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Natal Planets in the Houses - House 11 | Eleventh House


The Eleventh House
House of Aquarius Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Uranus & Saturn
Area of Consciousness Universal
Awareness through communal endeavour

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Sun in Eleventh House 11

The Sun in the 11th House indicates that consciousness is being broadened by purposeful co-operation and team work. The influence of this house confers a sense of the need to be part of a group of like-minded people. The Sun in this house produces members of the armed forces, political activists and NHS workers. What is important to them is the sense of purpose and belonging, which comes from working with others towards a common, pre-defined goal. Unless there are strong influences in H10 there is unlikely to be much in the way of personal ambition. People with the Sun in H11, who do not feel as though they have a social conscience, will bring the group into their lives through their friends or their children's' activities. If there is little other than domestic responsibility in the lives of 11th House people then they are likely to experience a strong sense of futility and lack of fulfillment by the time of the Saturn Return. Unless there are compen­sating influences in 7th or 8th Houses, 11th House people frequently appear to be less loyal to lovers and family - other than children - than they are to friends. Children will be encouraged to become friends and equals as soon as possible. There is likely to be a marked interest in communalistic lifestyles and a great faith in the efficacy of the power of the group to change society. The outlook is likely to be secular rather than religious and supportive of change rather than transcendence. It is notable, however, that 11th House people do not always see the group as being the sum of its members, with the result that, private conduct may be in flagrant contradiction to the aims of the group.

This placement of the Sun is often found with the Moon in one of the houses of Relative consciousness, indicating that the soul has awareness of its creative potential and is now learning to put that in the service of mankind.

Mercury in Eleventh House 11

When Mercury is in the 11th House with the Sun it reinforces the communalistic tendancies and increases the attraction to reforming ideas and movements. When Mercury is in H11 and the Sun in H10 the need for personal recognition is likely to be met in the service of a cause or goal perceived to be socially beneficial.

When Mercury is in H11 and the Sun is in H12, Mercury tends to secularise the somewhat mystical universalism of which 12th House people are capable, and makes it more readily able to be given practical expression through groups and movements.

Mercury in H11 with the Sun in any placement creates a strong need to exchange ideas with like-minded people. Intellectual rapport is usually the most common basis for the friendships formed by people with Mercury in this house.

Venus in Eleventh House 11

Venus in the 11th House confers the gift of friendship and tends to make a person extremely sociable. People with this placement of Venus usually seek to make friends of the children at an early age and the love and attention, which they give to the children, is not uncommonly to the detriment of the relationship with the partner. Complete absorption into an intimate relationship is something, which people with Venus in H11 usually resist on the grounds that it is limiting, unfulfilling and even self-indulgent. In the house of Aquarius Venus tends to prize friendship above intimacy.

Mars in Eleventh House 11

When Mars is in the 11th House a person usually chooses to through a group or organisation, which is idealistic rather than commercial in intent. Arguments with colleagues, however, are very common with this placement because of the tendency of the Mars person to use the organisation as a platform for his own views and ambitions.

The difficulties which a person with Mars in H11 so often experiences, with at least one his children, is nearly always the result of a battle of wills as the child resists the parents efforts to self-realise through him.

In the 11th House, Mars is energetic on behalf of others, but tends to be intolerant and out of touch with their feelings.

Jupiter in Eleventh House 11

Jupiter in the 11th House attracts a person towards activities, which are humane in intent. Like Venus, Jupiter in this house confers the gift of friendship, although the friends are likely to form a less homogenous group than is the case when Venus is the significator.

As parents people with Jupiter in H11 tend to trusting and liberal and their relationships with their children are characterised by mutual respect.

Saturn in Eleventh House 11

With Saturn in the 11th House a person has difficulty in trusting and gaining the acceptance of others. The reason for this karmic situation has to be sought out from the pattern of the chart as a whole. This placement of Saturn can also create difficulties with a child, which may arise from the relation­ship or may indicate a handicap of some kind.

People with this placement of Saturn usually profess not to like groups and gatherings for a variety of reasons. The fundamental problem, however, is the sense of inadequacy and insecurity, which Saturn in H11 tends to feel in the presence of any group of people. Not uncommonly, there is a paranoiac fear of being talked about and ridiculed whenever others are gathered together. This placement of Saturn can cause great loneliness and often has the effect of making a person unduly dependent upon his partner. Cynicism and a dearth of any idealism are also characteristics of this placement.

Uranus in Eleventh House 11

Uranus in the 11th House is an indication that consciousness needs exposure to situations, which permit individuality and self-expression. This placement of Uranus is found in charts, which show that much conformity was required in past lives, commonly to a collective ideal or communalistic lifestyle. People with Uranus in H11 disdain to run with the pack. It is not uncommon for friendships to end abruptly and in acrimony as a result of the Uranian’s refusal to moderate his views or his conduct.

