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Natal Planets in the Houses - House 2 | Second House


The Second House
House of Taurus Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Venus
Area of Consciousness Personal
Awareness through consolidation & material responsibility

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Sun in Second House 2

The Sun in House 2 indicates that the soul is learning the lesson of material responsibility.

A person with this placement of the Sun has a developmental need to establish and live   by his own value system. Every major choice he makes will have implications for his financial situation.

A person with the Sun in House 2 can never ignore the imperatives of survival at the material level nor abdicate to another the responsibility of meeting them. House 2 is one of the houses of Personal consciousness and anyone with this placement needs to make his own response.

A profound interest in money is usually present when the Sun is in House 2. The sign on the cusp of this house offers insights into the way a person is likely to approach the matter of making money and how he will spend it once he has it. For example, a person with Leo on the cusp of H2 is likely to be interested in money as the means of making possible a glamorous lifestyle and is prone to spend freely. A person with Cancer on the cusp of H2, however, tends to view money as a source of security and is more likely to save. The Earth signs when on the cusp of H2 give an outlook on life, which is almost, exclusively materialistic, unless Jupiter should be retrograde. Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces, however, are likely to involve a person in making a conscious sacrifice of material security for some other, more spiritual ideal. He then has to cope the best he can with the mundane responsibilities he will never lose.

These tendencies are strengthened if the Sun occupies the same sign as that on the cusp of House 2.

For people with the Sun in House 2, money and acquisitions tend to be the benchmark against which they assess their own worth and successfulness, and the means of expressing their appreciation of others. Second House people can be extra­ordinarily generous givers of presents to those they respect.

This placement of the Sun is commonly found with the Moon in one of the houses of Universal consciousness, indicating that the past life experience involved living according to standards, which were set and imposed by some external authority. With the Sun in H2 a person has the opportunity to live according to his desires and to the dictates of his own conscience as he has the potential to be self-supporting no matter what his choice of life style.

People with this placement of the Sun make entrepreneurs, investors and speculators. The need to do things in their own way, based upon their own assessment of a situation does not always make it easy for them to be employees, unless they have identified security as being the prime consideration in which case they are more likely to be accepting of the restraints. A pragmatic outlook usually goes with a House 2 Sun. As employees they are likely to be found in the financial services sector or in the accounts departments of businesses in other industry sectors.

Mercury in Second House 2

When Mercury is in H2 with the Sun, this reinforces the need for a person to address the matter of his material welfare in his own way. This placement of Mercury confers an eye   for detail and tends to attract people towards work, which involves financial analysis. The  attitude to money is markedly less relaxed than when the Sun alone occupies H2.

When Mercury is in H2 and the Sun in H1 then a person frequently seeks to project himself in a way, which involves either the amassing of money or the use of money in a distinctive way. With Mercury in H2 and the Sun in H3 a person is likely to be particularly aware of the power of material values. This placement will ground a person who has an emphasised Third House and give a more practical outlook. This combination is found in the charts of people who work in advertising, academics interested in consumer societies, and people who use their literary and communications skills to earn them money.

Venus in Second House 2

Venus in House 2 confers a love of money, material possessions and a com­fortable lifestyle. When Venus is in Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces, a person’s valued possessions tend to be mementos of his travels and objects d’ art which reflect his philosophical and religious interests. Regardless of sign, Venus in its Own House links a person through his senses to the material world. This placement makes a person responsive to beauty and appreciative of life in all its forms.

Mars in Second House 2

With Mars in House 2 a person tends to use money as a means of projecting himself and he expects to pay for what he wants. Like the Sun in H2 Mars disposes him to do things in his own way and to use money and presents as a way of expressing appreciation.

Unless restrained by Saturn, however, Mars when working through House 2 creates impulsiveness and extravagance. When this is the case the same lack of measure tends to be in evidence in the way a person gives of his energies. With this placement therefore there is a risk of material and spiritual depletion. 

