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Natal Planets in the Houses - House 6 | Sixth House


The Sixth House
House of Virgo Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Area of Consciousness Relating
Awareness through the use of the functional energy

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Sun in Sixth House 6

When the Sun is in 6th House the consciousness of the individual is gaining awareness of the physical resources through using energy in the service of others.

The 6th House comprises one of the houses of Relative consciousness. The acts of service undertaken by a person with this placement of the Sun are to be performed amongst those with whom he has direct, personal contact. The sign of the cusp of H6 together with the house position of the accidental ruler of this house will provide clues as to the form the acts of service will take. The sign on the cusp of H5 should also be considered.

A person with the Sun in the 6th House tends not to have much in the way of personal ambition. Assisting others in some capacity is usually experienced as sufficiently rewarding, although the placement of the Moon will be of importance in this matter. If, as is commonly the case, the Moon is in H1, H5, and H10 or in the sign Leo, then the past life memory of having had status or recognition may be a source of discontent. A person with the Sun in the 6th House usually has to work hard all his life, frequently for little financial return or recognition, unless prevented from doing so by ill health.

When the Sun in H6 manifests ill health, the illness may be a karmic condition or it may be the consequence of inadequate co-operation with the developmental need to be of service, which means that energies designed to be used on behalf of, others are being used inappropriately. The roots of this lack of co-operation may be in the past life memory or in an upbringing in which emphasis was placed upon getting ahead. The aspects made to the Sun by Saturn and the outer planets will indicate the degree of constitutional strength and vitality. Where this is impaired, a person, by virtue of his physical limitations, is obliged to focus on his body in order to conserve and be economical in the use of his energies.

Even when the constitution is strong a person is required to use his energy in a productive and responsible way in order to preserve his health. Either way a person who has incarnated with the Sun in H6 cannot afford to misuse or to take his body for granted.

The body is the physical vehicle of the soul. In the 6th House a person learns how to use this vehicle efficiently, and because this placement of the Sun weakens the ego, there is an opportunity for him to minimise the new imbalances created during the course of the lifetime.

As in the 12th House, which represents the opposite pole of service, for what is denied at the physical level when the Sun is in H6, be it bodily strength, wealth or recognition, there is compensation at the spiritual.

People with this placement of the Sun make doctors, nurses, carers and those who look after animals and animals. They are also found in the retail and catering industries and other occupations, which involve serving the public. 

Mercury in Sixth House 6

When Mercury is in the 6th House with the Sun there tends to be a more ready acceptance of the service role than if the Sun is in H6 and Mercury in another house. It may also indicate that the communication skills are the means of being of service.

When Mercury is in H6 and the Sun in H5 then the creative awareness conferred by this placement of the Sun is likely to be given practical application. This combination tends to produce craftsmen and people who market their creative skills

When Mercury is in H6 and the Sun in H7 then there is likely to be a desire to engage in work, which involves interpersonal contact. A person with this combination approaches relating with greeter expectations of equality than when the Sun is also in H6.

When Mercury is in H6 and in stressful aspect to Mars, Saturn or the outer planets then, regardless of the position of the Sun, there may be difficulties with speech or hearing.

Venus in Sixth House 6

Venus in the 6th House confers a need to do work, which is fulfilling rather than prestigious, and people with this placement may suffer from boredom and a sense of futility until they find work, which commands their respect.

Once this connection is made, however, they are capable of great dedication. In personal relationships a person with Venus in H6 expects to work hard on behalf of his partner and frequently have exacting standards of his own which he expects his partner to meet. This placement tends to make a person dutiful rather than passionate.

It is notable that the relationships of people with Venus in H6 tend to be more enduring if they either work in the same field as their partners or have a partner with a comparable sense of vocation.

Mars in Sixth House 6

Mars in the 6th House gives energy, which needs to be expended in hard work, otherwise there will be a tendency towards self-destructive behaviour and ill health. As is the case with Venus, Mars in H6 confers a need to work at something perceived to be worthwhile. A person with this placement will usually sacrifice status for fulfillment.

The illnesses, most likely febrile conditions, which Mars in H6 produces, are generally the consequence of an inappropriate use of energy rather than congenital disorders.