In the charts of both men and women. Uranus in H11 can signify the loss of the children to the partner in the event of a separation, or a subsequent estrangement from at least one of the children. If this is the case then there is usually something unconventional about the Uranian’s lifestyle, which requires him to forfeit his parental rights.

This placement of Uranus confers a great interest in Occult matters and frequently results in a precocious involvement in one of the psychic arts.

Neptune in Eleventh House 11

Neptune in the 11th House creates idealism and a great faith in communalistic lifestyles. For a person with this placement of Neptune the group is an entity superior to the sum of its parts, and in the absence of a group or movement to amplify his own efforts, he can feel isolated and impotent.

A tendency to idealise friends and children for qualities, which the Neptunian does not perceive himself to have, goes with this placement, although it may indeed indicate an extremely gifted or sensitive child who requires special attention.

Pluto in Eleventh House 11

Pluto in the 11th House indicates that the soul is coming to understand group energy. Over the course of many lifetimes it will experience the power, which the group can bestow upon its members and the freedom, which it can deny the individual. The position of the Sun will afford clues as to how a person with Pluto in H11 perceives the group in the current lifetime:

When the Sun is in the houses of Universal consciousness then Pluto is likely to indicate a positive attitude towards the power conferring attributes of the group. Such personalities demonstrate a willingness to toe the party line and accept the price to be paid for access to group resources. This combination can produce inflexible attitudes and great intolerance and insensitivity in personal relationships. It can produce, however, leaders of enormous vision and persuasiveness.

When the Sun is in the houses of Personal and Relative consciousness, however, Pluto in H11 is likely to create an awareness of the group’s capacity to overwhelm the individual, because personalities with this placement of the Sun tend to be deeply suspicious of groups and movements. If ever they do become involved Pluto is likely to produce abruptly severed connections on the grounds that the commitment was intrusive or invasive. Friendships and their relationships with their children can also be affected by their intransigent refusal to be pressured into accepting something they cannot approve.

People with Pluto in H11 demonstrate a great awareness of the power of propa­ganda and techniques of mass persuasion, and even when they are repelled they are usually also fascinated.

Moon in Eleventh House 11

The Moon in the 11th House indicates that the past life experience has been one in which the will and wishes of the self were subordinated to the interests of a group or community.

A person with the Moon in H11 is frequently born to parents with an involvement in the armed forces or who are politically active. Alternatively the child may be one of a large family, which functioned as a team.

This placement confers a ready understanding of the requirements of team work and friendship and a person with Moon in H11 usually seeks out circums­tances in which he can gain a sense of belonging from membership of a group with a sense of esprit, or from a valued circle of friends. In his early years a person with the Moon in H11 may demonstrate considerable reluctance to enter into a close one to one relationship, preferring camaraderie to intimacy.

The position of the Sun will determine whether a person with the Moon in H11 can remain in the circumstances which are comfortable to him and continue to develop or whether he will have to separate out in order to gain a greater sense of individuality. When it is the latter that is required, the experience of coming out from the security of the ranks can be the source of unease, self-consciousness and even guilt.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: It does appear that influences coming through the 11th House may not make a serious impression upon a person’s life until comparatively late. This is especially true in women’s charts. This may be because the emphasis which Western societies place upon the family unit makes it difficult for a person with an emphasised 11th House to recognise, at least in any positive way, their preference for a more communalistic lifestyle, with the result that orthodox commitments are made, only to prove themselves less than satisfactory. Whilst Uranus, strong in its own house, is likely to be the most disruptive of orthodox family life, the Sun and Venus create within a person a sense of claustrophobia and futility if there is no effective outlet for energy which needs to be used in the service of a cause or, at the very least, in the company of like-minded people. People with any of the inner planets in the 11th House are likely to be willing to be drawn onto committees at the place of work, at the children’s schools and in local constituencies. Indeed, although the partner of an 11th House person may not realise it, involvements in group activities is likely to protect rather than threaten the family life of a person with an emphasised 11th       House. It tends to be during the early thirties, after the Saturn Return, that a person with a heavily tenanted 11th House becomes aware that one-to-one relating and home-centered life alone will never be adequately fulfilling. If there are no children to ‘dilute’ the intensity then the sense of dissatisfaction will be even greater.

My own client profile would suggest that numbers of people coming into incarnation with the Sun and inner planets in H11 have been increasing markedly since the 1960s. This supports the expectation, common in New Age circles that as the Piscean Age draws to its close, societies will become more communalistic.

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