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The entry of the Fourth Ray into our lives is transforming our perception of ourselves and our planet. The Fourth Ray occupies a mediating role between the three major and the three minor rays. It is itself neither major nor minor. It is an interceding 4th principle as is the Sun, which intercedes between the stellar world and the planetary world, as is the Ego (Soul), which intercedes between the Monad and the personality, as is the heart, which intercedes between the lower and the higher chakras.

The Ray intercedes between; what is and what might be actuality and potential, between the manifest and non-manifest, spirit and matter. In terms of the human perception of time, this means between the present and the future.

The unfolding of Fourth Ray energy as an effective force in everyday life can be dated from the arrival of the planetoid Chiron into our solar system in the early 1970s.

This is not the same thing as saying Chiron ‘brought in the Fourth Ray’; it is rather that the arrival of this celestial body, which took up its orbit between Saturn and Uranus, denoted that a sufficient proportion of those in incarnation in whom the Christ energy was awakened, were ready to be released from Sixth Ray compliance into active planetary service.

In our system, Chiron is one of two messenger planets; the other is Mercury. As mediators, they are both agents of the Fourth Ray. The other celestial body, which distributes the Fourth Ray is the Moon. Although it is considered to be a dead planet and ‘casts no rays’, the Moon acts as a veil, and veiling is an aspect of mediation.

At the time when AB wrote Esoteric Astrology, as far as human consciousness was concerned, the Moon was considered to veil two planets:

  • In those whose orientation is still materialistic, the Moon rules Vulcan (1st ray), which rules the etheric body from the circulatory angle and indicates that the dense physical vehicle is expressing the etheric blue print. The concern of those with this awareness is the fashioning of new physical forms through the extraction of etheric substance, through procreation and death, of those already in incarnation.
  • In the advanced, the Moon veils Uranus (7th) indicating that the physical vehicle is informed by and expressive of soul consciousness.

In our time, the Moon also veils Neptune (6th), signifying that the physical vehicle is informed by the awakened Christ energy, which is now shining through the cloak of physicality, and ready to engage with, rather than aspiring to transcend, the physical plane. It produces workers rather than mystics.

This kind of awareness occupies a place between that of the unevolved under the dominium of Saturn), and that of the highly evolved (under the dominium of Uranus). It is this awareness that Chiron celebrates as it orbits between these two sacred planets. Some years ago now, DK said that Chiron sounded the doh note of an octave, which eventually would lead human consciousness to the spiritual realms.

Like the Christ energy itself, those with awareness mediate between soul and personality, and have found through healing, a spirituality safe or harmless; an outlet for initiative and will, which are called upon to bring relief to sensiate beings. Their awareness is the product of the refining work done by Ray Six, and the contact achieved with the creative power of spirit. With their perspectives they are disclosing another way; their experiences of handling power without doing harm to others are releasing us from an ancient fear of our own potency that haunts so many of those of us whose awareness has been shaped through Christianity by the Sixth Ray, the remit of which is the preparing of the lower to receive the higher in order to leave behind the material realms and ascend (to the Father.)

Those on the Fourth Ray work here, in the now, and call on spirit to help create a new reality from the merging of higher and lower. Their activities point the way to a new spiritual model, one capable of creating new expectations and bringing out different aspects of the human being in incarnation.

The Koruna Project itself is on the Fourth Ray.

 ©Suzanne Rough
DKF Koruna

July 2010