Jupiter in Sixth House 6

With Jupiter in the 6th House a person requires his work to compliment his philosophy of life and is likely to rank variety and fulfillment above security. Unless Jupiter is afflicted by Saturn, this placement protects a person's health and gives him an abundance of vitality. When working in the service of others a person with Jupiter in H6 can contribute much through his positive and robust attitude.

Saturn in Sixth House 6

Saturn in the 6th House is an indication of karma resulting from laziness or selfish, high-handed behaviour in other lifetimes.

A person with this placement of Saturn is inclined, especially in his later years, towards workaholism. As there is guilt around the matter of taking time off, a person with Saturn in H6 tends to create business rather than take advantage of an opportunity to relax. He rarely uses his time econo­mically. He is likely to adhere slavishly to the routines he has established. Despite the willingness of a person with Saturn in H6 to work hard, this placement frequently means that a person may be many years in finding the kind of work which gives him a sense of fulfillment and, having found it, he will have to demonstrate much tenacity if he is to establish himself in this field.

Once he has done the necessary spadework, however, a person with Saturn in H6 is capable of going far.

There is a high incidence of stress related and arthritic conditions when Saturn is in H6.

Uranus in Sixth House 6

Uranus in the 6th House is an indication of a developmental need to be freed up from servility and routine, and to become more self-directing in the matter of the use of the energies

The House of Virgo is not a comfortable location for the planet Uranus and the low tolerance or routine and discipline tends to be viewed negatively by the Uranian himself who frequently falls back upon illness in order to get himself out of oppressive work situations.

A person with Uranus in the 6th House is highly susceptible to stress and to nervous disorders and needs therefore, to be in charge of his own work schedule.

Neptune in Sixth House 6

With Neptune in the 6th House a person derives a sense of purpose from being of service. This placement may well draw a person to the religious traditions, which emphasise self-sacrifice and service. Indeed, unless a spiritual ‘justification’ can be found for the body, there is a tendency for people to be become oppressed by a sense of futility. This is particularly true of women - a prey to neuroses like anorexia nervosa and extreme faddiness in the matter of diet, the root of which is guilt about living for nothing more than self-gratification.

With this placement there is generally an above average awareness of the connection between the body and the soul and, in consequence, of the impor­tance of the kind and quality of the food taken into the body.

Pluto in Sixth House 6

When Pluto is in the 6th House, the learning is through learning about work and service. Eventually a person will have enough awareness to perform a task of great service.

During the 6th House learning process, consciousness is shaped by profound and extreme experiences, for example abject servitude and serious bodily affliction, in order to be ready to render service to others.

The level of consciousness will determine the circumstances, which Pluto will manifest in any lifetime.

People with this placement of Pluto tend to approach their work with inten­sity and a sense of dedication. The industrial sickness and injury which is associated with Pluto in H6 may be attributable, at one level at least, to the extent to which the Plutonian drives himself in an attempt to wring from his job, no matter how depersonalised, a sense of accomplishment and purpose.

The Plutonian who finds work which he believes to be benefit others is a person with a sense of mission.

Moon in Sixth House 6

The Moon in H6 is an indication that past life experience has involved either being of service to others or receiving the ministrations of others: the Moon in H6 can indicate that in the past learning through the medium of a sick body.

Whether the reason was the need to work hard or bodily incapacity the past life experience afforded little scope for self—direction or autonomy. The position of the Sun in the chart will show the area of life a person needs to focus upon in order to move himself on in the current lifetime.

A person with the Moon in H6 is likely to be born to hard-working parents who have a pronounced sense of duty and few expectations for self. Alterna­tively, a parent may have ill-health and requires a lot of support from the child with the Moon in H6  

In his dealings with others a person with this placement of the Moon is likely to demonstrate an aggravated sense of responsibility or even a ser­vility, which becomes the source of inequality and imbalance in personal relationships in his adult years.

The childhood illnesses to which a person with the Moon in H6 may be prone— these can be both isolated attacks or chronic conditions—are likely to be outgrown, although there may be lifelong tendency to retreat into illness at times of emotional upheaval.

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