

For a person with Uranus in H9, travel is usually a great liberator even though this placement tends to bring its share of dangers and difficulties, which have a part to play in freeing a person from over dependence upon predictability and order. Litigation may also have the same effect, in which case a court ruling could overturn all a person had come to rely upon and identify with.

Neptune in Ninth House 9

With Neptune in the 9th House, a person freqently comes to much of his spiritual understanding through meditation and dream states. Like Uranus, Neptune in H9 tends, not to like to be tied to any one religious form, although, there is likely to be an attraction to those traditions, which encourage withdrawal from the world.

People with Neptune in H9 commonly develop a great love of a different culture which may or may not be contemporaneous and which is seen as enshrining a superior system of values.

Pluto in Ninth House 9

Pluto in the 9th House indicates that the soul has been striving, maybe for many lifetimes, to understand the connection between God and man, and there is a level of knowingness in a person with Pluto in H9, which tends to produce an authoritative manner, even very young children.

A person with this placement of Pluto is ready to be freed from religious form and conventional belief systems and claim back his own spiritual power. He may be critical or respectful of established religion, depending upon his personality type, but in neither case will he himself be held by it.

This same desire for autonomy can make a person with Pluto impatient with the strictures of legal rulings and conventions, and if there is no conscious interest in this kind of autonomy, the law may let him down and shatter his naïve expectations. This placement of Pluto rarely bodes well for litigation

Moon in Ninth House 9

The Moon in the 9th House indicates that consciousness is imprinted with the memory of being exposed to spiritual law and higher knowledge. People with the Moon in H9 may be born to parents who consciously live in accordance with to spiritual values, or have connections with another country or religious tradition, which has a different (and usually stronger) set of spiritual values from that of the culture in which the child is being raised.

If however, he is born to parents whose lifestyle in no way distinguishes them, as he grows the child will become aware that there is something of considerable significance missing from his life and which he may try to find in another country or through a spiritual tradition.

People with the Moon in H9 frequently have a strong memory of having lived in another country to which they nearly always long to return or about which they have vivid dreams. The chart as a whole will have to be studied in order to assess whether returning to what seems so familiar will help or hinder. It may be that by going back, a person will be better able to call up from the unconscious valuable understanding, which may help him to find the way forward .

The position of the Sun in the chart will indicate the area of life through the acti­vities of which this knowledge is to be applied in the current lifetime.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: While a tenanted 9th House offers a person an adventurous life, unless there are planets in the 10th House, it makes a conventional life a good deal more difficult to attain and such is power of social conditioning many people with planets in H9 waste energy and opportunity regretting their own itinerant proclivities. This is particularly true of women with an emphasised 9th House who, as they approach their middle years may be too willing to agree with those who describe their longing for new places and new peoples as mere escapism.  It is evident, however, that when the 9th House urge to seek out the new is suppressed,  it tends to go underground and emerge later on as a reckless and often destructive desire to bring about change in any way by any means.

Only when the Moon is in H9 does the wanderlust need to be questioned, as this may well indicate a reluctance to be reconciled to the imperatives of the current incarnation.

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