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Natal Planets in the Houses - House 5 | Fifth House


The Fifth House
House of Leo Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Area of Consciousness Relating
Awareness through the exercise of creative energy

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Sun in Fifth House 5

The Sun in the 5th House is an indication that consciousness is enhancing its appreciation of creative potency and individuality and its awareness of being.

In this process the recognition of others is integral. The 5th House is one of the houses of Relative consciousness and in this area of the horoscope a person becomes aware of himself in relation to othersIn its own house, the Sun focuses a person’s attention on himself and his own creative accomplishments, which he then displays in order to receive endorsement from others.

The challenge for all people born with the Sun in H5 is to keep sight of the infinite number of ways in which creativity can express itself and avoid becoming identified prematurely with one particular form of creative expression, through a hunger for recognition.

There is a correlation between the House of Leo and the sacral centre, which accounts for the sexual experiences that those with planets in H5 so often attract to themselves.

The 5th House placement of the Sun confers an awareness of self as a creative being. It does not of itself give exceptional gifts but as a 5th House person is usually ambitious for recognition of his accomplishments he tends to put effort into developing the abilities he has. The sign on the cusp of H5 offers clues as to what form a person will seek to give his creativity. For example, a person with Capricorn on H5 is likely to choose business; with Libra music, the decorative arts or beauty therapy; with Virgo healing. People with the Sun in H5 are usually attracted to environments in which creativity is being expressed, albeit by others. They make enthusiastic supporters of the arts in all forms and are found throughout the enter­tainment industry. Their need to be acknowledged makes them seek out the company of others and they tend to enjoy the energy and spontaneity of young children. Bringing children into being is another way 5th House people; both men and women give expression to their creativity. Larger than average families are not uncommon with the Sun in the 5th House.

This placement of the Sun is frequently found with the Moon in one the houses of Universal consciousness or the signs Aquarius or Pisces, indicating that the past life experience afforded little scope to develop an awareness of individuality.

Mercury in Fifth House 5

Mercury in the 5th House with the Sun reinforces a person’s perception of himself as a creative being and is likely to confer the ability to use his powers of communication in some artistic way, in a form which will be determined by the sign held by Mercury and the sign on the cusp of H5.

When Mercury is in the 5th House with the Sun, a person tends to be able to give eloquent expression, sometimes in artistic form, to what effects him emotionally and to his psychological insights. Mercury in H5 with the Sun in H4 reduces the introversion, which is so often present.

With Mercury in H5 and the Sun in H6 a person seeks to combine his perception of himself as a creative person with his understanding of the need to work hard. In such an arrangement Mercury benefits from the industriousness of the 6th House approach and a person is usually extremely productive in whatever field he chooses to work.

Venus in Fifth House 5

Venus in the 5th House gives very considerable powers of creativity which, depending upon the sign and aspects it receives may manifest as musical or literary ability or skill in the fine arts.

People with this placement of Venus are usually enthusiastic about the arts in general and make patrons and collectors on varying scales.

Venus in the House of Leo confers striking eyes and, according to Sepharial, bestows exceptional beauty upon one of the children.

Mars in Fifth House 5

Mars in the 5th House indicates that a person seeks to project himself through creative activities, although this placement is as likely to produce someone who works on behalf of the arts as a practitioner.

Unless aspected by Saturn, Mars in H5 produces a freedom loving nature which is frequently reluctant to accept the responsibilities and restraints of parent­hood. The sexual style may be aggressive and there is a tendency to attract or to be attracted to aggression in others. When close to the cusp of H5, espe­cially when in conjunction or opposition to Uranus or Pluto, Mars can signify sexual abuse in childhood.

Jupiter in Fifth House 5

Jupiter in the 5th House creates an abundance of creative energy, which lends itself to a range of artistic skills and to the transmission of healing energies. Unless Saturn interferes, the sex drive is likely to be powerful and the conception of children achieved without effort.

People with this placement of Jupiter frequently have a strong spirituality, and natures which will not accept defeat. Their positivity makes them generally lucky in life.

Saturn in Fifth House 5

Saturn in the 5th House frustrates the creative expression and requires a person to be both industrious and self-aware if he is to release his powers. With Saturn in H5, blocks can manifest variously: as insufficient confidence to express self; as a weak sense of individuality; as a delay in finding a suitable mode of expression; as sexual inhibitions; as a difficulty in keeping sexual partners. Usually existential doubt about the spiritual validity of the separated self is at the root of the problem. The sign held by Saturn will give a clue as to the way the problem will manifest in the personality. When Saturn is near the cusp of H5 and in conjunction or opposition to Uranus and Pluto, this may signify some sexual traumas in childhood. This placement of Saturn tends to be found in charts where there is evidence that past life experience has been characterised by irresponsibility, especially in matters of sexual expression; or that self-centred behaviour had an adverse effect on others.

If people with Saturn in H5 work hard on their creative block the outcome can be achievement of the highest order.

Where this placement is responsible for difficulties in the conception of children, the problem frequently needs to be dealt with at the psycho­logical rather than the physiological level because infertility brought about by Saturn in H5 may be a psychosomatic condition, the root of which is fear or guilt about creating another being. This is frequently linked to the existential doubt outlined above.