Jupiter in Second House 2

Jupiter in House 2 tends to produce unapologetic materialists and good livers. People with this placement are usually generous with what they have and lucky with money: Jupiter in H2 appears to ensure that what a person gives out is returned to him at the material level. If Jupiter is retrograde a person’s value system will be ordered to make quality of life the first priority. Nevertheless he will be appreciative of material comforts and have a sensuous awareness of the world.

Saturn in Second House 2

Saturn in House 2 requires a person to work long and hard to achieve financial security. Without this dedication a person with Saturn in H2 will seek out a very meagre existence. People with this placement who do achieve stability - and many live very comfortably indeed - do so by sacrificing their other interests and activities. When Saturn is in H2 money is a jealous god: a person with this placement will find that every choice carries its price. It is common to find Saturn in charts where there is evidence that past life experience has been excessively spirited, removed from the hurly burly of life or overly dependent upon another.

People with Saturn in H2 tend to be thrifty in their habits and more inclined to invest than to spend. 

Uranus in Second House 2

Uranus in House 2 indicates that for developmental reasons, a person needs to be freed from an undue dependence upon material forms of security. When working through H2, Uranus produces financial feasts and famines, rather than consistently difficult situations, which confound a person’s efforts to plan and forecast. Eventually he learns to cope by living from day to day and accepting things as they are.    

This placement of Uranus is commonly found with the Moon in an Earth sign, in Cancer, or in the 10th House.   

Neptune in Second House 2

With Neptune in House 2 a person tends to assume himself to be beyond the restric­tions imposed by a regard for practicalities or received wisdom. This placement can produce someone capable of coming up with visionary schemes for making money or hopelessly unrealistic plans. Frequently the two tendencies co-exist within the same person and the Neptunian who makes a lot of money usually has to be protected from himself. There is rarely any ability to operate within budgeted limits or observe even basic disciplines. When the dissolving effect of Neptune is experienced in H2, this materially focused house, the result can be heightened sensitivity to psychic energies. People with Neptune in H2 frequently have clairvoyant abilities, especially if the Moon is also present in this house.  

Pluto in Second House 2

When Pluto is in House 2 the soul is learning over many lifetimes to become the master of money and the power it confers, rather than caught up in its glamour. This placement of Pluto gives a person considerable ability to attract money into his life. His level of awareness will determine whether he will impose limits on his ambitions or whether greed will drive him to the point at which he topples. In H2, as in the other Earth houses, cause follows effect with unerring exactitude within the span of a single life time. The financial crashes of people with Pluto in H2 can be spectacu­lar. They will nearly always pick themselves up and start again, however, wiser, hopefully, for the experience.         

Moon in Second House 2

The Moon in House 2 is an indication that other incarnations have exposed the soul to the experience of dealing with material responsibility. The sign in which the Moon is found reveals the value system with which the experience was approached.    

People born with the Moon in H2 are frequently born to parents, one of whom at least, is aware of security- sometimes to the point of pre-occupation. If, however, the sign, which the Moon holds is Sagittarius, Aquarius or Pisces then it, is likely that the parents’ life is built upon a spiritually based value system.           

A person with this placement of the Moon tends to want to ‘get some money behind him’ before he develops the area of life indicated by the Sun and he is likely to remain security conscious throughout his life.            

AUTHOR’S NOTE The Second House experience by its nature requires a person to have extensive direct involvement with money and the material. It may well be the case that a person with an emphasised Second House can see nothing beyond or above the material plane. 

From the point of view of the soul’s development this makes it no less valid an experience. What matters more than whether or not he is identified with the material is how willingly he faces up to his responsibilities and accepts the consequences of his actions.               

It is often assumed by students of Astrology when they begin their studies that the experience of the Earth houses and signs is in some way inferior, a view re-enforced by New Age enthusiasm for psychic ability, which is too readily assumed to be an indication of spiritual attainment. Even if this were the case the Earth signs would not trail home. Maybe it is relevant at this juncture to mention that many of the finest psychics have the Moon in Capricorn, the last of the Earth signs, suggesting that their exceptional powers have been made possible by the level of mastery achieved at the physical level.

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