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Mission Statement...‘Beginning as ever with the study of the microcosm as the clue to the macrocosm, but seeking at the same time to envisage the macrocosm in order to understand the microcosm, man will some day establish an intelligent relation to the whole of which he is a part and this with conscious co-operation... In the next century and early in the next century an initiate will appear and carry on (the) teaching. It will be under the same ‘impression’ for my task is not yet complete and this series of bridging Treatises between the material knowledge of man and the science of the initiate has still another phase to run.’ 
The Master Djwal Khul, through Alice Bailey 1948

When the D.K. Foundation, a Third Ray activity, was set up it was felt that Astrology offered one of the best means available to people on the spiritual path to increase understanding of  the purpose behind our own lives and the process in which we are all playing our part. All our activities are part of this attempt to increase understanding and scrape spirituality free from the sentimentality and emotional indulgence that has become attached to it in recent years.
Suzanne Rough, Principal of The D.K. Foundation 2001

To all our visitors 1998 - 2007


Up until now sharing the planet has meant developing racial and cultural tolerance.
From hereon it has to encompass the understanding that we share the planet with a host of other beings, visible and invisible to us, which are making their own contribution to the whole and for which it is their home, as it is ours. 

We have to learn how to work long side and share with them.
We also have to learn how to help them with their work because humankind represents opportunity to those beings which do not themselves have choice.
We have to do this because after 2012 we will not be welcome in the Earth system on any basis that represents less than full co-operation.

One hundred years ago, in the Secret Doctrine, Madame Helena Blavatsky identified man’s illusion that he is the centre of the Universe as his biggest liability. This is the illusion from which we now have to free ourselves in order to build a new set of relationships and share the planet with a changed intention.

The function of DKF-Koruna which has now absorbed DK Foundation is to bring through the knowledge that the planetary citizens of the future are to rebuild human life
around, and create a new role for astrology as part of this process.

Please follow developments on this website from the summer of 2009.

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Suzanne Rough
August 2009

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