Uranus in Fifth House 5

Uranus in the 5th House signifies a developmental need for a person to learn about his creative potential, and how it is released by authentic expression .

This placement of Uranus is commonly found in charts with the Moon in one of the houses of Universal consciousness, or in the signs Aquarius or Pisces, indicating that the past life experience afforded little scope for individual expression. It is not uncommon either to find Uranus in H5 in charts where the Sun too is in these houses or signs denoting that whilst a person is learning to function as part of a team or group he has to come to a clearer understanding of his own powers in order to make a creative contribution to that group.

Uranus in the 5th House confers a lightening intuition which lends itself to all forms of divination and an originality which will ensure that a person will never become just one of a crowd.

This placement of Uranus demands that a person be free, both to express himself, but also simply to be. In women, this need, if it is not fully acknowledged, can produce conception difficulties as the sub-conscious responds to the fear of motherhood.

Uranus near the cusp of the 5th House with Pluto may indicate sexual abuse in childhood.

Neptune in Fifth House 5

Neptune in the 5th House is inspirational. A strong spirituality is often present in people with this placement, and an awareness of Divine imminence.

In the sign Libra or with that sign on the cusp of H5, Neptune often confers a gift for music; with the signs Virgo and Scorpio, powers of healing; in any sign, Neptune in H5 tends to produce a great love of music and an aptitude for meditation.

It is notable, however, that not all people are able to pick up Neptune's vibrations when the planet of transcendence is working through the house of the Sun, with the result that they are unaware of their potential and of the inspiration which could be accessed through the exercise of their creativity. Nevertheless, people with Neptune in H5 who have no awareness of their potential often become parents to an obviously gifted child whose gifts they then help to develop.

Pluto in Fifth House 5

Pluto in the 5th House indicates that the soul, over many lifetimes, is learning about individuality and creativity. At one end of the spectrum of experience available through the 5th House is megalomania, exhibitionism and sexual aggression; at the other is the fulfilment of a creative mission, of benefit to mankind, achieved through an appreciation of the powers available to a fully functional individual. The level of soul development will determine the way in which Pluto manifests in any lifetime.

Regardless of the level of development, Pluto in H5 demands that a person be free to express himself and this may manifest, especially in the early years, in rebellious and anti-authoritarian attitudes, which are usually directed in the first instance, at the father who is considered to be attempting to mould the child. Women with this placement are often reluctant to undertake the roles of wife and mother because of the loss of freedom involved. For Plutonians of both sexes the expression of sexuality is frequently characterised by periods of intense activity followed by periods of celibacy. People with Pluto in H5 who are not dispersing their sexual energy through sexual practice or other creative activities can attract violence to them-selves or become themselves perpetrators of sexual aggression.

A person with Pluto in H5 who is engaged in his creative mission may have no need to be sexually active, or may be purposefully retaining his sexual energies for the purposes of transmutation.

Although the creative missions of people with Pluto in H5 may take many forms and many lifetimes on working on different facets of their task in order to bring them to their apotheosis, most people with this placement have the ability to transmit healing and energising energies to others, whether this is done consciously or not.

Moon in Fifth House 5

The Moon in the 5th House indicates that past lives have given consciousness the experience of having lived in an individualistic and creative way. The sign occupied by the Moon will show the nature of the creativity. People with the Moon in H5 are likely to be born to a parent who is creative in some field, who operates in an individualistic way and who may have a flamboyant lifestyle. Not infrequently this parent will have left the family home and had little involvement in the rearing of the child who nonetheless admires the parent’s perceived glamour and modus operendi. People with the Moon in H5 hold individuality and panache in high regards and usually craves for themselves the recognition and freedom the soul remembers. Although they usually have considerable creative ability, the position of the Sun will determine whether they can usefully regain what they desire or whether there is a developmental need to learn to operate without the same degree of freedom of expression and without the reward of personal recognition.

When the Moon in H5 is in an Earth sign the Sun is commonly in H4 or H8 indicating that there is a need in the current lifetime to operate with greater emotional awareness; in a Fire sign there is a need to operate with a greater awareness of others (H6, H7 & H8); in a Water sign there is a need to operate in a more reasoning way (H7 & H11); in an Air sign there is a need to act in a more practical and accountable way (H2 & H10). When the Fifth House Moon occupies an Air sign there is a strong likelihood that in past lives the energies were used in a way designed to enhance personal powerfulness as in witchcraft or through the use of magic.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: In 1937 Pluto - then recently discovered - went into the sign Leo and the development of all generations since have been indelibly stamped by the Leo vibration and our fortunes exemplify difficulties inherent in the H5 experience

Leo needs to be the exception rather than the rule; in order to be outstanding it needs ordinariness to abound; in order to be free to express itself creatively and sexually it needs someone else to pay the bills and remain faithful. Egotism and attention-seeking shadow the 5th House experience. If creativity is developed with no aim other than self-publicity and financial reward human development is held back by insufficient appreciation of what it could achieve by means of its creative capacity.

The difficulties created by Leo can be resolved only in Aquarius where a sense of common purpose can restrain the more egotistical tendencies and arrest the decent into alienated purposeless individuality.

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