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The experience in time that the personality calls the spiritual quest, is for the soul, a waiting game.

First the soul has to wait for the personality to find the shafts of light, manifesting in time and space, through which the soul discloses its presence. These shafts may take the form of teachings, teachers, works of art, revelatory experiences or slow processes of realisation.

Then the soul has to wait for the quest to convert into the slow business of rolling away the stones.

Rolling away the stones - dismantling the defenses against the soul, accumulated over lifetimes - takes effort and dedication. In many respects, this is the marriage of commitment after the courtship of the quest. Up until the marriage the focus is upon what is out there to be acquired; after the marriage the focus shifts to what is in here that we need to unload.

In truth, the quest is not a process of discovery but rather of uncovery of what was always there. This idea will not be new to many people.

The New Age has provided many shafts and much illumination but if there is to be transformation there has to come the time of commitment so that the knowledge we have acquired can become a meaningful part of everyday life.

Before the stones can be rolled away, the knowledge has to be grounded. In this grounding phase, routines and practices which New Age thinking has encouraged play their part, and so too does self honesty, which, in the main, it has not.

There are many reasons why we are not honest with ourselves. They form a spectrum, with simple unconsciousness at one end and intentional deception at the other. Somewhere is the middle is a condition which New Age spirituality has tended to encourage: dissembling without being aware that it is dissemblance.

We do this when we give a verbal response which indubitably represents a spiritual truth but which happens not to be the truth of where we are in a given situation. Used correctly, this kind of activity creates a thought-form for the desired condition; used incorrectly, it is rank self-deception. We need to be able to distinguish between the two and know when to use one rather than the other, and frequently we do not.

Historically, Theosophists have been big on cosmic truths and short on self-awareness, a blend that encourages spiritual pride and arrogance. And, sadly, this only too evident today amongst the post-Bailey generation.  It is not what we know that counts, but how we use what we know.

As a man thinks so he is, goes the popular aphorism. DK corrects this: as a man thinks in his heart so he is.

When the D.K. Foundation was set up in 1998, it was with the intention that within 5 years a programme of events would be offered, designed to ground the knowledge that we make available through the medium of astrology and to encourage self awareness and self-responsibility.

Through a natal chart, a trained astrologer can see the purpose behind a life and he can, to the best of his abilities, describe what he sees to his client. But that is as far as astrology can take us. Each of us has to live out that purpose through the days of our lives. There is no other time nor place available to us.


                                Living with Purpose  - October 2003

In October 2003 we begin to roll out the grounding programme with a weekend residential course in Glastonbury, England. This weekend is open to non-astrologers and astrologers alike because when it comes to grounding knowledge, we all start from the same place: organising ourselves and establishing disciplines in order to live what we have learned.

Early in 2004 we will be offering another event, a weeklong teaching intensive, for astrologers only.

Details of both events are given below. We will accept bookings from January 2003

The DK Foundation: Fixtures 2003/4

To be held at:

Little St. Michael's Retreat Centre

Chalice Well Gardens




During all events held here there will be free time to visit the sites of Glastonbury and to be in the beautiful Chalice Well Gardens to which, as residents of the Little St. Michael's Retreat Centre, we will have 24 hour access

October 3rd - 6th 2003 - Living with Purpose

A residential weekend for astrologers and non-astrologers

During the course of this residential weekend we will be taking a practical look at the three aspects of living with purpose.

Organising ourselves mentally, emotionally and physically to live with purpose

Making contact and bringing through guidance

Carrying through intention

The weekend will comprise talks and classes on:

creating sacred spaces

yoga / diet


invocation / prayer

Commitment to purpose

Clarity about individual purpose


progressive decision making

The DK Foundation is a school of esoteric astrology. We use astrologically, specifically horoscopy, to ascertain an individual's purpose. People interested in attending this residential weekend are encouraged to have such a reading eventually, in order to have specific goals around which to organise themselves.

Cost of weekend, inclusive of teaching and full board in the Little St. Michael's Retreat Centre is 350. Application forms will be available from the web site in January 2003.

April 5th-9th  2004 Astrology Teaching Event: 1

A residential week of teaching for students of astrology

This 5 day residential teaching event is for students of astrology who are wanting to learn an esoteric approach. Although priority will be given to students who have taken the Foundation's own correspondence courses, we welcome applications from students who have learned their astrology elsewhere, including those who are self-taught.

The week will comprise talks, group-work and private tutorials in astrology as well as classes in meditation and yoga. In this way we hope to help students towards another level in their studies.

Cost of week, inclusive of teaching and full board in the Little St. Michael's Retreat Centre is 500. Application forms will be available from the web site in 2003.

Yoga and meditation are an integral part of our teaching programme and all people attending our events will be expected to participate in the yoga classes even if they have not engaged in such activities before. Physical disabilities should not be considered an obstacle to participation in these events although people may discuss their situation with us if they wish.

Both events will be led by:

Suzanne Rough
A professional astrologer since the mid-1980s, she has been in direct contact with Master Djwhal Khul since 1995.
Established the DK Foundation in 1998 at which time it was agreed that a programme of teaching designed to bring through spiritual knowledge into everyday life would commence in 2003
Gurumarka Khalsa
Director, The Divine Human, a Training Company
Teaching the Science of Kundalini Yoga since 1972
Also teaches: LifeMAP (strategic life planning), and Face-Reading.
Believes the One God is a merciful and compassionate God!
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